Media Forum 2022: Samsung details the technologies of its latest Smart TV and audio line

At the Media Forum 2022 held on Tuesday morning (26th), Samsung presented the latest technologies from this year’s range of Smart TVs and audio products to the Brazilian press. TudoCelular followed the event.

For the 2022 series, Samsung has a vision alignment “Screens everywhere, screens for everyone” (“Screens Everywhere, Screens For Everyone”), through connectivity improvements and main center Resource Coordination Center. Check out the highlights of each topic below.

“For Brazilian journalists, this media forum on April 26 is one of the most important events in the Samsung calendar, as it covers technological innovations in depth, and therefore is an ideal opportunity to answer most questions about new products being addressed.”

Guilherme Campos

Senior Director of TV and Audio Division at Samsung Brazil


In the brand’s flagship TV family, the Neo QLED 8K features a panel with a Quantum Mini LED processor and a Neo Quantum 8K processor. These technologies provide extended neural networks, 14-bit contrast mapping, and a foundation in artificial intelligence to improve Upgrade from lower resolution sources.

Another point highlighted is Samsung’s new Smart Hub. It features a new interface, to make it easier to discover content through TV apps, as well as a series of built-in smart features.

Game Center

In terms of gaming, the main feature of the modern Smart TV range is the new Gaming Hub. It is a game streaming platform that focuses on unifying hardware and software during the experience. Thus, in one space, you can combine different services for faster access to the desired address.

In the case of the new Neo QLED 2022 line, there are other gaming-specific features, designed to give them greater efficiency and accessibility. Examples include HDMI 2.1 ports, Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro 4K, 144Hz, Ultrawide screen – which changes the viewing side -, game menu, and auto game mode.

Lifestyle TVs

The Lifestyle TV range consists of models such as The Frame and The Serif, that is, models designed to serve as a decoration for the environment and to meet the lifestyle of the user.

Also among the features and applications are Comfort for Vision mode and Smart Calibration. They both adjust the image to suit the brightness of the time of day or the ideal colors for the user.

These products also have accessories that provide additional and customized functionality, from a stand that leaves little space between the wall and the TV, to a portable battery for the Freestyle projector, for example.

Audio sources and devices

On the smart TV side, audio features include hardware and software updates to improve synchronization between the TV and the speakers. The list also has Dolby Atmos technology, which allows for superior equalization.

On the hardware side, according to Samsung, its newer speakers — such as the Ultra Slim Soundbar and Q-Series — and Sound Tower provide options for excellent audio experiences, regardless of the product’s location and position.

Samsung officially announced the 2022 line of Neo QLED 8K smart TVs with modern models

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Above all, the company has also reinforced its commitment to sustainability. The 2022 line is designed to reduce the overall emissions of greenhouse gases, as well as facilitate the recycling of products.

Another enhanced feature is the presence of the SolarCell remote control, which uses energy from light and radio frequencies for consumption. There’s also the updated packaging, with 90% less ink than its predecessor and without the metal clips.

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