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A few days after it was removed from Big Brother Brazil 22There he was: Wearing slippers, sitting in a square in his hometown, Villa Velha, inside Espiritu Santo, drinking beer while talking to locals. Lucas BisoliBarão da Piscadinha, ended up admiring his spontaneity after the reality show.

Lucas sees himself different from most of the anonymous people who have signed up for BBB today, and are striving to work as a public person. He says that he is not looking to the future as a digital influencer and that he is really amazed at the fruits that are reaping.

“People always imagine we’ll get out of there [BBB] Millionaire There is this culture of thinking that the money is going to your head. It was automatic, they tried to apply it to me but they saw that it wasn’t me,” Beswelly says over the phone, in an exclusive conversation with GQ Brazil.

At the age of 31 and studying medicine, Lucas Bisoli was ready to face the public’s prejudices, mainly because he was an “ordinary man”, i.e. straight, white, and middle-class. “I had a really profile to be an idiot, but I’m not. Sometimes people judge me that way. I think it was a miracle I stayed 10 weeks at the BBB.”

Lucas Bisoli for GQ Brazil. (Photo: Photographer: Goncalvees___))

With surprising acceptance of the people, Lucas Bisoli celebrates the fact that the public accepts himself. “I didn’t expect it. It’s crazy because no matter if it’s a fancy restaurant or a little corner bar, everyone recognizes me, wants to hug me and I think it’s surreal,” he comments.

With 77.54% of the vote in the 10th wall of the program, the undergraduate, who already had an engineering degree, had a plan B if he left in the first week of the reality show, which was entirely possible for him. thinking.

“It was very important for me to get to the final and win the award. I didn’t think much about post-BBB, I didn’t think my life would be so different. For me, I would have won the award and I would have gone back to college. With my mother if I left early [ia perder o período completo de aula]Then I’ll go to the States to work as a waiter, and save money,” he says.

Lucas Bisoli for GQ Brazil.  (Photo: Photographer: Goncalvees___))

Lucas Bisoli doing an exclusive shoot for GQ Brasil (Photographer: Gonçalves (@goncalvees___)

Still focused on getting money to fund his studies (his private college tuition is R$7,000), the medical student is more than willing to dive into the world of social networking – but without giving up a beer in the arena.

“What I propose to do, I throw myself into it. As I will try to make money through social media, I want to study and develop in this field. I don’t want to be just a former BBB doing publicity. Passes, I will go back to my college,” he says of the plans.

Besoli also compares his current moment to surfing, as if he were in a wave. “You’ll get to its peak and then you’ll start to fall. If you keep being so positive I intend to extend it a little bit because I have up to a year and a half to stay with the college closed,” he explains. “But I want to take advantage of this moment to make money.”

With two and a half years left to complete his studies, Lucas Pesoli says the R$1.5 million prize was significant, and he regrets not making it to the final – now disputed between Arthur AgyarAnd Paulo Andre And Douglas Silva.

“The award would have helped pay for college and ease the house bills. My mother deprived herself of a lot to finance my studies. It’s not cheap, it’s all financial engineering to pay for the medical course,” he explains.

Lucas Bisoli, an only child from a middle-class family, is eager to pay tribute to his mother’s role in raising him. She is a self-employed clothing saleswoman with whom Capixaba relies heavily on her relationship. With his father, he was moving away a little.

“My mother was everything to me,” he says. “She always put me first. She would greet me when she was 18 and come to Sao Paulo every week by bus to buy clothes on the 25th of March.”

Lucas Bisoli and his mother (Image: Instagram / Engagement)

Lucas Pesoli and his mother Evandra Pesoli (Image: Instagram/Reproduction)

The familial connection gives a bit of a romantic side to Lucas Bisoli. He is in a serious relationship with the former BBB 22 rider. Slovenia Marques He says he dreams of having his family.

“It’s my dream, but I feel like I still have a lot to go through to be a father to a family. The processes and changes that involve that are tough. Change is always hard, but having lived through this BBB experience also gives me the strength to get there,” he says.

As for the relationship with the model, Barão da Piscadinha says he still intends to make a formal relationship application. “I’m in my mid-90s, I like to be with just one person, to get attention, to get attention. I’m very romantic, so I’m just waiting for the dust to settle to make it official. Make a kneeling request, talk to her parents and all.”

Lucas Bisoli and Slovenia (Image: Instagram / clone)

Lucas Pesoli and Slovenia met at BBB 22 and at home they began to bond (Image: Instagram/reproduction)


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