Josemar Jr. takes third place among the sporting challenge races, in the final of the second stage of the 2022 Porsche Cup ‘O Regional’

The Khalil driver drove the entire race until he lost his positions on the last lap. Overall in this category, it came in ninth place. After the final race, the Pernambuco native finished fourth in the championship standings in his group. The next appointment will be in June, at Interlagos (SP).

Muji Gwasu (SP) – Josemar Jr., from Hebron/Energicline One of the good surprises was in the last race of the 18th Porsche Cup C6 Bank Mastercard, which took place on Sunday (24th), at Autodromo Veluceta, in Muji Gwasso (SP). The Pernambuco native, at the start of the Sprint Challenge, started from the eighth row of the grid, in sixteenth place, overtaking six cars, and remaining, until the last round of the race, in the leadership of the Sport class and in the seventh position in the General class. That’s when the confusion behind him made him miss track layout, losing two places, coming in ninth overall and third in his league, just over a second behind the winner. The Porsche driver 991.2 (#77) finished 16 laps of the 3,438-meter track in 27:30 sec 726, setting his fourth lap best time of 1:33 sec 406.

“It was a good, busy race. I was at a good pace, but the safety car came in a bit to interfere with the race pace, affect strategy and drive. But I was able to focus and start well. I was on the start until the last lap, when someone jumped out from behind and pulled over to avoid the collision. That’s part of the controversy and that’s okay. I’m happy with the third place with the points I got and the ranking I got in my league. Now is the time to focus and prepare for the next challenge in June,” says Josemar, who is now 14th. in the overall classification among the Sprint Challenge cars and fourth place in the Sport category.

The next dispute for the 18th Porsche C6 Bank Mastercard Cup will take place between 10 and 12 June, at the Jose Carlos Pace International Circuit, in Interlagos, in the capital, Paulista. Competition races are broadcast live by the band, with exhibitions of the best moments on the same day by Sportv, as well as ‘live’ on the category’s official channels on social networks and broadcast platforms.

About Josemar Jr

The 44-year-old has spent his entire career in karting. He started in 2014 and won some titles like Champion Paraibano F4 in 2014 and 2015, Champion Pernambucano Senior 2T in 2014 and Champion Paraibano Senior 2T in 2018. He was Sprint Race Brasil Champion and runner-up in 2019 overall, making a great season debut in competition in GP class. In 2020, he placed fifth in the final championship standings in the PROAM class, in the GT Sprint Race Brasil overall.

Josimar Júnior will compete in the 18th Porsche Cup, and for Sprint races he is sponsored by Hebron and Energiclin and also for endurance races with the support of Dislub, Exmed and JBS Motors.

About the Porsche C6 Cup MasterCard Bank

The largest GT event in Latin America, the Porsche C6 Bank Mastercard Cup has held championships in Brazil since 2005. It is the largest single commercial and individual management class in the country, sending about 40 cars to the track at each event, with exacting match. The models used in this class are the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, of two generations 992 and 991-2. It is the most produced and sold racing car in the world, serving both in support events for classes such as F1, 24H of Le Mans, IMSA and others, as well as in special events. In Brazil, the championship consists of nine stages, six of which are sprints (with two races of up to 30 minutes each) and three endurance races, with races of 300 to 500 km and pilots form crews of doubles or triples.

Porsche C6 Bank MasterCard Cup

Stage 2 – Racing Championship – April 23 and 24, 2022

Moji Joao (SP) – Autodromo Velocita

Height: 3,438 meters

counter clockwise

Curves: 12

a second a race – Results:

Sprint Challenge – General

1) #1 Europan Jr., 27 min 17 sec 866

2) #17 Riccardo Fontanari, 3sec818

3) # 555 Ayman Darwish at 7 seconds 295

4) #80 Raijan Mascarello, 7sec461

5) #22 Cayo Castro, the time is 7 seconds 804

6) #199 Nelson Marcondis, clock 8sec129

7) #55 Ramon Alcaraz 11 o’clock 278

8) #14 Andrei Gaidzinsky, the clock is 12 seconds 462

9) #77 Josemar Jr., clock 12sec860

10) #20 Vena Nevis, 13sec265

11) #7 Piero Cefali, at 14sec198

12) #5 Marcello Tommasoni, at 18sec866

13) #69 Daniel Correa is one lap away

14) #117 Gilherme Potora, 4 laps

15) #3 Christian Mohr, 5 laps

16) #21 Miguel Mariotti, 6 laps

17) #99 Nasser Abultaif 9 laps away

18) #33 Gustavo Zanon, 14 laps

19) #11 Marcio Mauro, 15 laps

Sprint Challenge – Sports

1) #55 Ramon Alcaraz, 27 min 29 sec 144

2) #14 Andrei Gaidzinsky, 1sec184

3) #77 Josemar Jr., at 1sec582

4) #117 Gilherme Putura, 4 rolls

5) #21 Miguel Mariotti, 6 laps

Tournament classification after the end of the second stage (official):

Sprint Challenge

1) #80 Reagan Mascarello 64 points

2) #555 Ayman Darwish 62 points

3) #199 Nelson Marcondes 59 points

4) #1 Europan Jr., 48 points

5) #69 Daniel Correa, 41 points #

6) 3 Christian Moore 38 points

6) #5 Marcello Tomasoni 38 points

8) #55 Ramon Alcaraz 36 points

9) #20 Veena Nevis, 32 points

10) #17 Ricardo Fontanari 30 points

11) #14 Andrei Gaidzinsky, 24 points

12) #22 Cayo Castro 22 points

13) #117 Gilherme Bottura 19 points

14) #77 Josemar Jr., 18 points

15) #11 Marcio Mauro 17 points

16) #7 Piero Cefali 10 points

17) #71 SangHo Kim, 8 points

18) #33 Gustavo Zanon 7 Points

19) #21 Miguel Mariotti 6 points

20) #99 Nasir Abultaif 2 points

21) #78 Rafael Cardoso, 0 points

Sprint Challenge Sport

1) #55 Ramon Alcaraz 38 points

2) #14 Andrei Gaidzinsky 31 points

3) #117 Gilherme Bottura 28 points

4) #77 Josemar Jr., 24 points

5) #7 Piero Cefali 17 points

6) #33 Gustavo Zanon 14 points

7) #71 Sangho Kim 11 points

8) #21 Miguel Mariotti 6 points

8) #99 Nasser Abu Al-Taif 6 points

10) #78 Rafael Cardoso 4 points

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