Emotional farewell to Professor Cesar Louise Basold

Professor Cesar Louise Basold’s farewell party witnessed moments of great emotion. First, words of condolence to the family and friends of Father Wilmar Vicente, who also had a brotherly relationship with the late gentleman. This was followed by the appearance of one of the three grandchildren. And finally, the words of theologian Jesse Simao, head of ceremonies at Funerária Recanto da Paz.

Several Tributes to the Late Professor Cesar Basold – Photo: NDMais

Its text is a well-deserved tribute to lawyer, professor, and writer Cesar Basold, and resulted from the speaker’s conversations with the family of the deceased. He deserved praise from family and friends present.

Then he said:

“Extraordinary is what is beyond the ordinary, beyond the ordinary. It is the quality of things that do not always happen, and are not easy to find. For researchers, the extraordinary is that which is outside the normal curve, and which is beyond the norm. The common, in turn, is common. It is interesting to note that we We expect the usual to continue, and that way we can make plans.

There are ordinary people, and there are extraordinary people. Each of them has its value. We tend to desire what’s popular, but we excel at what’s exceptional. That is why we are here today, because we experience the extraordinary in our daily lives, through the wonderful presence of someone who has brought life back to our gray days. Someone worthy of fame and deserving of our sincerest gratitude.

César Louise Bazold, 76, is a professor, writer and lawyer. Rosângela has been married for five years. He leaves his children Andrea, Cesar Jr. and Ralph. He leaves his grandchildren Arthur, Maria Luisa and Joao Pedro.

Calm, easy to make friends, outgoing in his profession, a little shy outside the classroom. The owner of a wonderful presence, wherever he arrived, he changed the environment. A serious man dedicated to studies.

A man of few, but loyal and true friends, like Fernando Mello, his close friend, with whom he has been friends for more than sixty years! He liked good conversation, visiting those close to him, meeting them at the mall for a good coffee.

It leaves an important legacy in many institutions associated with education and law. He was Professor at Colégio Catarinense, at the UFSC, at Univali, and Director of the Escola Superior de Advocacia at the OAB. He was one of the main officials responsible for the resumption of the activities of the Santa Catarina Bar Institute, IASC. He was the founder of the Academia Catarinense de Letras Jurídicas, ACALERJ. Member of several academies of literature, among them the Universities of Imbituba, Biguaçu and Palhoça as well as the Academia de Letras Masônicas. He holds a master’s and doctorate in legal sciences at UNIVALI. He has authored several books in the legal field as well as autobiographies. A teacher and advisor to literally thousands of people.

He is an only child who lost his father at the age of sixteen. Knowing the importance of fatherhood, he was very affectionate and present as a father, as a grandfather, extending the same love to family members. Although he had enjoyed an extensive and demanding career in law, he never had to give up his family in favor of work. In fact, there was never a conflict between these two worlds, he reconciled these two worlds perfectly and harmoniously, giving each of them their status and value.

At the same time, these two worlds were fluid and in common with each other, living in symbiosis. No wonder, daughter Andrea commented today: “He’s just to get me to read Spinoza on vacation!”

A fan of Botafogo, he even managed to turn many into the same passion. He followed the team’s matches, as well as the European Football Championship.

A diligent reader of philosophy and political analysis, a listener of classical music and of course the Bee Gees! He loved to get together with his family for a good meal, and good conversations around the table. I also loved having coffee with the interns. He was a commentator for CBN in election years, providing technical and impartial analysis. He was called precisely because of his impartiality and impartiality. An important moral reference in a hot political scenario.

Working was also one of his hobbies. Write a book, teacher, prepare an event. It didn’t all get tiring, it was just a part of it!

He loved to travel and was planning to travel by car with his wife. He was even organizing his time for it.

And for the rest he makes the impression that he completed all his work, and was satisfied. He tasted life, as one tasted wine, and was very happy. He was a brilliant man!

Some people chose for himself, for the sake of socialization. However, a lot revolved around it. It has captured people, so much so that they even enjoyed drinking a cup of coffee. He had a unique leadership and respect for humans which attracted them.

We’ll miss the way he capitalized the word “community.” Or how he always divided the subjects into three subjects, compulsorily. How can I forget how he talked about the importance of style! We will also miss the kiss on the forehead, which he gave to the people he loved, in the family and professional environment. It was a kiss for everyone he was fond of.

A man with a highly developed spirituality in recent years, has left a legacy of professional and personal ethics, scientific humility, curiosity in various aspects, ability to adapt to changes, keeping pace with modernity. All this gave him the tone of someone who was positively non-compliant. This is proved by the respect he had for the great teachers and men of the past. In addition, he had such a deep love for his children and grandchildren, that he forever marked them. He was a moral, professional and intellectual reference for his people.

Caesar is proof of how deep people can be. Subscriber makes us safe, but unusual mistakes! And speaking of nostalgia, we’ll be holding hands with it from now on. This feeling will accompany us wherever we go and with it our duality. Because despite the pain of farewell, longing is built with moments of happiness. This makes the moment we are facing now one of the most controversial in our entire history.

In ancient times, there was a profession called “herald”. The missionary was responsible for announcing the arrival of the VIPs in advance of the city. It is said that Nostalgia wanted to be human. And I did! But homesickness was a belated announcement, announcing the arrival of important people after they had already left. We will hear this evangelist’s voice from today onwards, perhaps until our last day. My plea is that we can remember what nostalgia consists of, and that it only announces the important things. Longing is not malicious! His desire is not to cause pain or suffering. Therefore, when we hear your voice, it may also be possible to remember that we had the enormous privilege of living with someone who deserves to be mentioned!

For philosopher and educator Clovis de Barros Philo, happiness is a feeling we get when we wish a moment could last longer. If today we wish that the moments in Caesar’s company lasted longer, it is because next to him we feel so happy! This is something we should be thankful for!

Cesar, we want to tell you a few words, maybe somewhere, somehow, you can hear us. Many colleagues, friends and family are here today. Some joined you by choice, others joined blood ties. But they all know the privilege he was living by your side! I make my own voice for each of you, to say that you made us live an extraordinary experience in a simple cup of coffee, simple conversation, so now it’s hard to say goodbye. But we know that if goodbyes hurt, it’s because every moment by your side was worth it!

You inspire us and you will continue to inspire us. Therefore, in his honor will be our best moments, our best family meals, our longest coffees, our greatest achievements! Well, that’s how you wanted to see us, and that’s how it will be!

We are here to show how important you are in our lives. What comforts us is knowing that we will proudly carry the marks you left on us by living together, lasting marks, marks that will last forever! What a privilege life has given us!

So we want to say with all our hearts: Thank you for the company!

Get a fair tribute! “

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