Ball – Twins on the same journey with their father Danny (Maritimo)

Danny was the Portuguese great star in Russia, he made his mark on the national team with 38 caps and four goals, a contemporary of Pepe when he started at Maritimo and Cristiano Ronaldo already at Sporting.

For Almaderan who finished his career in 2018/2019 at the club that made him known, there is pride growing and success at home beaming with happiness. Sons Bernardo and Francesco, twins who have just turned 18, are knocking on the door of the Maritimo main team, already having a professional contract, being the first to have baggage in the under-18 team. After helping the team climb to the Junior National Division I, the future looks bright and Danny believes he can be rewarded with something he touched at the same age, when he was fired by Nelo Vingada in 2001/2002.

“I am very happy, mainly because they are doing what they like and everything is going smoothly. They have just turned 18, and they have their future ahead of them. Bernardo is already an under-18 international and despite his age, they have already played in an under-18 team. 23 years old and Bernardo has already made it to the B team. Danny says, he is very happy to look at Bernardo and Francisco and understand that there is a genetic line to talent.

“I think the two of them clearly fit in with what I was as a player. They have everything they do about it, Francisco is a pure winger, Bernardo can be a striker at ten or two. They are very similar to their dad in personality. People on the street approach me and say the kids are just like me when It started. It’s good to realize that they made me an idol and that they sought their father’s traits and with that each made their own profile”, Danny adds 548 career appearances and 104 goals.

“They are the same in every way. They are true twins, very calm. With a strong personality on the court, without fear, they rise to their opponents. They like to make the tables, they share a very subtle vision. They know each other very well and have their moments. It’s like André Horta and Ricardo Horta ”, he says.

Pepe and CR7’s partner
Besides Danny, at exactly the same time, a young man from Brazil also debuted, with whom he was compatible in the formation. Nothing short of Giant Pepe, the leading center in Porto and Seleção. “It starts with me in the little ones. I get on to the main team as well shortly thereafter.
Show your quality and huge personality on the field. These values ​​and this sense of professionalism got him what he is, explains Danny, amazed at the never-ending high performance.

“It’s work of course! There are a few of his age who still show that movement. He loves to be good, and he does, that’s why he doesn’t stop being at a high level. He’s having another great season, he’ll be a hero and help the national team A lot in the World Cup. I have no doubts that he is ready to play another season easily,” Danny guarantees.

“There is no coach or fan in the world who does not want Pepe to be on his team,” sums up Maderan, who also witnessed Pepe’s arrival at Sporting shortly after his appointment. “That’s right. I arrived and he is also on loan. They wanted to appoint him, but there was no agreement on values. A year later, he arrived at FC Porto and that’s what it was!” says the Venezuelan Portuguese … who, specifically, is in Alvalade , witnessed the explosion of Cristiano Ronaldo in his place.

“There is not much to be said about Cristiano. It is all about him being personality and professionalism. Since then, he has already shown it. There will never be a player like him. It is impossible to find someone else like him!”, Danny bows, realizing his star dimension as a citizen and a Madieran “I played with him in the national and under-21 team and in Sporting. It’s a friendship that goes beyond being from Madeira. I know his family, I love them all, and I meet them sometimes. If she is the idol of the world, then she is not talked about in Madeira. He grew up as a kid always trying his best to be the best. And I did,” Danny praises.

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