An Athlete or an Influencer? Find out what Paulo Andre should do after BBB

Paulo Andrewho deposits 22nd Edition of BBB This Tuesday (26th), when big winner From the program, he will return to being an athlete.

At least that was the promise he made to his father and coach. Carlos Camilobefore entering prison. The runner Comment this week, during reality showWho wants to keep his promise. It remains to be seen whether the invitations that will appear will be more “attractive” than Sports Challenges.

– Do not know how his psychological head. But from what I know about him, because I am a father, coach and friend, he reacts quickly to training, knows his body and trains it, as much as possible, at home during the program. I’m sure the promise will be kept. He loves sports – betting Carlos Camilo, who, before picking up his son on the slopes, wants to enjoy it: – Let’s give him some time to get back to his life. I can’t wait to see him hug his son, just as I want him to hug me. Our love is huge. I want to hug, kiss and have fun. Only then do we sit down, just the family, to take their opinion and decide what is best for him. Paulo Andre is the one who will shape his future.

phrase poke in Basilio de Moraes, a former athlete and pioneer runner. It was he who encouraged him to enter BBBEven against the will of the father.

Today, Carlos Camilo says he is happy and proud of his son’s performance on the show. The athlete took the principles of fair play to television and rarely consumed alcoholic beverages.

“I know he’s going to have TV commitments, but that won’t last more than fifteen days to a month. And in this intense period he can train too. He trains in the morning and kills homesickness at noon (laughs). And life goes on.”

Basilio was contacted through the report to comment on the new commitments, calls, and sponsorship proposals for the PA but received no response:

“I can’t talk about his future yet. It is he who will talk about it,” said running director Paulo Andre.

Basilio and six other professionals took care of the athlete’s image while the show was on TV. They reformulated his social media profile and put in a vote effort so he stays in the game.

Entering the show was seen as an opportunity to pump personal media, cut deals and publicity, and, at the end of the day, “make money and fame.”

Paulo Andre joined the BBB with 78,000 followers on Instagram and currently has 7.6 million others, behind only Usain Bolt (11.3 million) among athletes, according to a survey by the Paulista Athletics Association (FPA).

– That’s what I heard (about the opportunity to make money). But I do not agree. Because athletics pays off well. You cannot become a millionaire. This is correct. and need? Everything I own today is achieved with athletics. I live very well, as many athletes and ex-athletes do. Today, there is a 14- and 15-year-old boy who is getting a R$4,000 scholarship. There’s also Bolsa Pódio, with payments of over R$20,000. Nike PA sponsors, a Navy sergeant…

For Paulo Andre to celebrate his return to the tracks, it is imperative that he compete in the most important event of the year: the Eugene World Championships, in Oregon (USA), July 15-24.

The tournament will take place in 2021 but has been postponed to avoid the date of the Tokyo Games, which have also been postponed.

Champion in the 4x100m at the World Relay Championships in Oklahoma, Japan, and at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, both in 2019, in addition to being a semi-finalist in the 100m at the Tokyo Olympics last year, the brother is still without a clue for this competition. .

The period for obtaining the index began on June 27, 2021 and will continue until June 26, 2022.

He needs to run 10s05, a strong mark set up by World Athletics (formerly the International Association of Athletics Federations) for the 100 metres. You can get it in any official contest. The last chance will be the Copa del Rey, which will take place from June 23-26, in Rio.

PA had the best approved score of 10s02, as of September 2018. The 9s90 was already in operation, in August 2019, but is invalid as a record due to the wind in its favor (above what is accepted by the entity).

PA is an athlete in the Brazilian Navy and is sponsored by Nike. As part of the permanent selection of the Brazilian Association of Athletics Federations (CBAt), she is supported by Caixa Loterias and also receives the Athletes Scholarship (from Espírito Santo).

Until the end of Ibero-Americano de Mucia, from May 20 to 22, in Spain, the choice has not changed. After that, there will be an assessment and the permanence of the PA will be based on the arrangement. If the PA has not competed by then, it can leave.

Bolsa’s sports program of the federal government, about R$2,000, which he obtained, has been suspended while in confinement. The Special Sports Secretariat recognized that the runner was not committed to the annual training program presented in January 2021 for that year, as he was participating in the BBB.

Carlos Camilo explained that he treated the confinement period as if it were an injury: It is normal that moderate to high-risk injuries cost three or four months of training and it is possible to restore preparations during the same season.

He also clarified that apart from the BBB, Paulo Andre does not usually compete before March, especially in the Futsal World Cup years. In 2018, for example, the runner debuted only on April 13. In 2020, it was not operational before the pandemic.

Paulo Andre, who was part of Clube Pinheiros until the end of 2021, will not take part in any indoor competition at the start of the season.

He had already decided to stay out of the indoor worlds in Serbia, in March, even with a rating for the 100m race (10.07, done in April 2021). He was also outside the South American Championships, in February, in Bolivia, for which he was called up for the 60m, by the Brazilian Athletics Federation.

He said that prior to any training, the PA would return to the physiologist to run a series of tests to see the condition of the body.

– He may not fulfill this year, but he will do next year .. The Palestinian Authority is evil and does not doubt what it can offer now – warns the father.

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