Making Technology Work: Management at the Heart of the Dairy Business

Technology is increasingly pervasive in the most diversified activities as well as in dairy farms. The stock of technical knowledge and understanding is already well-established with a degree of maturity. On the other hand, how do we make technology work? How do you manage to move forward?

In this technological scenario, we have people and always will be. They are the ones who, with or without technology, deal with properties and processes. So, mastering technical knowledge and owning techniques is no longer enough, it is necessary to manage people!

knowledge The importance of employee development and team formation, as well as the increased introduction of technology into milkthird plaque from Intereite Brasil 2022, “Making technology work: Management at the heart of the dairy business,” On August 4th, she will present two cases of successful producers and a lecture on people management.

See below who will be with us on this board:

People Management to Transform Milk Production – Paulo Fernando Machado, Clinica de laite

Paulo Machado was a professor of dairy cattle farming at the University of São Paulo. There, he created and directs Clínica do Leite, a reference laboratory in milk analysis, and Agro + Lean, a school that trains agricultural managers. Develop and train specialists in the MDA system for the management of agricultural companies, using the Lean philosophy.

Research work is underway on Milk production, quality management and development of management tools cIn order to increase the efficiency of production processes. It also coordinates milk quality improvement projects with dairy processing industries.

How do collaborators develop? How can people management change milk production? How do you retain and attract talent? How do you form a team?

Success Story: Luciano Cuppari Neto, Fazenda Araquá and Charqueada / SP

Luciano is a Veterinarian, Aracoa Farm Manager, specializing in dairy cow nutrition and Dairy Farm Management (MDA). He technically worked on dairy farms from 2008 to 2014.

In his lecture, participants at Interleite Brasil 2022 will have the opportunity to follow a practical case of applied technology, management, and people in dairy farming. What can we learn from Fazenda Araquá?

Success Story: Joe Valle, Fazenda Malunga and Brasília / DF Joe Valle and Fazenda Malunga

In addition to Fazenda Araquá, the Third Committee of Interleite Brasil 2022 will also present the success story of Fazenda Malunga, in the lecture to be given by Joe Valley.

Joe is a forest engineer and organic food producer. He held the position of Secretary for Social Inclusion in the Ministry of Science and Technology, and at the end of 2018. Owner of Fazenda Malunga, one of the main family properties of certified organic production in the Federal District.

If you think about management, technology and people, then the Interleite Brasil 2022 3rd Panel is for you! This year, Interleite is reaching its 20th edition and will be hosted for the first time in central Brazil, in Goiânia, on 3 and 4 August.

Supported by the Faeg/Senar System – GO, Sebrae-GO, the Goiás Government and other supporters, Interleite Brasil 2022 will address other very important guidelines for Brazilian milk: Production systems, sustainability, productivity rates, profitability and much more!

On August 2, before the first day of Interleite Brasil, three parallel events will take place: Exclusive themed workshops taught by experts, MilkPoint Market Forum and Top 100 dinners. In addition, the event will be broadcast live on an exclusive platform for participants who choose to watch online.

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