Lenovo, Microsoft and MadeiraMadeira Open Technology Training and Training Courses

The Chinese company Lenovo has teamed up with the Institute of Technology Research (IPT) to offer a free postgraduate course in cybersecurity. Startup MadeiraMadeira has four technology training courses in Curitiba and Recife, Microsoft/São Paulo government partnership has opened 2000 vacancies in cloud computing technology classes, big data and artificial intelligence. See this week’s courses and training jobs at Canaltech.

IPT and Lenovo

Institute of Technology Research joined big technology Chinese offers 15 places for free postgraduate course Lato Senso in cyber security. It will be in-person, with theoretical and practical content in IPT labs, as well as some supplementary digital activities. The target audience is undergraduate students in information and communication technology, exact sciences, earth sciences, and engineering. There will be ten vacancies for scholarship holders and five positions for professionals. Classes will begin on May 23, with a total duration of 440 hours in 18 months. Applications are open until May 2.


Unicorn has three job openings for internships in Data, Systems Development, Infrastructure and Operations, with a hybrid performance in Curitiba and the hinterland. There is still another stage in infrastructure and operations on site in Recife. The company offers benefits such as training grants, transportation vouchers, and meal and meal vouchers.

Microsoft and the Government of Sao Paulo

Paula Sousa Center (CPS) extended until 8:00 pm on Monday (25) registration of 2000 vacancies in free online professional qualification courses on cloud computing technologies, big data and artificial intelligence from Microsoft. The exercises are part of the Minha Chance Programme, run by the São Paulo Secretariat for Economic Development. Four 64-hour courses are offered: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900), Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900), Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals (DP-900), and Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (PL-900). Classes will be taught live on a virtual platform by CPS professors and market experts, from April through June.


start E-Commerce Establishment of a training program in the field of technology. Olist Tech Start will select people interested in developing software in April. Submissions for the third edition are open until April 30. Those selected will not need prior technical knowledge or academic training. In addition, the program menu is customized according to the needs of each team. After hiring, professionals will receive three months of training.

E-commerce startup Olist has created a software development course (Photo: Envato/DragonImages)

cloud school

The free project brings together technology companies, prepares students for jobs in the cloud, and connects them with potential employers. There are many online courses with registered classes and forums for asking questions, as well as live classes.


The company offers AppSec Starter, a free course aimed at those who want to learn about application security. Consisting of 15 videos, it presents the basic concepts of the company’s experts. Some of the topics covered are Threat Modeling, Owasp Top 10, and Application Security Testing.


The digital solutions company has opened 40 Java training points for black people. The training is offered free of charge, with more than 80 hours of tuition. The deadline for submission is Tuesday (26th). The program, online and free of charge, offers technical training, mentoring, behavioral skills development, and reactions continuous. The best students will be recruited by BRQ itself at the end of the project, already in the remote model. To participate in the selection process, you must attend or practice technology-related courses, have a good knowledge of programming logic and be available to participate in remote classes.

SoulCode Academy

The edtech It has an open selection process for two free majors: Martech and Java Full Stack. Both sessions take place live online, from 8am to 6pm. Candidates can apply until Friday (29) from anywhere in Brazil and do not need prior knowledge of programming, but must be over 18 years old and be fully available.

SoulCode Academy in the selection process for Martech and Java Full Stack majors (Photo: Envato/Twenty20photos)

RD . station

The software company opens vacancies for the Vale do Inicial, a six-month internship programme. From the fourth month, participants start working directly in the designated area, which can be customer experience, privacy, demand generation and growth, business partner And revenue operations. Opportunities are open to university students expected to complete their studies between July 2023 and December 2024. Interested parties can apply on the program website until Tuesday (26).

Broadcast and duet

The tech education company and the digital business company have teamed up to offer 20,000 scholarships to developers. The program provides training full stack With a focus on end of introduction Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and its own React and NodeJs library to the background, as well as the basics of UI and UX. At the end of the training program, Spread will recruit interns who are pursuing higher education in the field of technology or junior developers with at least one year of experience. Applications are open until May 6th. To register, just press Link.

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