Zarco beats Mir and takes first place in the ranking of many falls in Portugal – MotoGP news

Johann Zarko won his seventh pole (Photo: Gold & Goose/Red Bull Content Pool)

Marc Marquez crashes during FP3 in Portugal (Video: MotoGP)

After Q1 was riddled with malfunctions, the contention was intense in the fight for the top spot in Q2. Marc Marquez confirmed Honda’s good performance in the Algarve and almost took the honors, but the flying lap was called off as teammate Paul Espargaro caused a yellow flag. Thus, taking advantage of the last seconds, Johann Zarco scored 1 minute 42 seconds 003 and will start from pole position at the Portuguese Grand Prix.

Joanne Meyer and Alex Espargaro – who eventually tried to steal the column from Zarco – would start from the first row. Jack Miller and Fabio Quartararo appear in fourth and fifth places, respectively.

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Oliveira crushes Miller’s time and orders FP4 to run dry in Portimão

Since the end of Moto3 qualifying, the rain has abated, but the track hasn’t been completely dry. When the MotoGP FP4 started, the temperature rose to 16°C, with the asphalt reaching 21°C. The relative humidity was 78% with wind gusts of 16 km/h.

Takaaki Nakagami opened the session on top of the schedule, ahead of Francesco Bagnaia 0s498. He was followed by Johann Zarco, Jorge Martin and Franco Morbidelli.

Jack Miller clocked 1 minute 51 seconds 897 and took the lead, 0 seconds 490 seconds behind Zarco. Miguel Oliveira came third with Nakagami and Maverick Vinales. Fabio Quartararo also managed to improve and is now sixth.

Jack Miller dominated the opening minutes of FP4 (Video: MotoGP)

With track conditions well beyond dangerous, Ina Bastianini and brothers Alex and Marc Marquez remained in the pits, waiting for conditions to improve. The blue sky was a good sign of improving conditions, but drying up the asphalt is always an added risk.

Lorenzo Savadore suffered a crash early in the session but escaped with serious injuries.

A few minutes later, Marc Marquez entered the track to try to climb the table. Meanwhile, Mir advanced to second, only 0s017 behind Miller. Vinales was also better and settled in third place, followed by Oliveira, Zarco and Bagnaia in Portugal.

Quartararo appeared soon after, using a pair of wet tyres, to score 1min51s854 and jump into pole position, 0s019 better than Bagnaia, who also passed Miller for second. Mir came fourth, ahead of Vinales and Oliveira.

Jack didn’t take long to respond and resumed driving the FP4, scoring 1min51s554, a better 0s300 than Quartararo. Who also advanced was Bezzecchi, who climbed to fifth, 0s392 far from the leader.

Miguel Oliveira takes the lead at the end of FP4 (Video: MotoGP)

With a few seconds left on the clock, Oliveira dropped to 1 minute 50 seconds 750 and finished first, faster than Miller’s 0s804. Bezzecchi finished third, against Morbidelli, who also improved on the last lap.

At the end of the 30-minute half, Oliveira advanced against Miller, Besicchi, Morbidelli, Quartararo, Bagnaia, Mir, Paul Espargaro, Vinales and Zarco. Reigns ranked 11th, ahead of Marc Marquez, Nakagami, Alex Marquez and Brad Bender. Enea Bastianini was only nineteen.

Alex Marquez and Marini advance to the second quarter in x 1 Many waterfalls. bagnaia . get hurt

After a weekend full of rain, blue skies, although with plenty of clouds, featured in the MotoGP rating. Thus, Takaaki Nakagami was the first to go out with slick tires on the Portimão circuit. The Japanese walked out of the LCR in a pair of softshells and followed by Remy Gardner, who wore a soft midi in the front and a smoothie in the back.

However, Remy’s experience was too short. The Australian had a severe crash in Turn 9 as soon as he was knocked out, but survived with serious injuries.

Remy Gardner crashes in the first quarter of the standings (Video: MotoGP)

Maverick Vinales scored 1 minute 51 seconds 309 minutes and started the first quarter in the lead, facing Lorenzo Savadore. Morbidelli came third with Raul Fernandez and Darren Bender. Soon enough, Enea Bastianini had hit 1min 50sec 618 and took the lead, 0s161 better than Andrea Dovizioso.

On the fast second lap of the Portuguese afternoon, Nakagami clocked 1 minute 50 seconds 478 and was 0 seconds 140 ahead of Enya. As Alex Marquez jumped forward, Bagnaya stumbled at Turn 3, injuring his right arm. The Italian didn’t have time in the session and was on slick tyres.

Remy Gardner slips into the first quarter of the standings (Video: La Teletoya)

While Pecco received medical attention and was directed to an ambulance, Dovizioso, on wet tires, it was 1min 49secs 695 and took the lead, 0s740 better than Alex Marquez. Nakagami came third, ahead of Martin, Di Giannantonio, Bastianini, Gardner, Savador, Vinales and Morbidelli. The kidneys ranked only 13th.

Luca Marini then moved up to second, but quickly dropped to third, with Martin better than Alex Marquez by 1 minute 48 seconds 870 seconds 134 minutes.

Waving the square flag at Portimao, Alex Marquez hit 1min 46sec 316 and took the lead, and Marini jumped to second, trailing 0sec 883. Martín dropped to third, more than 0s7 below the cut-off.

In the last moments Bastianini crashed hard at Turn 5 and will have to start 18th on this fifth stage of 2022.

Bastianini suffered a bad accident at the end of the first quarter (Image: Reproduction)

Thus, the youngest Marquez and Marini advanced to the second quarter, while Martin left in 13th place, ahead of Vinales, Di Giannantonio, Dovizioso, Nakagami, Bastianini, Morbidelli, Gardner, Savador, Bender, Reigns and Fernandez. With no time, Bagnaia finally came.

Zarco beats eventful final and takes center stage in Portugal

The final stage of qualifying began with the best track conditions of the entire weekend, which allowed all the riders to leave with spots.

When the first laps were scored, Alex Marquez benefited from the experience of the first and was the one to appear in the provisional column, with a difference of 1 minute 46 seconds 569 minutes and 864 seconds better than Paul Espargaro, who finished second. Joan Mir finished third, ahead of Oliveira and Alex Espargaro.

In the next lap, Joanne Meyer jumped ahead, 0s135 better than Miller. Alex Marquez slipped to third, and Marco Besecki came fourth, ahead of Quartararo.

Marc Marquez missed his best lap because of a yellow flag (Video: MotoGP)

The younger Marquez reacted swiftly, dropping to 1min 43secs 774 and reclaiming pole position, with his brother 0s168 emerging to form one – two familiar shortly thereafter. Bezzecchi came third, ahead of Marini, with Quartararo fifth.

Mir got the change on the next pass, at least to disable the family group that divided the two brothers by making 0s011 better than Mark. Soon, Quartararo did the same and passed the Suzuki rider by 0s076 to finish second.

With less than 4 minutes to go, Johann Zarco passed in the 1,43 and 151 minutes and took the lead, 0s006 ahead of Quartararo, who moved up to second. Alex Marquez slipped to third, ahead of Miller and Mark.

Mir then hit the latter half of the track and resumed the lead scoring 1min43s055, 0s096 better than Zarco. However, the Frenchman was quick to change, but did not take the lead, with Miller turning 0s117 to be first.

Johann Zarko took first place this year in the MotoGP Championship (Video: MotoGP)

With only a few seconds left on the watch, Marc Marquez came in cutting the partials down to 1min 42sec 295m, taking the timer column off Miller by 0sec 208. However, the lap was canceled for a yellow flag violation caused by Paul Espargaro , which crashed in the last part of the track.

Joan Mir at 1min 42secs 198 followed and took the lead, but was overtaken by Johann Zarco, who turned 0secs 195 better. Alex Espargaro took third place.

Classification: MotoGP 2022, Portuguese Racing

1 J ZARCO Pramac Ducati 1:42,003
two J Mir suzuki 1:42198 +0.195
3 esparjaro Aprilia 1:42,235 +0.232.0000
4 J Miller ducati 1:42,503 +0500
5 fourth fourth Yamaha 1: 42716 +0713
6 m simple VR46 Ducati 1: 42716 +0713
7 Marquis Honda LCR 1:42903 +0900
8 El Marini VR46 Ducati 1:43179 +1176
9 Merquis Honda 1: 43575 +1,572
10 espargaro Honda 1: 43832 +1,829
11 m olivera KTM 1: 44.066 +2,063
12 B Binder KTM 1: 44710 +2707
13 J Martin Pramac Ducati 1: 47936 +5,933
14 M VIÑALES Aprilia 1:49332 +7329
15th F DI GIANNANTONIO Gresini Ducati 1: 49639 +7,636
16 doves Yamaha RNF 1:49,695 +7,692
17 T Nakagami Honda LCR 1: 49889 +7,886
18 and Bastianini Gresini Ducati 1: 50618 +8,615
19 P Morbidelli Yamaha 1:50,702 +8,699
20 R Gardner Tech3 KTM 1: 50953 +8,950
21 Lam Savador Aprilia 1: 51308 +9305
22 D Binder Yamaha RNF 1: 51639 +9,636
23 to the kidneys suzuki 1: 52300 +10297
24 R Fernandez Tech3 KTM 1: 53603 +11600
25 F Bagnia ducati incomplete

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