Smiley: How the 50th Anniversary of the “Father of the Emoji” is Celebrated

Carolina Huertas
April 1, 2022 – 7:42 AM

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created andn 1972 to clarify the positive news for France Soir newspaper for journalist Franklin Louvrany a smileY celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

To celebrate history in Brazil, trade Center Cidade Jardim and Shop Jardins will have special facilities where fans can interact with emojis until April 29.

Cidade Jardim contains 90 yellow balloons up to 1.5 meters in diameter with a smiley sealed, as well as a bridge built specifically for the occasion, is on the second floor, over the central garden, providing other perspectives for the installation. This is the first time that visitors have been able to tour the top of the Cidade Jardim. neon popup with icons a smileIt will be in front of the central garden on the ground floor of the mall.

In Jardins stores, 60 balloons a smileThe y” of up to 1.5m in diameter will be suspended between vertical gardens and their own natural light walkways. Inside Pop Up, located on the second floor, is a photo space.

History too Celebrated in international fashion and retail venues such as Galeries Lafayette-Hausmann in Paris, Nordstrom stores in the US and Canada, and Galleria in Seoul, as well as Urban Outfitters in Milan, London and Copenhagen, among other fashion capitals.

Nicolas Loufrani, CEO of The a smiley Company told Meio & Mensagem of the significance of this moment for the brand and shared the symbol’s path and use today.

Meio & Mensagem – Why is the emoji “father” and how has it been popularized in other countries?

Nicolas LoufraniSmiley was created in 1972 by my father, Franklin Loufrani, who was a journalist for the French national newspaper France-Soir. He wanted to spread the good and positive news in the newspaper and launched a good news campaign. All the positive news was highlighted by this little slogan that reminded people to take the time to smile. With this massive marketing campaign, many brands and manufacturers wanted to use Smiley for products and marketing campaigns and this was the foundation for the brand we built over 5 decades. He is considered the “father” because before that there was no way to express feelings through a universally known symbol. After the success of the ’70s and ’80s that made the logo so popular, the business waned in the mid-’90s and I had to come up with a way to boost interest in it again. When I joined in 1997, I developed emoticons: the smileys you see in text messages and now everyone uses every day. It has been a great renaissance that sparked the interest of many business partners and helped us rebuild the business. With the global use of smartphones, the library of codes you created has been given a new lease on life. The global uptake of emojis from the likes of Apple, Facebook and Samsung means that they are used daily by billions of people, helping them express themselves using a new language. Smiley has been popularized in other countries by collaborating with brands that have a large presence and relevance in these regions. For example, in 2020, we launched a collection with major Brazilian retailer Reserva (RSV+) with a Christmas campaign to spread smiles in this special season even in the face of such a difficult year with the pandemic and a collection of Smiley lifestyle items with Cicero to remind you to smile during your day. We generally work with companies operating at mass and mid-market levels up to high-end designer labels. Having such exposure to the fullest extent in the fashion industry means that our icon is regularly seen in most sectors of society by all kinds of people.

M&M – How were the procedures to be implemented in São Paulo created? What is the proposal and what is the expectation of the project?

LuvranianCelebrated in department stores and malls around the world, Smiley’s 50th anniversary will also be celebrated in Brazil, exclusively and in style at Shopping Cidade Jardim and Jardins stores. On March 31, various activities and experiences will open, as well as innovations emanating from prominent names of Brazilian and international fashion brands. The product mix is ​​very diverse and has been curated and developed by Sarah Andelmann, Creative Director of Onthology Shop Colette, and artistic intervention for a special guide by artist Andrei Saraeva. The list features over 25 product brands such as Copag picture cards, Cicero laptops, plus headgear, jeans, Karl Lagerfeld bags and hats, DSquared Italian headwear, Havaianas slippers, Moschino earrings, Palm Angels shirts, room Ski, sunglasses by Thierry Lasry and book by Assouline. There are over 50 different items, including brands like Philosophy, Joshua Sanders, Saint James, and national brands Triya, Cicero, Orientavida, and more. For the memorial installations, the idea was to bring the joy and optimism that Smiley represents. At Shopping Cidade Jardim, there will be 90 yellow balloons up to 1.5 meters in diameter with the iconic Smiley stamp on them. A light show will take place, as the smiling balloons change color and react to the music being played. For this very special event, some special assets have also been created, such as Smiley Playlist on Spotify, a custom Instagram filter, as well as 3D social media animations and other on/off activations. We are sure that the guests will leave feeling even happier after this whole delightful experience with Smiley. Last but not least, the 50th anniversary will be celebrated in Brazil with a special launch and limited collections, such as L’Envie candles, a homemade body mist with an exclusive fragrance that carries positivity in essence. TRIYA also launches a cutting edge line of smiling beachwear, and BAW Clothing has the first Smiley streetwear collection in Brazil, with many surprises and happiness collaborations happening throughout 2022.

M&M – How has Smiley tried to revamp his audience over the last 50 years?

LuvranianTo replenish our audience, we are constantly developing and creating targeted campaigns that contain a message the audience wants to hear. This creates a bond for our partners because they are aligned with positive values ​​that are meaningful to a large segment of the audience. We are constantly innovating, even this 50th campaign is unique, delivering clear and strong brand values, design trends, marketing and retail campaigns. Together with our partners, we manufacture and develop more than 15,000 products annually. We carry our image, our values, our creativity and design, and our partners bring their expertise in manufacturing, retail, logistics and values. It is the fusion of both visions that brings unique products to life by spreading a universal message of happiness. We have now entered the era of hyper collaboration, we are managing the brand with more intelligence and expertise with a team of 40 CEOs and designers and through co-creation with brands and retailers. Not only do we offer famous intellectual property, but we have a strategy by industry, by market segment, by country, by age group and gender. We also carefully select the partners we work with. We only want partners who own a real brand or deliver the products and marketing we love. Our future vision strategy focuses on entering the metaverse. We will create content in-house with a newly formed team dedicated to the NFTs and metaverse. We will also work with existing partners and new collaborators, including creating a group of emerging artists from the digital and physical art space to co-create content and give them a platform to spread positivity through art. All this is evidence of how the Smiley Company is renewing the masses not only through collaboration but also by creating the culture ourselves.

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