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RimWorld is a Strategy and Simulation game developed by Ludeon Studios. The game challenges players to build a colony of survivors and endure a series of harsh conditions. The big difference in the game is the narration system which creates a different narrative for each game. RimWorld is available for PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux) for R$65.99 at Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG (GOG Galaxy) digital stores.

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RimWorld is a complex strategy game with an emerging story created by an AI narrator – Image: Reproduction/Steam

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The story of RimWorld follows a group of survivors whose spaceship has crashed on an alien planet and they need to build a new vehicle to get back home. When starting the campaign, the player can choose, from among three different artificial intelligences, who will be the narrator of his story. The role can be played by Cassandra Classic, Phoebe Chillax or Randy Random, each of which has its own characteristics and offers different levels of difficulty.

The planet is procedurally generated in each game and survivors can be random or player-selected. Each type of character has abilities, traits, injuries, or even a background that affect how they function in the game. Because of these details, some may refuse to do certain jobs or be unfit to fight, among other possibilities. New survivors can be recruited during matches, and existing survivors can develop their feelings, relationships, and even go crazy.

The game is quite complex in its administrative elements and allows you to build shelters for your colony, hunt and tame animals, establish trade with caravans, monitor relationships between survivors and various other functions. But in order to survive and enjoy all the possibilities, you will also have to face dangers such as harsh weather, fires, wild animals, dangerous aliens, pirates and thieves.

Despite the simple visuals, the themes covered in RimWorld can be quite dark – Image: Reproduction/Steam

In early March, RimWorld had a purported console release, yet to be confirmed, that was rejected in Australia due to the age rating. The Australian Classification Board issued a refusal to classify the game citing “issues of sex, drug abuse or addiction, crime, cruelty, violence, and unpleasant or abhorrent phenomena that offend generally accepted standards of morality and decency by reasonable adults”.

After the disapproval, the game was removed from the Steam digital store in Australia, which is not always the case when games receive a rating disapproval on consoles. Titles like Postal 2: Share the Pain and Mother Russia Bleeds have lowered their ratings but remain in the store, while games like Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number have been removed. The producer has requested a rating review of the game and is awaiting the agency’s response on April 20.

RimWorld – Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements Recommended configuration
Operating System: Windows 7 or MacOS 10.12 Windows 10
Healer: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Intel Core i7 2600K
video card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 Intel HD Graphics 4000 or higher
storage: 1 GB of available space 1 GB of available space

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