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The Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday 119-118, leaving the playoff series tied 2-2. The game in Minneapolis was marked by an attempt to invade the field during the third quarter, in protest of Glenn Taylor, the former owner of the Timberwolves.

Timberwolves defeat the Grizzlies – Photo: USA Today Sports

The game lasted until the second final in Minneapolis, where Memphis struggled in the final quarter after the Timberwolves made a slight advance in the third. The Minnesota team included Karl-Anthony Towns, who scored 33 points. D’Angelo Russell was the captain of the assisting wolves with seven.

Desmond Bunny led the Grizzlies, but could not bring the team back, as happened in the last game of the series. However, the goalkeeper was the match’s top scorer with 34 points. Ja Morant scored 11 points and provided 15 assists.

The two teams will face each other again at 9:30 p.m. next Tuesday, in Memphis, in the fifth game of the playoff series.

The match had to be stopped in the third quarter due to an attempt to storm the field. A woman, who is a member of the “Direct Action Everywhere” group, has been arrested by security in action of a demonstration against the former owner of the Wolves, Glen Taylor, accused of cruelty to animals on his company’s farms.

This wasn’t the first anti-business protest that animal rights advocates have targeted. Taylor owns a farm in Minnesota where millions of birds were killed in early April due to an outbreak of bird flu. Last year, the businessman negotiated the sale of majority control of Wolves to Alex Rodriguez, a former baseball player, and Mark Lower.

Desmond Bunny (34 points, 4 ASTs, 2 reps)
Dillon Brooks (24 points, 2 winds, 1 point).
Brandon Clark (15 points, 5 stars, 2 steals)
Tyus Jones (13 points, 4 points, 3 res)
Ja Morant (11 points, 15 points, 8 res)

Karl Anthony Towns (33 points, 14 res, 3 stars)
Anthony Edwards (24 points, 4 races, 4 places)
Patrick Beverly (17 points, 2 reps, 5 stars)
Jordan McLaughlin (16 points, 2 res, 6 sts)
Jared Vanderbilt (12 pts, 8 reps, 1 ast)
D’Angelo Russell (10 points, 2 res, 7 points)

Scoring chart – Photo: NBA

first room – Timberwolves 33-28: Wolves took the lead in the first few minutes as Towns scored their first five points, but the Grizzlies quickly leveled the game, which played point to point in the first quarter. The Memphis team took the lead, but the Minnesota team recovered in the last five minutes, when they trailed 19-12 and climbed to 20-19, opening up a five-point lead at the end of the first half.

second bedroom – Grizzlies 28 to 27: The second quarter remained balanced in the first minutes, but Wolves took the lead and opened a 15-point lead with five minutes remaining. The Grizzlies, with good participation from Morant, started late to close the gap and win the second quarter.

third room Timberwolves 33-31: Wolves had little trouble maintaining their lead for more than half of the third quarter. With five minutes left to the end of this period, the Grizzlies pressured the opponent and took the lead, but Minnesota took the advantage and increased the difference to the quarter-finals.

The last quarter – Grizzlies 31 to 26: Just like in the last game, the Grizzlies went all-or-nothing in the last quarter and almost surprised the wolves again. Minnesota didn’t lose the lead at any point in the last quarter, but they were closely tracked, and the accumulated fat made it worth a win in the second final, even as Bane saved the 3-pointer for Memphis.

  • Game 1 (04/16) – Timberwolves 130 x 117 Grizzlies
  • Game 2 (4/19) – Timberwolves 96 x 124 Grizzlies
  • Game 3 (4/21) – Grizzlies 104 x 95 Timberwolves
  • Game 4 (23/04) – Grizzlies 118 x 119 Timberwolves
  • Game 5 (04/26) – 21:30 – Timberwolves vs Grizzlies
  • Game 6 (29/04) – To be decided – Grizzlies vs Timberwolves
  • Game 7 (05/01 *if needed*) – TBD – Timberwolves vs Grizzlies

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