“Everything was missing, I was very disappointed with our game”

Comments after the match Portimonense – Moreirense (1-0), from the 31st round of the Portuguese Football League 1, which was held today in Estádio Municipal de Portimão:

Ricardo Sa Pinto (Coach Morerense): “It was lacking in everything. I was so disappointed in our game, I wasn’t expecting such a performance.

Defensively, we were very lenient, we weren’t that warrior team, with spirit, and organiser, wanting to stay in the I Liga, who knew what it would be like to play this game, which was more than just a final.

I can not understand. Perhaps it was my fault, that I did not know how to motivate them, although I think that in this game it is not necessary to motivate the team, because they showed character and good things. Today we weren’t the team I was expecting and I was basically disappointed with that behaviour.

With the ball we felt very uncomfortable, we never knew how to tie the game well, take it easy, find the best spaces to balance the opponent.

The first part was really bad on our part. In the second we’ve improved, with some changes, but it’s not easy to stop a team like Portimonense, with a head-to-head match and three players up front with quality, speed and strength, plus Nakajima between the lines.

Overall, we didn’t do enough to deserve another result, which I regret very much. It cost me a lot, because I was the first to defend the team, but maybe it was my fault, because I didn’t know how to motivate them or do whatever they needed to be able to win or, at least, score.

I’m logically frustrated. If I had to congratulate him because we did everything and the opponent was stronger, I would have to congratulate him and I would only be sad about the result. But today I am sad about a lot of things.

Lately this hasn’t been what has been happening and it is making me very depressed. We can’t do this anymore. Until the end, we have three more matches in which we have the possibility of staying in the I Liga and we have to show a lot more than we showed today. We cannot be irregular.

It was what it was, we have to face it head on. It’s a reality. We have already turned around other times and will have to do it again. We have to give our fans back in the next match the three points they deserved in this match. We have to give them that in the next game, anyway, because they are crucial and essential on our way.

It was not possible to get a positive result, I am largely responsible. Full stop, a paragraph!

Pedro Sa (Portemonense player): “It was a very important victory at home. We knew how important this match was to us, throughout the season. In my opinion, we dealt a knockout blow to our persistence, which was undoubtedly our main objective for the year.

We had a very positive attitude from the start. We started strong, got the lead, and in the second half, we had so many chances to “kill” the match, that we even made it 3-0. It’s football, when we don’t score in those chances, in a moment of distraction or merit, he can reach a draw and complicate the match. We have to be calmer in these moves.

We controlled the game from start to finish. Moreirense was in a tough spot – we’ve had that in recent seasons and we know how stifled it is – and we’ve handled that emotional side of the game really well. In missed opportunities, it was the lack of business acumen and fatigue that spoke the loudest.

It feels so happy [garantir a manutenção]. Since I’ve been here five or six years, it’s time to make a decision on this as soon as possible. Especially in the last two seasons, it was very emotionally exhausting.

The team handled this match very well. Solving this situation with three games, is to congratulate all the players, the entire technical team, the entire management, who have given us all the conditions, throughout the season, for this to happen.

We have to be honest. We had an excellent first lap, no need to hide it, and a bad second lap. Although we guarantee maintenance, the main objective, with three games left, this one always tastes a bit bitter.

We overturned the tournament with a record number of points and a series of errors that led to a long series of matches without a win. As soon as the tournament turned, we said between us that it was possible [lutar por outros objetivos]. But that was not possible.”

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