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A party filled with love of the countryside and cultivating rural traditions. This is how the weekend began in Novo Hamburg during the 18th Carreteada de Lomba Grande. The meeting, which includes 300 trucks with members from cities in the region and even people who came from as far as Gramado and Glorinha, continues until Sunday (24).

“We feel proud to organize such a beautiful party, to be able to involve the whole community, the residents, the merchants, the people who came from several cities, here you have everything within the traditions of the rural area,” President of the Association of Lumba Grande Bearers, Jose Desio Machado.

On Saturday afternoon, the delegation headed from the property of Paulinho Quietz, in Rua Afonso Strack, to Sociedad Gacha de Lumba Grande. There was a 3 km trip that lasted about two hours, at the speed of a bull’s cadence. At night, it’s the turn to dance with Os Queentucho.

And on Sundays there is also a schedule. ‘Breakfast with sausage, coke and bread,’ commented Décio, ‘and at noon it’s time for a traditional roast.’ In the afternoon, prizes are drawn, including a knuckle of a veal, calf, pig and lamb. One of those events is for those who love the countryside to feel welcome and are already thinking about the next release.

Eight members in two trailers

Retired mineralogist Saul Bazuto, 57, accompanied by his 7-year-old granddaughter, son-in-law, son, three nephews and two cousins, was one of the most energetic participants in the procession. The resident of Lumba Grande has been a member of the event since the first release. “This is here to grow the culture of the most natural and simple rural. We prepared about 20 days before that, taking care of the food, the maintenance of the cart, the care of the bulls, the documentation. And we love to ride in a cart, every weekend we go out with friends on the country roads,” As he says.

Lumba Grande - Eight people in two trucks

on the sound of the trumpet
9-year-old José Eduardo Linck da Silva demonstrated skill in inviting participants to salute rural traditions. The boy on his own learned to play the trumpet, imitating the sound on the handlebars. Then he got a real horn from his uncle and cousins. “I liked it a lot. Then when I won, I went to look online how to play and learned. My friends sometimes ask me to play,” says the boy who has participated in Lumba Grande Street since he was a baby in his arms.

Lumba Grande - To the sound of the trumpet

And who does not know Leo?
Respected Lumba Grande merchant, Léio Urbano Moehckle, 85, Léio of the supermarket, was one of the oldest participants in the event and also the liveliest. In his carriage, his friends would play the harmonica all afternoon, ready for a neighborhood walk. On his head his hat, and on his chest the coat of arms of the Assembly of Dos Cariteros da Lomba, and in his heart Leo carried all the love and work with which he had devoted himself to the country district. “I really love being here,” he said.

Lumba Grande - And who doesn't know your Leo?

Leave your mobile and enjoy the party
Gabriel Haas, 15, is the pride of his father, industrialist Eldemar Haas, 50. The Igreinha family enjoyed on the road, a lesson in the true meaning of family and rural traditions. “For me this is happiness and companionship. It’s better than just talking on the phone. And the kids just want to go out, I’m here with their dad, and we have to live more and more together,” Gabriel explained.

Lomba Grande - Put your mobile phone aside and enjoy the party

Donna Fanny’s smile says it all
In the carriage, farmer Fanny Maria de Mello, 65, was waiting for her husband, farmer Luis Jose de Mello, 63, to make final preparations for the delegation’s departure. With a wide smile, the inhabitant of São João de Decherto noticed with the interest of everyone around her and the affection with which her husband Campao and Armadu, the bulls in the cart, were treated. “There’s no point in coming here with a dry ox, is it?” , asks Mr. Louise. Donna Fanny was shy, she didn’t want to be interviewed, she just said that her two kids were traveling in another stroller and that the whole family loved the country. And he kept smiling.

Lumba Grande - Donna Fanny's smile says it all

Rinkau and Sertao get ready to leave
Cangadu for the special occasion, Rinkau and Sirtau were well-kept bulls of the Hubert family, from Lumba Grande. In the entourage, farmer Jose Luis Hubert, 60, son of Diego Hubert, 22, daughter-in-law of his son Tael Dominguez, 19, and granddaughter of Gabriela Hubert, 2. Jose Luiz is proud of his ability to teach his granddaughter the values ​​of the land. “I learned from my father as we continue this mission, and we teach the little ones the tradition,” the proud grandfather.

Lumba Grande - Rinkau and Sertau get ready to leave

Court and Powers of Araricá
Twenty carriages followed from Araricá toward the Lomba Grande event this Saturday. The delegation was in uniform and had the support of the city’s public authorities. “We have come with our Kings and Vice Mayor and Minister of Health and Minister of Industry and Trade to honor this chariot because the Lomba Grande is important to Ararica because we too are spring up in this ancient struggle, or else the tradition will die and we cannot leave it. It is an honor for us to be here and meet. And in the month of August, we have Our party and Lumba Grande are always there in Araricá, so we came with great emotion and happiness to honor our friends and then welcome them to Araricá,” Mayor Flávio Luiz Foss said.

Lumba Grande - Court and Powers of Ararica

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