BairesDev stands out as the world’s fastest growing IT company for 6 years

Software development and programming is a field that continues to grow, even with decades of existence, and has a large number of new professionals available in the market – and with the scenario of the covid-19 epidemic, it has strengthened itself even more in Brazil and the world. But with so many options, how are the right professionals to be identified?

This is where BairesDev, a company based in San Francisco, USA comes in. The company, also known as “Giant in IT,” emerged from a group of software engineers who thought of exploring a less popular part of this market: searching for qualified Information Technology (IT) professionals for its operations in various market regions, in a structure getting help from external sourceswhere developers provide services to companies that have hired BairesDev.

The company’s result was this performance in getting help from external sources Positively, it has become the world’s fastest growing organization in this sector for six consecutive years – with an annual curve of more than 99% of companies across all branches – helping it become one of the few unicorn startups in the world (worth market capitalization of more than 1 billion US dollars), which reached this classification without external investments.

BairesDev’s employees cover the most diverse competencies on the market. (Photo: Publicity/BairesDev)

BairesDev employees cover the most diverse skills on the market, from more than 5,000 contractors operating in many Latin American countries, as well as in the USA. Indeed, many opportunities exist on American soil specifically, in challenging projects that encourage professional growth, and provide opportunities for Latin American talent to win the world.

BairesDev also has a diverse portfolio of contractors, which was named Diversity Company of the Year 2020 in Comparative Awards That year – an American award that also awarded the company with the highest paid employees that year. Other acknowledgments the organization has received include:

  • Company of the Year at the BIG Business Awards 2021;
  • Six Globe Awards at the 16th Global IT Awards 2021, along with four Gold Awards in the categories of Best Company, Best IT Service Provider, Women in Information Technology, and Best Company in Employment Equity in Relation to Race and Age.
  • Excellence in Customer Service by Business Intelligence Group in 2021;
  • Bronze Award for Best Advance in Learning Management by Brandon Hall Group of Excellence at the 2021 Technology Awards.

In the midst of all this and its 5,000 employees, the company wants to keep expanding, with its current goal of reaching 10,000 employees by the end of 2024 – a target being worked on through various job vacancies. -Face and remote control, which is unlocked by BairesDev.

How to be a part of BairesDev’s tough selection process?

BairesDev’s selection process selects only about 0.1% of the candidates. (Photo: Publicity/BairesDev)

This growth at BairesDev has made many IT professionals want to work for the company – which isn’t exactly an easy selection process, as the company only selects 1% of candidates – and annually evaluates about 1.2 million applications, which is higher than the number of applications. Acquired by most companies in the world, regardless of size.

However, the company itself reveals a series of steps and tips that can help employees achieve the desired employment. The recommended first point is to know the six basic pillars of the BairesDev culture, which are: Diversity, Efficiency, Teamwork and Customer Value Creation (value creation) that’s love.

If the candidate matches the pillars, he can do well in BairesDev, where the selection process really begins and is divided into seven steps:

  • Register on the site.
  • online exams;
  • interview with human resources;
  • written tests;
  • technical interview
  • Sort by Recruitment Champion;
  • Project execution.

Among these steps, Staffing Hero stands out, where BairesDev’s proprietary advanced artificial intelligence (AI) compares the candidate to a portion of the company’s hired employees, who are members of the top 1% of Latin American developers; And see how their portfolios and CVs stack up against these experts.

In the other stages, candidates are tested to see if they have performed well in developing common demands and solutions in the daily lives of BairesDev employees – and this, if approved, would place them within the company.

And you know what’s best? You can follow this process soon, as BairesDev has open positions. Information about the entire selection process, open positions – including more than 700% of remote options – and employee testimonials can be found on the company’s official website. Run there and be a part of the company’s expansion.

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