analyze. Elections are much more than the French

Antonio Monteiro, then ambassador to Paris, insisted in 2002 that he attend a rally for Jacques Chirac to show which side Portugal was on in that second round of the French presidential election, in which he was for the first time a far-right candidate. Participation in the case of Jean-Marie Le Pen. The diplomat asked for permission from the Portuguese government, at the time led by José Manuel Durao Barroso, and had no trouble getting the green light. For reasons ranging from anti-immigrant rhetoric to the threat to leave the European Union, the ideals of Father Le Pen cannot but displease the Portuguese. They were also very upset with the French themselves, as Chirac was re-elected with 82%, with the votes of his right-wing Gaullist supporters backed by millions more from the left. The so-called Republican Front worked as expected, forming a barrier to the old radical politician.

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