With the bet on nationalizing and restoring Bolsonaro’s image, Anderson Ferreira quits in Japoatao and faces an even bigger personal challenge.

In a simple ceremony, with the participation of municipal staff and allies, Anderson Ferreira resigned as Mayor of Jaboatão dos Guarapes, this Thursday (31), before handing the position to then-Vice Mayor Luiz Medeiros. Very comfortable on the impromptu stage, Anderson Ferreira took off his jacket and tie and rolled up his shirt sleeves. In addition to thanking his father Manuel Ferreira and his brother André Ferreira, he called his wife and gave him a kiss of thanks, commenting that, unfortunately, politics takes family time.

“Gabwatau is happy, we have changed people’s self-esteem. Now, we want this for the whole country,” he said in a speech.

As for the press, Ferreira said that from now on he will talk about politics and also seek dialogue with everyone to help the opposition. “Now I’ll take care of political affairs,” he tried to shake it off, as if he hadn’t argued before launching himself.

The farewell party began at 4:38 pm with the playing of ABANA and then the Brazilian national anthem. Mayor Anderson Ferreira delivered the letter at 4:51 p.m., before the session ended at 5 p.m.

The ceremony was held in the administrative complex, where the extraordinary session of the city council was held. Adeildo da Igreja, head of the municipal legislature, signaled Anderson and moved the formal session to the administrative assembly.

Anderson Ferreira needed to meet the deadline set by the Electoral Tribunal for who would run for office in this year’s election.

“We found a forgotten municipality full of difficulties, on the wrong track, unable to meet the existing challenges. It wasn’t easy, but we put together a good team, with sensitivity and a lot of attitude to take on their responsibilities and work for the people. Far from me thinking we have solved all the problems, but I am proud to know that we have been able to do so much, and put the municipality in a cycle of progress. There have been investments in health, education, hills and slopes, in social assistance, in supporting women, in infrastructure, urbanization and economic development, Anderson said.

Mano Medeiros took over on Thursday – Leandro de Santana / PJG

The former mayor said he prepared Jaboatau for the future.

“We are a role model for Brazil and the world. We have implemented the largest PPP for public lighting in the Northeast and the first PPP in the country in the field of health. We have implemented the largest solid waste plant in Latin America in Jaboatão and won two consecutive awards from the United Nations, being the only Brazilian municipality to receive this recognition .but I want to be remembered as the mayor who ruled by looking at the people, because Jabuatau has never been so supportive of its residents as it is in our government,” he stressed.


When addressing the municipality’s servers, Anderson said he was there to thank for the cooperation for the department’s progress.

“I want to thank everyone and say that we are still together because Jaboatau is in my heart,” he said. Before leaving, he gave a 10.38% increase to effective servers.

Sessions School Jair Bolsonaro brought Anderson Ferreira from Brasilia with Gelson Machado – GUGA MATOS / JC IMAGE


Anderson also thanked the support he received in the city council, noting that dialogue is the difference between the executive and the legislature.

“We have established a relationship with the City Council that is unprecedented in Gapwatao, and the result is evident in the progress we have made in all areas and in the appreciation of civil servants,” he said.

In justifying the simple ceremony, Anderson said it was a sensitive moment for him.

“I leave with my head held high, through the front door confident that I have done everything in my power to make Jaboatão enter this new moment in its history. I understand it is not the time to celebrate. It is time to keep working. I would like this to be a tribute to everyone who has worked and devoted themselves by my side, So that our municipality can reverse this cycle and get back on the right track. I came here with great humility and today I leave the same way to say only one thing: Thank you very much all and stay with God.”

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