The Administrative Technicians Competition takes place this Sunday. See the rules and competition

In this Sunday (24) The . happens competition to Administrative technicians in education from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UVPE). 61 points will be disputed by 15,992 filters. There will be an app Evidence In the morning and in the afternoon.

Important to know Grammar From selection to avoid problems (read notice here). It is worth noting that even with the release of the state government regarding the use of masks Protection from COVID-19, upon selection all participants must wear. No one without face protection will be able to enter the testing sites.

the charge the most wanted He is an assistant in the administration of the university campus Karwaru, in Agreste. every wave of wide competition 1,277 people will compete for it. In the RecifeThe highest vacancy rate among the candidates is a technician position in educational matters, which is also very competitive, with 765 applicants competing for each vacancy. (see full competition)

Covest, which will implement the competition, has done step by step to help the candidate who did not print a file registration card.


The exams will take four hours, with exit coming out three hours after the exams start.

morning Guides for candidates for the positions of Assistant in Administration, Nursing Technician and Information Technology Technician
afternoon – Directory of other positions (social worker, accountant, civil engineer, pharmacist, physiotherapist, doctors, psychologists, dentists, technician in educational matters, among others)

* The candidate must appear in the examination space at least one hour before the scheduled start time.

What to take

* Black ink pen made of transparent material, an official identification document, a personal protective mask that covers the nose and mouth and a bottle, made of transparent material, for single use contains 70% alcohol

What is forbidden

* Pencils, pencil / graphite, marker and eraser cannot be used during the tests
* Candidates are also prohibited from wearing a hat, cap, cap or equivalent during the examination.

Acceptable Documents

* To enter the examination room, the candidate must present an official identification document. The following are the official identification documents: those issued by the Ministry of Social Defense or similar bodies, or by military agencies, a national driver’s license, work permit, job cards of federal public bodies, or by entities inspecting vocational training, passport , or the reserve certificate and the public prosecution

* Will not be accepted as identity documents: birth certificates, election cards without a photo, student cards, job cards or badges, illegible, unidentifiable or damaged documents, as well as outdated documents

Was the document lost or stolen?

* If the candidate does not provide an original identification document, due to loss, theft or burglary, he/she must submit a document certifying the incident report to the Police Agency (BO), dated no later than 30 days.

Can a cell phone?

*Candidate carrying a cell phone, even if turned off, BIP, watch, earmuff, Walkman, recorder or any other message transmitter/receiver must hand over all electronic equipment for examination prior to entering the exam room. and/or items that are not permitted to be kept in security (non-reusable) envelopes, provided by the inspection team, which will remain sealed during the exams, and opened only after the candidate leaves the testing site, under pain of exclusion from competition.


The results will be announced on Monday, the twenty-fifth.

The rest of the competition schedule can be found here.

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