Santos, the city that breathes and inspires creativity. do you know why

This Thursday (21) celebrates the International Day of Creativity, a date set by the United Nations in 2017 to spread awareness about the use of different capacities in various aspects of human development. The United Nations asserts that creativity and innovation can help solve problems in areas such as economic, social and sustainable development.

For practical purposes, this transformation of society is made possible by the creative economy, which is a set of activities related to the production and distribution of goods and services that use the creativity and skills of people or groups with primary inputs. These activities are divided into cores: consumption (design, fashion, architecture and marketing), culture (music, heritage, arts, gastronomy, performing arts and crafts), media (audio, visual and editorial) and technology (ICT). The World Bank estimates that the sector currently accounts for 7% of global gross domestic product (GDP).

Santos is a creative city in cinema

creative saints

With the aim of encouraging local and regional development of this part, the city council established the Santos Creativa Program and the Office of Economic Innovation (EIE). In 2015, the city joined the UNESCO Network of Creative Cities in Cinema. For this year, the annual meeting of these cities is planned in Santos, an event that will put Santos at the center of gravity of global creative production, attracting visitors from different parts of the world.

Blue Med Convention Center, where the Annual Meeting of Creative Cities will be held

Santos is breathing creativity, and even the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic have not been enough to shrink this market. In 2019, 13,642 creative economic activities were registered in the city. In 2021, the number increased to 17,812, an increase of 30.5%. Growth rises to 156% if we take into account the 2013 index (6931).

We are stimulating the city’s creative economy on several fronts. For example, with the deployment of companies in the region, through the Feito em Santos project (Promotion of exhibitions and the deployment of young entrepreneurs), partnerships with Sebrae and the implementation of free professional qualification courses aimed at production chain and entrepreneurship”, he explained. • Secretary of Entrepreneurship, Creative Economy and Tourism , Seely Storino.

Santos promotes courses, exhibitions and promotes small entrepreneurs

The strategy of Santos Criativa and EIE is to encourage creative activities in their most diverse forms and to create and implement public policies to encourage innovation along with creativity, with the aim of promoting economic and social development.

The ten creative villages spread across Santos are at the heart of this strategy. They are installed in the most socially vulnerable neighborhoods (low HDI), and they provide vocational rehabilitation, as well as cultural and social activities, strengthening the social, civic and political capacities of disadvantaged groups.

Creative villages also serve as living spaces

The experience of these facilities is highlighted in the book ‘Cities, Culture and Creativity: Leveraging Culture and Creativity for Sustainable Urban Development and Inclusive Growth’, published by UNESCO in 2021.

Cover of the book published by UNESCO

Last year, more than 3,200 students attended qualifying courses in creative villages in the most diverse areas, such as gastronomy (pizza, gourmet brigadero, Brazilian desserts, hamburgers and cupcakes), fashion and beauty (jewelry assembly techniques, aromatherapy, eyebrow shaping and hair removal). face), sales (how to attract more customers, product images for social media, digital marketing on social media for e-commerce, how to advertise on social media, market setting, customer service) and technology (programming logic and basic informatics).

This year’s classes for dozens of students have already started, and new registrations are scheduled for May. It will be published on the official channels of City Hall and the press.

Civil construction course offered at Villa Creativa

Dessert course at Villa Creativa

Made in Santos

The Feito em Santos project is designed to encourage and support young entrepreneurs. In addition to getting to know them, the initiative promotes fairs so they can sell their products. In 2021, 10 of them were held with an average of 40 micro-entrepreneurs in each. This year, two have already been held, marking the reopening of the Outeiro de Santa Catarina and Easter.

Additionally, Feito em Santos offers an online platform, instagram @feito.emsantos, to promote its products. Currently, she has 800 subscribers and 11,000 followers.

Made in Santos exhibition held at Outeiro de Santa Catarina

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Photos: Carlos Nogueira, Francisco Arres, Marcelo Martins and Raimundo Rosa / FILE

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