Represented companies earn R$4.4 million without bidding in the field of health

Two companies whose partner was a delegate from the Civil Police in Rio de Janeiro won two no-bid contracts – with a total value of R$4.4 million – to provide monitoring and management support services in three units operated by the state’s Fundação Saúde of Rio de Janeiro.

The Civil Police stated that “there is no disciplinary override when the servant is a contributor.” [da empresa]’, as is Delegate Eduardo Clementino de Freitas. The partner listed in Federal Revenue as Corporate Director is Delegate Eduardo Clementino de Freitas’ wife, Priscila Duarte Allevato de Freitas.

Attorney Tiago Guimarães, who represents the companies Vigdel Vigilância e Seguranca and Vigdel Serviços Terceirizados, denied any wrongdoing or conflicts of interest and stressed that the companies had no contracts with the civilian police.

Fundação Saúde, in turn, stated that recruitment follows legal rituals and that there is no impediment to corporate recruitment in public registration systems.

The company rejected the best offers

Although three other companies offered lower prices, Vigdel Vigilância e Seguranca was selected to provide a six-month unarmed monitoring service for the Estadual da Mãe Hospital, in Mesquita (Baixada Fluminense), and for the Rio Imagem Diagnostic Center, in the Central Region. from the capital.

The contract was signed with Fundação Saúde on November 1 last year.

In the agency’s price survey – which takes place even in the event of a waiver of the bid – Braço Forte (with an offer of 650 thousand Rls), Magna Vigilância e Segurança (736.5 thousand Rls) and Foco Segurança Empresarial (654.9 thousand Rls disqualified) .

Foco is even listed as the winner in an internal foundation document, dated September 22nd. However, on October 8, the decision was reviewed, excluding the company for accounting details.

Then Vigdel was selected with a value of R$871,000 – a difference of over R$200,000.

Fundação Saúde claimed that “failure to comply with the minimum requirements prevents the company from hiring, even if the price is lower, under pain of illegal work and its legal consequences.”

24 hour price search

The second contract, worth R$3.582 million, was signed by the State Agency with Vigdel Serviços Terceirizados on 1 April for the supply of administrative support labor for the Heloneida Studart Women’s Hospital, in São João de Meriti (Baixada Fluminense). , For six months.

Fundação Saúde has conducted a quick price survey, with only 24 hours for interested companies to present themselves. There is no record of the administrative process for disclosing the public notice on the authority’s website.

Only two companies, in addition to Vigdel, submitted proposals with higher values: Mais Clean Ambiental e Consultoria (R$3.622 million) and Paineiras Cleaning and General Services (4.029 million R$).

According to the agency, 14 companies were consulted, but only 3 companies responded.

Regarding the short deadline for sending the offers, the health institution claimed that “in view of the damage caused by the possible interruption in the provision of basic services to the population, it is necessary to speed up the process”.

Thiago Fernandez, Grupo Vigdel’s attorney, stated that the companies responded “to a public appeal, submitting an offer that meets/satisfies the requirements requested by the contracting authority”.

The delegate is the department manager

Deputy Eduardo Clementino de Freitas is currently the Director of the General Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the Civil Police, which takes care of the institution’s internal communications services.

In the civilian police, he was even the target of two internal investigations to investigate alleged illicit enrichment.

The first was introduced in 2011 and the second in October 2020. According to the foundation, “because the increase in assets has not been proven by illicit enrichment.” “The accounting technical report did not identify the server’s financial incompatibilities.”

Freitas has also been the subject of at least one investigation by the MP-RJ (Ministry of Public Rio de Janeiro) to investigate alleged illegal enrichment and possible irregularities in the provision of security services to the concessionaire on the train. This investigation began in 2010.

“The actions in our system are handled confidentially, and no information can be provided,” the MP-RJ press office stated.

The Vigdel Group’s attorney said that “although there is no connection with the private activities of the companies and the professional life of the contributing partner,” the delegate’s actions are “lifted.”

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