Pope: God weeps for the victims of the war in Ukraine

At a meeting this Saturday (23/04) in Paul VI’s room at the Vatican, with nearly three thousand believers from the parish community of the Temple of Our Lady of Tears in Trevello, Francis noted that the conflict between Moscow and Kiev destroys all. and “the victorious people” and “the defeated people” and “those who watch”

Alessandro de Busolo – Vatican News

Mary teaches us not to be ashamed of our tears, for crying means “to open up to the Father and to the brethren,” and to allow the soul to be touched, “to be touched by the wounds of those we meet along the way; and to know how to share, and to know how to welcome, and to know how to rejoice.” And Mary’s tears “are also a sign of God’s mourning for the victims of the war that devastated not only Ukraine”, but all the peoples involved, “the victorious people”, as well as “the defeated people” and also “those who respected him.” Thus, Pope Francis received nearly three thousand representatives of the parish community at the Shrine of Our Lady of Tears in Treviglio, Northern Italy, who assembled this Saturday (23/04) in the Paul VI Hall, and entrusted them with ensuring that the Mother accepted the prayer entrusted to her Immaculate Heart “And intercede for peace, Queen of Peace.”

500 years of the miracle of tears in the painting of the Virgin

The community asked to meet the Pope in the context of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the miracle of tearing up the image of the Virgin and Child kept in the Augustinian monastery in Treviglio, on February 28, 1522, while French forces General Lautrec were about to attack the village. The general, a lover of the Virgin, put on his helmet and sword and his soldiers followed him, lifting the siege of the city that escaped destruction.

Jesus tears of pain and joy

To the faithful present in the Paul VI Hall, accompanied by the parish priest Father Norberto Dongy and the Archbishop of Milan, Monsignor Mario Delbini, Francis pointed out the other shrines dedicated to the Weeping Virgin Mary, from Syracuse, southern Italy, to La Salette, France. “But yours – he emphasized – is much greater.” He explained, giving everyone a fervent contemplation of Mary’s tears, that the mother’s tears “are a reflection of Jesus’ tears.” He wept, as the Bible tells us, at the tomb of his friend Lazarus and before Jerusalem. In both cases the pontiff recalls, “they were tears of pain. But we can imagine that Jesus also wept with joy, for example, when he saw the young, humble people enthusiastically accepting the Gospel.”

cMary’s watch is a sign of God’s pity

And Mary, the “first disciple,” followed her son “also in the sanctity of her feelings and emotions even in her laughter and tears.” Thus, Pope Francis continued, “she surely had tears of joy in her eyes when she gave birth to Jesus” and “she saw the shepherds and the magi prostrating themselves before him.” And wept bitter tears at the end, following him on a painful path “and she is at the foot of the cross.” The Pope explained that Mary’s tears were “changed by the grace of Christ, like her whole life.” Therefore, “When Mary weeps, her tears are a sign of God’s pity.”

May God have mercy on us always. And God wants to forgive us. And I remind you of one thing: God always forgives! Start! We are tired of asking for forgiveness. That is why the tears of the Virgin are a sign of God’s pity, and this mercy always forgives us; It is a sign of Christ’s suffering for our sins, and the evil that afflicts humanity, especially the little ones, the innocent, who suffer.

Ukraine: A War That Destroys Us All

Then he reminded Francis of the reference to the war in Ukraine contained in his welcome by the parish priest, Father Norberto:

Mary’s tears are also a sign of God’s weeping for the victims of a war that is not only destroying Ukraine; Let us be brave and tell the truth: it destroys all the people involved in the war. All of them. Because war does not only destroy the defeated people. no. It also eliminates the victor. It also destroys those who watch it with superficial news to see who is the winner and who is the loser. War destroys everyone. Let’s be careful with that.

Mary, Queen of Peace, accepted our prayers

The Supreme Pontiff said to her Immaculate Heart: “We submit our prayers and we are sure that the mother accepted her and intercedes for peace, because she is the Queen of Peace.” And tomorrow, Francis stressed, “Sunday will be Mercy.” She is the mother of mercy. You know the meaning of mercy, because it is from God.”

Cry, ask forgiveness, open up to the Father and the brothers

For the people of Treviso, Pope Francis noted, “their land has been watered by the tears of Mary for five centuries; and her people were accompanied from generation to generation by her motherly tenderness.” “I taught them not to be ashamed of weeping”: “We should not be ashamed of weeping” because the saints “teach us that tears are a gift, and sometimes a blessing, repentance, and liberation of the heart.”

Crying means opening up, breaking the shell of the self closed in on itself and opening up to the love that embraces us, which is always waiting to forgive us. This is the heart of God. God is waiting. Waiting for what? For forgiveness to forgive us. He is restless, irreparable: he wants to forgive, forgive … And he only asks us to ask him for forgiveness. To open ourselves to the good Father and to open ourselves also to our brothers and sisters.

Learn to cry also in the face of the tragedies of disposal

To cry is “to allow yourself to be touched by the wounds of those we meet along the way; to know how to share, to know how to welcome, to know how to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who cry,” the Pope continued. And I confess that I think that in our time we have “lost the habit of weeping well.” We have lost “the cry of the heart, a cry as true as Peter’s cry when he repented, like the cry of Our Lady.”

Our civilization, our era, has lost the sense of weeping. And we must ask for the blessing of weeping in the face of the things we see, in the face of use made by humanity, not just wars – I spoke of them – but ostracized, neglected old people, children neglected even before they are born…ignoring so many dramas. Whoever was poor there and had nothing to live on is neglected. The squares, the streets full of the homeless, the tragedies of our time should make us cry and want to cry.

Let us ask for the blessing of crying. everyone

Francis recalls that there is a Mass in the Catholic liturgy to ask for the gift of tears. “But you, who are near to the Virgin, ask for this gift.

And the prayer of this liturgy is as follows: “Lord, who drew water from the rock, let the tears flow from the rock of my heart.” Heart of the Rock forgot how to cry. Please let us ask for the blessing of crying. everyone.

Tenderness, mercy and closeness. God’s style

In conclusion, the pontiff stressed that in the name of the congregation “Our Lady of Tears” there is a full pastoral: pastoral care with tenderness, mercy and closeness.

Tenderness, mercy and closeness. This is God’s way. God’s style is closeness, mercy and tenderness. This is God’s way. There is a pastoral style that belongs to everyone: priests, deacons, lay believers, consecrated … they are all close, sympathetic and affectionate. For all ages, all seasons of life.

We all “must always learn from Mary to follow Jesus, to let His Spirit shape our feelings, desires, plans and actions according to God’s heart,” the Pope finally urged.

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