Ball – Rooney and Maguire in a short duel move in the “quarter” of the World Cup (Snooker)

England’s Ronnie O’Sullivan, 46, was fourth in the hierarchy (and six-time world champion, in 2001, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2013 and 2020), and Scotsman Stephen Maguire, 41, 31 in the “ranking”. Next Friday is a short step away from the quarter-finals of the World Championships, the stage of competition in which they can face each other from now on, as they finish the second round of the three sessions of related duels from the round of 16. Of the tournament with great advantage, and continues until May 2 in Sheffield (England).

After Mark Williams “sent out” Mark Williams in two confrontational sessions with his Welsh compatriot in the morning (13-3) and was waiting for Mark Selby or Yan Pingtao in “Rooms”, the day ended in the Crucible Theater with a “rocket” “digging an advantage far greater than 6-2” Which he brought from the first round against Northern Ireland’s 36-year-old Mark Allen, 12th in the “ranking.” He won the second round with another 6-2 score.

Mark “Pistol” Allen came back well, winning the first inning to ease to 3-6, and had a 4-6 in hand, but missed a thunderous pink ball and saw O’Sullivan shoot four “frames” of blast, even 10-3, with 93 entries And 67, 88 and 53 points, respectively, in the tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth “frames”.

With only a centenary age (110 points), in period 14, Allen came back to life, with a score of 4-10. But Rooney, like a cat, has seven lives and was able to save the 15th, seemingly lost “frame”, making it 11-4, wrapping up with a golden key to 12-4 and only one game away from winning and “the quarters”: his 189th centenary in Crucible, entry exactly 100 points!

Scotsman distances himself from Zhao: two top eight frames

Heading into qualifying, Lisbon Open winner (December 2014), Stephen Maguire, wrapped up before mid-afternoon, the second of three fencing sessions with 25-year-old China’s Zhao Xintong, fifth. In the “ranking”, to emphasize the 5-3 advantage he brought from the opening session of the match to 11-5 that leaves little room for Asian recovery.

Maguire doubled ‘Maverick’ on the spot, winning the first game (6-3) and the best thing Zhao did until the first half was to win the second frame and smooth it to 4-6… before Stephen was out there, and with entries from 64 and 83 points – in Parts eleven and twelfth respectively – Reaching the first half with a big lead: 8-4.

After the break, a new burst of pride from Xintong, with a 72-point break to make it 5-8 in frame 13… It was all from the Chinese, who saw Stephen go back to the old days and the way he made him famous, snatching the last three matches of these Round two, up to 11-5 which kept him two parts short of the win. And waiting for Mark Allen or Ronnie O’Sullivan in the quarter-finals, a duel that was decided on Saturday afternoon (2.30 pm), right after Chow and Stephen, in the morning, they closed the match.

Selby and Bingtao in a duel worthy of champions: tense and intense

The great champions also deserved the display he gave in the first session of the puck, England’s Mark Selby, 38, first in the standings and four-time world champion (2014, 2016, 2017 and 2021) against China’s Yan Pingtao, 22, 15 in the hierarchy , in the afternoon session.

Two masters of the defensive and tactical game, in which they were excellent, made a thrilling spectacle, where the slightest misstep always had a high cost: they leave to make the decision, Saturday (second session at 10 am, closing at 7 pm) tied 4-4,

With the Englishman certainly more moral and contented with this tie, if the “Shark” (Mark “The Shark” Selby) wins 1-0, he has recovered twice from “two frames” of disqualification, to 1-3 (in the first half) and 2 -4, to tie, although Yan signed the only centenary of the fencing so far, in the third partial, with a score of 2-1 (104 points).

Oddly enough, Selby won the first part by entering 54 points to 1-0, but his new “break” with the same number of points, in the second “frame”, did not prevent Yan from drawing 1-1.

In a tense and intense, ball-for-ball duel, the Chinese also eliminated another reasonable visit from Mark (a 50-point entry) in the quarter to reach 3-1. The four-time world champion’s best entry, so far, is 84 points: thus closing the session, 4-4.

Three more matches over the course of Saturday, with Neil and Judd participating in the “eight” match.

On Saturday, three more players will join Mark Williams in the quarter-finals, taking the number to four out of eight in the next round: Rooney or Allen, Maguire or Xintong … and the winner of the Selby duel with Pingtao.

But two other world champions came into play in the round of 16: Australian Neil Robertson (19 hours), against Jack Lisowski, and England’s Judd Trump (14:20), against Anthony McGill, playing the opening sessions of the duels.

The World Cup is the biggest event of the 2021/22 World Snooker season, with results in the ‘ranking’ and awarding £2395 million in prize money (€28,674,744), of which half a million £ (598,638) to the champion and £1. 200,000 euros (239,435 euros) for second place.

The competition runs until May 2, at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield (England), is broadcast on TV in Portugal (EuroSport) and was won by England’s Mark Selby in 2021 (18-15 to Shawn Murphy in the final).

“Eights”, like “Quarters”, are played with the best 25 “frames”: the first to win 13 parts (13-0 to probability 13-12), in three sessions: If eight “frames” are in the first session, eight Others in the second session and up to nine parts are possible in the third session, those of the result.

Round of 16, Friday matches (in black):

jackson page-Mark Williams3-13

Marker’s career: 0-7; 1-7; 1-10; 2-10; 3-12; 3-13;

Mark Allen Ronnie O’Sullivan, 4-12

Zhao Xintong-Stephen Maguire, 5-11

Mark Selby Yan Bingtao, 4-4

Saturday matches, Round of 16 (Portuguese local and local time):

Mark Selby Yan Pingtao, 4-4 (Second session 10 a.m., conclusion 7 p.m.)

Zhao Xintong-Stephen Maguire, 5-11 (Closing, 10 a.m.)

Anthony McGill Judd Trump (1st session, 2:30 p.m.)

Mark Allen Ronnie O’Sullivan, 4-12 (Finishing, 2.30 p.m.)

Neil Robertson Jack Lisowski (1st session, 7 p.m.)

The full schedule for the Round of 16 (in black):

Mark Selby Yan Bingtao, 4-4

jackson page-Mark Williams3-13

Keren Wilson Stewart Bingham

Anthony McGill Judd Trump

Neil Robertson Jack Lisowski

Noppon Saengham John Higgins

Zhao Xintong-Stephen Maguire, 5-11

Mark Allen Ronnie O’Sullivan, 4-12


Mark Selby / Yan Bingtao-Mark Williams (Tuesday 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., Wednesday 2.30 p.m.)

Keren Wilson / Stuart Bingham and Anthony McGill / Judd Trump

Neil Robertson / Jack Lisowski-Nobun Singkam / John Higgins

Zhao Xintong / Stephen Maguire Mark Allen / Ronnie O’Sullivan

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