Android starts losing market share in favor of Apple’s iOS

While Android still accounts for the largest share of all global smartphone shipments, that number has declined. However, iOS saw an increase in its market share during the same period.

Android fans may be concerned. According to the latest market share numbers, Apple’s iOS is finally starting to gain points on Android leadership. While Android still accounts for the largest share of all global smartphone shipments, that number has declined. However, iOS saw an increase in its market share during the same period. So what is behind this change? Whatever the reason, it looks like Apple is starting to make some real headway against its biggest competitor.

StockApps (via Wccftech) reports that the global market share of Android has declined in recent years, from 77.32% in 2018 to 69.74% in January 2022. iOS has been gaining slow progress, moving from 19.4% share of the global smartphone pie to 25.49 % in the same period.

Android’s global market share has been declining to the top of iOS in recent years

While Android and iOS together occupy nearly 100% of the market, at the bottom of the graph accompanying this story you can see some of the operating systems out there, though you probably won’t find anyone you know or even who passes on with a phone This operating system. Lives in this group is KaiOS, a Linux-based platform that gives phones some capabilities similar to smartphones, including the ability to install apps.

Android's global lead over iOS is shrinking very slightly - Apple's iOS is slowly breaking into the global Android market share

Android’s global advantage shrinks over iOS

Other operating systems at the bottom of the graph include Windows Phone, Tizen, Nokia S40, and iOS. While Android is the leading mobile operating system in the United States, in areas classified as “developing”, Android has a significant advantage. For example, in Asia, Android has a market share of 81% and it goes up to 90% in South America.

One theory regarding the rising share of iOS is that Apple was able to make headway in developing markets thanks to its lower-priced iPhone SE models. So far, though, sales of the latest “cheaper” iPhone have been unattractive, according to trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

But it cannot be denied that the economy of a particular region plays an important role in determining the preferred operating system in particular markets. The share of Android in Africa is 84%, and 14% of them own an iOS phone (iPhone). Although not dominant in Europe, on the continent Android is still found in 69.32% of smartphones, compared to the 30% share that iOS has.

iOS is the most popular operating system in North America.

In North America, iOS is 54% to 45% ahead of Android. Interestingly, only in May 2012 Android took the global leadership in the market share of mobile operating systems with 23.81%. Symbian, which has been at the top for years, slipped to third place with a 20.25% share of the world’s mobile operating system pie, and iOS’s 22.95% share was second only to Android.

Unless Apple drastically lowers iPhone prices or per capita income rises dramatically in developing countries, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Android doesn’t keep its penetration of iOS. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be ups and downs like the ones we’ve seen over the past few years, as iOS slashes Android’s global lead.

On an individual level, consumers own the preferred phone brand and operating system. Some features may push one to buy one device over another, but looking at the big picture, none of the operating systems have a particular indispensable feature that will change things. This means that price is really the key.

Although the share of Android in the global market is still ahead of iOS, it has been declining in recent years. This can largely be attributed to the release of new iPhones and changes in consumer preferences. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important for Android creators to keep up with the latest technology news and trends. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far – AndroidGeek is the only source for everything related to Android development. Be sure to check back with us regularly for the latest updates!

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