A difficult profession to forget

The 67-year-old actor, who has just announced his retirement after struggling with health problems, is leaving a legacy for cinema.

Although he was born in Germany, Walter Bruce Willis, is a great representative of the cinematic example of the modern American hero in great action productions. With all his gimmicks, charm, and laid-back style, Willis began his career up and down the popular series “Cat and Mouse”, along with Cybill Shepherd.

Although the on-screen actors were impressive, in real life they didn’t get along well, resulting in countless inspirations for producers to write their stories.

It was during a recording hiatus, when Cybele got pregnant WillisIt had the chance of a lifetime, as the first feature in the “Die Hard” franchise was filmed. A breakthrough in his career, the film not only won critical acclaim and audiences, but also made an impact on action movies, as we know them today.

In the skin of the investigator John McClainwho fights terrorists in a large office building in Los Angeles, Willis Show the world a hero without superpowers, endowed with ingenuity and sensitivity.

He is currently 67 years old,Willis He just announced his retirement due to being diagnosed with aphasia, a language disorder that affects communication. But his history within the cinema is undeniable, with his right to a star in the march of fame.

And to celebrate the art this actor undoubtedly gave us, let’s remember some of his characters.


In Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction: A Time for Violence (1994) as Butch Coolidge, Willis manages to show greater versatility. In a scenario of extreme violence with large doses of sarcasm, the boxer, in search of redemption, manages to make the actor triumph over one of his most memorable characters.


In this case, he managed to advance his career in connection with more serious roles. In “12 Monkeys” (1995), Willis lives a prisoner in the year 2035 who decides to accept a very important mission, to go back in time and prevent a villain from spreading a deadly virus.

But his return to the modern era was not easy, because, of course, he was seen as a crazy person who thought he had traveled backwards. Held in an institution for the mentally disabled, he managed to find someone who would believe his story.

taxi driver

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The fate of Willis characters to protect everything and everyone is known to everyone. But in particular, The Fifth Element (1997), the actor triumphs over the audience when a taxi ride turns humanity’s salvation against a destructive cosmic force.


Little did he really know that it wasn’t the cure that would help the boy who had seen the dead, and all the time. In the movie “The Sixth Sense” (1999), the character did not know much. The research that the psychoanalyst began with the boy had consequences for everyone. This, for sure, is a classic movie that surprises even those who watch it for the second time.

Super hero

The character’s stature was David Dunn, a former player, until he became a goalkeeper in ‘Corpo Fechado’ (2000), which became a triple, followed by ‘Split’ (2016) and ‘Glass’ (2019).

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At first, the film was not very well received, but over time it became a cult. After he gets into a train accident and meets the owner of a comic book store who believes he has superpowers, Willis becomes a working class superhero. And you won’t believe the passion he plays with.

the sound

Not any characters, but some of the characters that the Hollywood star has played in the movies, and gave his voice to. Aside from ‘Look Who’s Talking’, ‘Beavis and Butt-Head Wreck America’ and the video game ‘Apocalypse’, one of the best was the crazy raccoon that drove (or attempted) a pack of wild animals that roamed the American suburbs – searching for leftover processed food. In the cartoon “Os Sem-Foresta”.

We will miss all of these characters and hope that Willis, the eternal John McClane, has a long and healthy life and finds a way out of recent events.

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