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Finally he’s with us in the flesh, you know very well who I’m talking to, right? Galaxy S22 Ultra, much talked about, talked about and mentioned smartphone from Samsung. This portable device that we will be testing today is said to be one of the best gaming devices ever. So, leave your like on the video and let’s check out another Roda Liso Topo de Linha.

data sheet

S22 Ultra is a brand new smartphone, which was only launched in January 2022 with Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor and Adreno 730 GPU. Its memory array is huge, giving us 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. Now, looking at the screens a little, it has a Dynamic AMOLED, a 6.8-inch physical size, QuadHD + resolution and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, and finally, the battery capacity of the S22 Ultra is 5000mAh.

>> View the full data sheet of Galaxy S22 Ultra

Finally, access to the values, We have a favorable price of 8,470.00 BRL only.

what are we playing

For games, we have a total of 6 names: Asphalt 9, Call Of Duty Mobile, Free Fire MAX, Genshin Impact, PUBG Mobile, Life After.


Of course, we wouldn’t be able to do this test without comparing the S22 with Motorola’s Edge 30 Pro, another ultra-modern smartphone with Qualcomm’s latest processor, the 8 Gen1. Edge 30 Pro is sold for an average of R$5,850.00.

Finally, we remind you that the S22 Ultra is the best phone, even the flagship, so everything we play here will be with the best graphic quality, right? Let’s get started.

asphalt 9

As always, Asphalt 9 opens our list of games, and this time with a completely different result from the two smartphones, it plays. The S22 took an average of 60 frames, with 98% stability and a battery life of 2:40 hours.

In comparison, the Edge 30 Pro got 30fps with 100% stability, which is half the performance of the competitor. As for autonomy, it was ahead with 4:20 hours of battery life.

✔️ Smooth wheel seal For Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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Kudzira to change the mood who loves her? Here the result of the two went hand in hand, With the S22 getting an average of 60 frames, with 100% stability and 4:00 hour autonomyThe Edge 30 Pro also got 60fps with 100% stability, but with an autonomy of just 2:35h, the performance equalizer.

smooth wheel sealthis time for both devices.

Free Fire Max

Verfas are always good for relaxing the mind, right? Well, the S22 took a very quiet 58 frames on average, with 100% stability and autonomy in 4:00 hours of duration.

The Edge 30 Pro was slightly better than the competitor alone, hitting the 60fps benchmark with 100% stability. Its independence was 3:45 hours, and it lost to the Galaxy.

one more time, ✔️Seamless wheel seal✔️ In Fogo Livre for two cell phones, it works very well.

Jinshin effect

If you thought Jinshin dreaded cell phones again, you were wrong. Pay attention, because The S22 was blown out in performance at an average of 59 frames, with 100% stability, hitting the top 1 in the Genshin Impact rating. Its autonomy wasn’t the best, scoring just 2:10 hours of battery life.

The Edge 30 Pro wasn’t bad either, scoring an average of 45 fps, with 90% stability and 2:45 hours of battery life.

smooth wheel seal For both devices, impressive.


PUBzinho here and check it out, I can already tell you it’s bad, see? Not the game, I’m talking about performance, because this thing always crashes at 40fps. The S22 shot an average of 40 fps, with 100% stability and a battery life of 3:50 hours.

The Edge 30 Pro also got the exact same result: 40fps at 100%. Its autonomy was smaller, with a duration of 3:35 hours.

Will PUBG come out with Balaca to run with more frames? Go. But calm down, just wait until we can get everything ready. In any case, ⚠️Wheel seal ⚠️ For both smartphones.

life after

After completing our list of games, we have the very heavyweight Life After, a game that always provides action for our smartphones. The S22 had a very interesting result, averaging 42 frames at 61% stability. You can see on the screen that although there were some crashes sometimes, the game was very smooth to run. As for the autonomy, it took 2:25 hours.

The Edge 30 Pro narrowly won this battle, running Life After at an average of 44 fps and a stability of 83%. Autonomy is also another superior point: it was 2:40 hours of battery life.

Unfortunately, the S22 will only take one ⚠️Wheel Seal ⚠️.


We adjusted the ambient temperature to 24°C, in this usual pattern. After a few COD Mobile games, we saw the S22 Ultra go from 29°C at the start to 40°C at the end of the game, giving us an 11°C variance in its temperature.

to rule

S22 Ultra leaves you, me, everyone speechless. This smartphone gave us the best performance of the fifth season of Rhoda Lisso. It was the device that got the best numbers so far, with the highest and most stable FPS. Unfortunately, the S22’s battery life ends up being a bit sinful for this massive performance: it lives for about 3 hours while gaming, which is still plenty, but it’s below average for other flagships that have passed through the canal.

Now to sum up, the S22 Ultra has superior handling, with a good battery and excellent temperature control for gaming. By our standards, these are great results, which is why today S22 Ultra receives a ✔️Seamless wheel seal✔️which deserves to be noted with the honor of being ranked first in our ranking at the highest level.

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