Technology in times of war

Is the sky the limit for technology? I will say no! We can go much further, as each new discovery brings additional benefit to society.

But technology isn’t just about good deeds. Unfortunately, it is also used to do evil and we follow that in a horrific way in the war declared by Russia in Ukraine.

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According to the BBC portal, in addition to tanks and missiles, hackers are now an integral part of attacks aimed at dismantling the country’s infrastructure and generating psychological trauma for the population.

It is not new for Russia to bet on such attacks. Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the Russians have developed first-class cyber attack and cyber defense skills, as well as applying a lot of technology to everything.

In addition, they removed the cellular network and the Internet with one goal: to instill a sense of panic in the population. Imagine being unable to contact a family member or communicate on social media? In the age of technology, this is a lot of violence, because we spend a large part of our lives in the online environment.

If in the past the war involved clashes between soldiers on every side, now we are faced with a conflict in which not only the army, but the whole of society will be a clear target. This is the war of the future and it is more present than we can imagine.

What do you expect in the new attacks

I remember the short Slaugheterbots that showed a frightening future. In the movie, an army of small planes is created and sent to kill political activists in the United States. Armed with explosive charges, quadcopters (lower in the palm of the hand) use artificial intelligence to find and destroy their targets.

The film was commissioned by the Future of Life Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to mitigating the existential risks to advanced technologies, and was shown at the United Nations in Geneva (Switzerland) during a meeting of a certain Conventional Weapons Convention.

In it, the technologies used have been all we talk about and use forever, such as artificial intelligence, facial recognition, automatic segmentation and drones.

These tools are easy to access, and a 300-gram drone that can fly up to 4 kilometers can be purchased from Amazon for $399. An inexpensive price for anyone interested in financing war and mass destruction.

Moreover, the document “Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Prediction, Prevention and Mitigation,” signed by 26 AI experts from around the world, still shows a hypothetical invasion of a cleaning robot invading the office of a minister to assassinate her with explosives. In addition, there is the use of voice to imitate humans with the aim of deceiving people into causing harm, data “poisoning” to manipulate enemy AI machines indistinctly (with the intention of developing them with glitches), and the use of AI for “phishing” (i.e. Creating personalized emails so that it is almost impossible not to trick victims into giving them passwords and other important information), as well as creating exclusive destruction bots.

Russia, continuing with full force in its technological development, is surely ready for a war that uses resources such as those mentioned above. To give you an idea, they recently announced successful tests of the Zircon hypersonic cruise missile, declaring that it can defeat any defense anywhere in the world.

This weapon can travel at five times the speed of sound, and because it is “cruising”, it also has the ability to maneuver mid-flight. This feature makes intercepting them more difficult.

The moment is tense. We don’t know how this struggle will continue in the coming days, but the world will never be the same, you bet! In the face of this war scenario, from now on, we will see several countries recruiting their technologies so that they can be bet against any opponent.

Unfortunately, we have entered into a technology war and despite many expectations, when technology is used for evil, the future becomes uncertain!

* Alessandra Montini is Director of LabData, FIA

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