Numbers and Curiosities – Journey 31 of the Football League

What will happen in this 31st round:

The fifteenth match in Barcelona between Gil Vicente and Paxos de Ferreira.

The English Premier League derby. Santa Clara and Maritimo face each other for the seventh time in São Miguel.

– The seventh showdown between Tondela and Vitória SC in Tondela, all in a row.

Two unprecedented encounters at the highest level. Estoril-B Sade and Vezela-Arauca will face each other for the first time in the First Division.

The fifth match between Portimonense and Morerenci in Portimao.

Classic No. 59 in Bessa between Boavista and Sporting.

The ninth match between Benfica and Famalicao in Luz.

– The classic 66 in Minho-Sp. Braga and Porto.

– The 180th match of Paulo Sergio as a coach in the first Spanish league.

What can happen on this flight 31:

– Porto club to be a national hero (!). If Porto scores more points in this round than Sporting it is a national champion.

Sergio Conceicao has the most unbeaten record ever in the Spanish League. (Currently there are 58 consecutive unbeaten matches)

Famalicão scored for the first time in its history at Estádio da Luz. (8 matches – 8 losses)

Famalicão scored one goal again in Luz… after 31 years. The last goal in 1991 was scored by Kupresanin.

– Boavista beat Sporting again at home… after 14 years (!). The last win was in 2008 with Jaime Pacheco on the bench.

– Syrian Pound. Braga added the third consecutive season without losing at home to FC Porto.

Porto scored in Braga for the 12th consecutive season. Since 2009 he has always scored.

Porto won the seventh match in a row and scored the 44th match in a row.

– Will Porto reach the 500th minute without conceding a net? (has not hurt since 475)

– Famalicão’s 99th consecutive day watch card (!) is already the record for consecutive card viewing games.

Tondela conceded goals for the 23rd consecutive match.

– Change the red lantern.

– We have the 100th expulsion (99 red cards currently on display) and the 100th penalty. (99th already marked)

Open series at the start of the 31st round:

Did not score in more time: Estoril – 235 minutes.

– No goal conceded for a long time: Porto – 475 minutes.

– He no longer scores at home: Estoril – 145 minutes.

He hasn’t scored in more than a long time: Portimonense – 350 minutes.

– He has not conceded any goal for a long time at home: Porto – 300 minutes.

– No goal has been conceded in the longest time away from home: Vitoria – 220 minutes.

– Achieved the most consecutive matches: Porto – 43 matches.

His net conceded goals for a number of consecutive matches: Tondela – 22 matches.

– More consecutive matches without winning: Estoril – 4 matches.

Most rounds without draw: Vitoria SC – 12 rounds.

– More matches without losing: Porto – 58 matches.

Most consecutive victories: Porto – 6 runs.

– Most consecutive draws: hooks – 1 round

Most consecutive defeats: Vizela – 2 rounds.

Fantastic series:

– Famalicão has seen cards for 98 consecutive matches.

Porto has not lost at home in a year and a half. (since October 3, 2020)

– Sérgio Conceição is unbeaten in 58 matches (best all-time record)

Porto scored in 43 consecutive matches.

Tondela conceded goals in 22 consecutive matches.

Samuel Leno (Gil Vicente) plays 57 consecutive matches (!).

– B hasn’t won SAD for 11 and a half (!)

– Porto did not concede a goal for 475 minutes.


– 270 matches so far, 105 wins for the local teams and 89 wins for the visiting teams (76 draws).

So far, 712 goals have been scored (219 by Portuguese players).

Darwin (Benfica) is the top scorer in the league with 25 goals.

Ricardo Horta (Braga) is the best Portuguese scorer with 15 goals.

– 99 red cards shown in 270 matches.

The most frequent score 2-1 has already happened 47 times.

The stadium with the most goals – Tondela – 51 goals.

A stadium with fewer goals – Maritimo – 27 goals.

It happened on the first lap:

– We had 4 penalties in Vitoria-Tondela, since 2017/18 there have not been 4 penalties in the match.

Nuno Campos leaves Santa Clara and Jorge Simao de Pacos de Ferreira.


If FC Porto score more points than Sporting in this round, they are national champions.

Whatever happens on this journey, nothing will be resolved in terms of splitting and relegation.

– Only the sporting confirmation of farewell to the Benfica title.


– Sérgio Conceição can increase the best record ever in this round (out of 88 national championships) without losing. She currently has 58 days.

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