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good morning. These are the major national newspapers for Friday, April 22, 2022.

per week pass:

– “Legal Vacuum Protects João Leão at ISCTE”

– “The extinction of the SEF will continue for several months”

– “Torres Couto and Carlos Silva demand salary increase”

– “Kharkiv metro is the only refuge for those who already have nothing”

– ‘Macron or Le Pen? France divided’

– “The masks fall off after two years”

– ‘Marcelo ignores orders advisory’

Zelensky compares the dictatorship in Portugal to the Russian invasion.

– “The world that separates Moreira da Silva and Montenegro”

– “DGS recognizes increasing food shortage”

– “Socialist support for Macron’s vote”

– “The Return of Evo Rosa”

– “I heard a goat”

– “Inasia Rizzola on the 50th Anniversary of April 25th”

per week the new:

– “Field reinforcements. Luis Montenegro and Moreira da Silva leave for the campaign, a month after the direction of the PSD, with the news”

– “Justice. The investigation leaves Joao Rendero to escape abroad without the culprits”

– “Finance. Teixeira dos Santos realizes that the budget is ‘strict’ for the public service”

– “Rita Maria Mathias: Enough is not a North Korean party”

Joao Lagos: I had a feeling that April 25th wouldn’t be good for tennis

In the morning mail:

– “FC Porto Sporting (1-0): jumping to the double”

– “Novo Banco awards a bonus of 1.6 million to the directors”

– “Today is the day that masks are released. Their use in hospitals, homes and transportation is still mandatory.”

– “Speech in AR. Zelensky evokes April 25th”

– “Military trainer. Failure of the parachute kills the legend of Tankos”

– “Benfica plays for Darwin”

– “Reaction of the defendant Marquez. Costa’s declaration opens war with Socrates”

– “Danger. Hospital de Braga combats the spread of bacteria”

– “Next to the court. A gunman robs a bank in the center of Faro”

in the diary public:

– “The SEF database will depend on the PM”

– “Earth Day: Stop, listen and start acting”

– “Parliament: Zelensky asks for help from Portugal and evokes the 25th of April”

– “Security: Police officers who turned off the “body cameras” will not be punished”

– “Covid-19: Masks to end in classrooms on Tuesday”

In the Newspaper:

– “Infertile couples already wait three and a half years to have children”

– “FC Porto 1-0 Sporting: Tony, the big shot”

– “The spirit of April in Zelensky’s speech”

– “Burning: A parachute problem leads to the death of an army sergeant”

– “The mask will be mandatory only in homes, hospitals and transportation.”

– “Mursa: The ‘father’ suspected of abuse undergoes a test to prove his impotence.”

– “Porto: the procession in Kiima is shorter due to the metro works”

– “Braga: resistant bacteria infect 140 patients”.

In the News Diary:

– “War is an exception: spouses who paid for surrogacy in Ukraine can now register their children as children”

– Jorge Moreira da Silva, candidate for the leadership of the Social Democratic Party: “The PSD does not have problems of identity, but problems of modernity. It must be reconfigured

– “April 25: After 48 years, no information is accessible”

– “Covid-19: Students return to school without masks on Tuesday”

– “Portuguese Cup: Porto and Tondela will face each other in the final”

In the the inevitable:

– “Life as it was in the week of the 25th of April”

– “Interview with Douglas Vakoch, one of the faces of the SETI community dedicated to searching for signs of intelligent life on other planets: ‘I think we can learn from aliens and surprise them'”

– “Ukraine: After two months, the Kremlin is back where it all began”

– “PSD votes against OE and accuses government of not keeping promises”

– “Costa and Socrates exchange reasons: ‘They broke us’, says the first”

– “AL: Assembly reduces the impact of the Supreme Court ruling”

– “Johnny Depp: From Bully to Assault with Surprising Verses”

– “France: Macron is ahead, but victory is not guaranteed on Sunday.”

In the a job:

– “Inflation highlights the recovery of state certificates”

Sergio Godinho interview: ‘Freedom to change is not always found in us’

– “The Struggles of University Students Yesterday and Today”.

Comporta is gaining weight in the energy community.

– “Only 2,500 families requested their support to buy gas”

– “The biggest star agent in Porto is settling in Porto”.

In the Economic Magazine:

– “[José Abraão, secretário-geral da Federação dos Sindicatos da Administração Pública]Without answers, there could be an escalation of social unrest.

– “Palace Espírito Santo with 22 rooms for sale for 16 million euros”

– “A tax against the risk of instability can be postponed again”

– “OE2022: proposal without surprises in tax matters essentially repeats the main version”

France: Abstaining from voting has become Macron’s main opponent in Sunday’s presidential election.

– “Banks: Novobenko demands 4 million euros in interest for late payments due to the delay in the 2021 tranche.”

– “Justice: Alvaro Sobrinho still without the ‘green light’ to pay the six million deposit with four houses”

– “Conference: Companies must accept cyber risks, while ensuring flexibility and betting on training”

In the the game:

– “Porto 1-0 Sporting: Dragons Laugh Better”

– “Benfica: Verissimo sets the minimum”

– “Braga: Matthews is a warrior to the end”

– “V. Guimarães: A safe magician until 2025”

In the the ball:

– “Porto-Sportage (1-0): The last laugh. The dragon hits the lion again and aims for a double”

– “Soleimani comes out again with a new message from Amorim.”

– ‘Benfica. Detention order for Gonzalo Ramos’

– “Juventus-Benfica. Young Eagles looking for the fourth final.”

Nor register:

– “FC Porto Sporting (1-0): Dragao already sees the pair”

– “A new victory over Sporting leaves Porto players close to winning the championship and the cup”

– “The eagle is waiting for the jackpot for Ramos”

– “Juventus-Benfica. Kids looking for the final”

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