Help Dunga’s son Grêmio reveal the jewels that shine today in Europe and dream of working with his father

Son of Dunga has been a fitness trainer at Grêmio Base since 2012, working inspired by his father’s successful career and the teachings of Paulo Paixao.

Bruno Ferry is only 34 years old and he is already one step closer to working in the professional team Association. What qualifies him for this is not the fact that he is Son of Dunga, captain of the world champion Brazilian national team in 1994but the results he accumulated for ten years as a physical coach at the club.

Among the most recent successes is the Brazilian title hopefuls against carwho was part of the technical committee, in October last year.

From this squad are the names Grêmio fans saw during the campaign for the Rio Grande do Sul title three weeks ago, against Ypiranga de Erechim, and the cases of Bitello, Elias, Pedro Lucas and Wesley.

“I’ve also worked with Jean Pyerre, Tetê and Pepê, among many others. Bruno Ferri said these names that are appearing now belong to the latest generation. ESPN.

Of the first three mentioned, the last two were in Europe in Lyon and Porto, respectively. Jane Berry is located in Avai.

Bruno Ferri, on the other hand, is thrilled with the job he started at Grêmio in 2012 after spending a year working and learning at Pedra Branca, the former RS ​​Futebol Clube, which was owned by coach Paolo Cesar Carpigiani.

His arrival at the tricolor club had nothing to do with his father who is an idol in competition international. Who ended up helping with the change was Carioca Paulo Paixao, one of the masters of physical preparation in Brazil and even a member of the technical committee that won the World Championship by selection in 2002.

“He was always my reference, and with him was my first training in Grêmio. And now, by chance, we are working together again. He is the technical coordinator of the physical preparation for the professional team, and I am under-21,” Ferry said.

“We exchange a lot of information, we talk a lot. Physiology doesn’t change much. After all, it’s the same human body, it’s the same physiological responses. What changes are in styles, but the end product is always the same. It’s like fashion. Clothes have become in One day it is old, but ten years from now it will be back in trend again. Therefore, there is no such thing as an old and outdated person in physical preparation. Paulo Paixao master, he is the best,” he added about the Eternal Master.

Paulo Paixao, who left and returned to Grêmio in those ten years that Bruno Ferry grew up and matured, has reason to be proud of this young man. The Pupil brings together other titles, such as the Copa Metad del Mundo in Ecuador, with the U18s in 2018, the Copa Ipiranga, in 2021, with the U-20s, the aforementioned Brazilian hopefuls and countless prizes from the Rio Grande. Sol. -14 so far.

But what makes Paolo Paixao a fan of Bruno Ferri is his vision both physically and spiritually in physical preparation, a profession he embraced in 2007, when he enrolled in a physical education course at PUC in Rio Grande do Sul, receiving his degree three years later, in 2010.

Over the past few years, Ibn Dunga has designed his own methodology for physical training at the club, a pattern that unites all age groups and is part of a single project.

“Jobs focus more on game performance, regardless of whether it is for physical, technical or tactical growth. The end product is always game performance,” he said.

In the name of the father

Bruno Ferri admits that his initial desire was not to be a physical trainer, but to play football professionally, inspired by his father’s career.

“I can say I tried. I did some tests, period [de adaptação] In Gremio itself, a sieve. But I was already 16-17 years old. I think it was already too late, and I had no insistence that one should become a player,” he said.

Even without the realization of the dream, the young son Dunga followed his father in everything he could and was allowed. By the way, the first memories are not even in Brazil.

“My childhood memories are always connected with football and training. For example, when my father lived in Italy [como jogador da Fiorentina]I remember I was going to focus with him, to get into the field together,” he said.

“In Japan, I remember going to every game and every training session. At that time, Paulo Paixao was already around, and I remember a lot of pre-seasons, physical assessments, and training he gave. Maybe there, I started thinking about becoming a coach,” he added.

Since that time, he fondly remembers winning the 1994 World Cup, breaking the 24-year fast for the Brazilian national team in World Cup history.

“I was on vacation in Porto Alegre, playing in the backyard and the picture I remember is my father raising the cup. It was a moment where he had a lot of vibration and energy, but it was also a moment of great comfort,” said Son Donga.

In 1998, he had turned 10 and his father had given him a journey that many would like to take. He went to France during the cup month. Follow closely the saga of that team that reached the final, but lost the title to France led by Zinedine Zidane.

“That memory remains from that World Cup, a shirt with the number 8, from my father, signed by everyone who was part of that runner-up team,” he said proudly.

Today, happy and satisfied as Grêmio’s physical trainer, one step closer to working as a professional, Bruno Verri has a desire for his future career. world Cup? not exactly. He wants and hopes to one day work alongside coach Dunga, who has been out of the market since 2016.

“I’ve already fantasized about it, a lot… It’s a dream to work with him someday, he’s been a reference to me since then forever, for all he has already achieved, for all he showed me, for all he did. Everywhere he went he left a good picture , so he is my idol. Bruno Ferri has concluded working with my idol and at the same time my father will be a great honor.

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