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“Gentlemen [à direita] They say there are no reforms because they only recognize reform if it causes pain and weakens the state and a race to the bottom of the rights of the Portuguese. And so it is natural that they do not recognize, in the increase in income, in employment, in the sustainability of social security, in dropping out of school, in increasing students in higher education, in reforming the minimum wage, in reforming public transportation or energy sustainability reform, but they are there and we are here to continue,” the minister said.

Mariana Vieira da Silva was speaking in the Chamber of the Republic, at the end of the debate on the National Reform Program (PNR), after hearing criticism from PSD, Chega and IL of the program and accusations of under-development in the country.

“The path we have taken in terms of qualifications, innovation, social cohesion and investment presents us with a historic opportunity to accelerate the dynamics of change in the Portuguese development model. A development model based on innovation, on developing high value-added products and services, as well as in diversifying our production structure, a development model that makes levels of Our welfare is decisively closer to European standards, which is the level of luxury to which the government aspires and to which the Portuguese are entitled,” he said.

In the discussion, Representative Jorge Mendez, PSD, said that “a portion of the PNR will be implemented through state budgets for 2022 and subsequent years,” lamenting that “the practices of PS governments, in terms of budget execution, leave much to be desired.” I hope, with successive postponements of public investment.”

Alexandre Bocho, a social democrat, also defended that the country “was in dire need of a bold and courageous reform plan”, criticizing the government document for having “a lot of platitudes” but being just a “wish list of Santa Claus”.

Enough MP Rita Matthias has criticized that the PNR “only perpetuates the hypocrisy of false socialist environmental concern”, arguing that “in recent years the government has only succeeded in increasing energy dependence from abroad” and that in terms of energy sovereignty, the document does not mention “absolutely nothing” .

In her response, the Minister of the Presidency noted that Portugal “is the best country to achieve climate goals” and stressed that the bet on renewable energies is “the greatest guarantee of energy sovereignty, the answer that defends us the most and increases” prices.

The parliamentary leader of the Labor Party accused the government of “absolute lack of courage for reform” and considered that “only the pandemic is making the Socialist Party talk about structural reforms.”

Rodrigo Saraiva also criticized that the Socialist Party “has no idea how to make Portugal grow” or “doesn’t really want to make Portugal grow” and noted that Illinois had submitted a bill (without the force of law) proposing an executive that would “implement the national growth programme.” .

As for the Socialist Party, MP Pedro Coimbra defended that the PNR “proposes a set of concrete measures to respond to the structural impediments faced by the state but also to respond to the impact of the coronavirus”, also considering “strategic options” arising from the context of the war in Ukraine.

Alma Rivera, of the PCP, accused the government of being unable to implement structural reforms when “it is not even possible to take urgent measures,” such as “real increases in the purchasing power of workers and retirees,” “reducing the 6% value-added tax on electricity and gas” or “the grid” General day care.

The Business Bureau, in the voice of Representative Mariana Mortagua, considered this program “empty” and “wrapped in ultra-modern language”, and advocated the need for urgent structural reforms to “increase the quality of public services and expand their capacity to intervene and respond”. Or “improving people’s living conditions.”

The only two MPs from PAN and Livre, who introduced draft resolutions, expressed environmental concerns and called for further action by the government.

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