Ginacio Club de Tavira cancels youth football match

What was announced for a long time happened this Sunday, in Tavira, where the refereeing team was appointed to run another youth football day in the city of Gilao, giving the impractical stadium for matches, exposing the situation in the match report. Algarve Football Association, City Council and Ginacio Club de Tavira. The judges mention the fact that the “physical safety of children is in question” for not playing the game, due to the terrible conditions of the artificial, which, as we have seen, has few fixtures. Many youth coaches did not get tired of warning on social media of the perpetual danger that young people are exposed to on a daily basis: the grass where the rubber no longer exists and the cement is dangerous whenever the athlete falls upon it, and the horrific conditions in the country. The enclosure, the overall deterioration, is also reflected in the bleachers closed to the public and in the event of a breakdown, the cycling path without any conditions to practice the method safely, changing rooms not recommended for use, and the whole environment looking more like a jungle.

And here’s the only usable space that was blocked on Sunday for the time being for football. And now?

That is the question hanging in the air, as it remains to be seen how the Algarve Football Association will act, whether it will preemptively intercept the pitch until safety conditions are resolved or whether a deadline will be set for those involved in the process. to reach a solution.

The president of Ginásio Clube de Tavira recalls that this artificial turf is 20 years old: “It should have been replaced ten years ago, and due to a lack of maintenance in recent years, it has deteriorated in such a fast way as the entire complex.”

And all because of the disagreement between the community (the owner of the complex) and the municipality of Tavira, with which it signed a protocol for the transfer of facilities for 25 years, but, according to José Manuel Reyes, “was not fulfilled” for a long time due to several disagreements over what is written and was not fulfilled [autarquia]The whole process is in court.”

The president of Ginásio de Tavira also stated that the club is ready to withdraw this years-long complaint, which the municipality has forced to move forward with the works. “For the sake of the young people who are the main victims and so that the people of Tavira are not ashamed to show a complex in ruins to those who visit them.” Jose Manuel Reyes also told us that the club and the municipality “have been in contact recently, in search of a solution to this serious problem, as they both presented alternatives to the protocol and then it was signed, but it is difficult to reach a consensus.”

In any case, according to the director, the Ginásio Clube de Tavira will hold a general assembly on April 22, where the only point on the agenda is disagreement with the municipality of Tavira, taking into account the counter-proposals submitted to members by the municipality and those of the club itself, “with a view to putting an end to this The process is very serious. The members have a very important word to say.”

register Several times I tried to contact the city council’s sports advisor, Eurico Palma, to hear what he had to say about the process and the whole situation that went through on Sunday with the cancellation of a youth football match, but this did not happen. It was possible.

It must be remembered that Tavira is a city that still does not have a municipal sports complex (football field), which promised a lot, but so far has not been realized. In this sense, the sports complex was used in the Ginásio Clube de Tavira.

If the Algarve Football Federation blocks the stadium, it will only be able to use the stadium attached to the municipal wing, but provided, there are no procedures or safety requirements for official games, except for schools and a few.

The question that will remain up in the air is the same, where will the beginners, juniors and juniors play? A question that has no answer…

author: Luis Santos

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