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Brianna Hjoud / Profile

Blue next to Brianna, his new “mother”

It was Brianna Hagood’s birthday and her husband Tyler surprised her with a weekend trip to celebrate together. The couple, who were very excited, stopped at a fast food restaurant to eat and at this moment Brianna noticed a dog lost in the place’s parking lot.

“I looked at Tyler and said, Dad!” He looked at me and said, “No dear, let’s go to the beach!” As he continued to ask, I raised my voice a little excitedly, and remembered, “I can save this dog if I want to because it’s my birthday!” The cashier who served us looked shocked at first, then looked at Tyler and said, ‘You have to save that dog. It’s her birthday and she’s been here all morning! That was all the encouragement I needed,” Briana told The Dodo.

The birthday girl got out of the car and went to where the dog was, and he also walked towards her already wagging his tail. The young woman sat next to the dog, in the parking lot, confident that they would continue their journey together.

“Tyler took our food, got out of the car, and parked next to where I was sitting with the pup,” he said. “I opened the car door and asked if he wanted to come in, and before I finished asking, he climbed into my car and was seated… There was no doubt for me. When I got out of the car, I knew I wasn’t going to leave this little dog on the side of the road.” .

Before leaving, the couple at some nearby establishment asked if anyone had any information about the dog, but they all said the same thing. The animal was there all morning and no one knew where it came from or if it had an owner. On the way to the hotel, the couple stopped at a veterinary clinic to see if the dog had been purchased, and it was not.

With nothing that could identify the animal, the next step was to go to a department store and buy the necessary supplies so the dog could accompany them on the trip to the beach. When they got to the hotel, they settled in the living room and the dog stayed by their side. The way the animal behaves has been earning Brianna, and even her husband, more and more.

“As I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, I heard Tyler playing with him,” Hajjoud said. “When I got out of the shower, Tyler had invited the dog to bed and was cuddling with him…While this might not have been the perfect weekend, he knew it was mine, and he knew I wouldn’t get to enjoy it if I was worried about a dog. “.

The next morning, the dog joined his new friends for the Christmas festivities, which even included a boat ride. It was as if they had known each other for a long time – until the dog family communicated.

Family members commented on Brianna’s social media post, so the couple brought the dog home. They found out that his name was Blu and that he had snuck out of the house while everyone else was working. She was sad that she had said goodbye to her new furry friend, but she was happy that she was able to reunite him with his family. Hajoud and her husband are back home after a busy weekend – but the story isn’t over yet.

That same week, the Blu family reached out, noticing that it wasn’t the same anymore and that the dog was missing his new friends. So they asked if the couple would adopt him. Blu’s owners saw how much bond he had with them, and it didn’t take long for them to agree.

“Blow came to our house on Thursday and I put his place to the fullest,” Hajoud said. “He’s by my side all the time… He’s an amazing kid, and we love him.”

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