Watch the games coming to VR at the MetaQuest Gaming Showcase 2022

Today (20) was another annual event day for Goal Announcing which games will be available soon and we had loads of news! In addition to confirming the release of VR . BETWEEN USWhich was expected since the game became more popular in 2020, Mark Zuckerberg close MetaQuest 2022 Game Show by announcing Ghotbusters VRthrough humor.

All games will be released by the end of 2023, expanding to Resident Evil 4 It was also announced during the event. Check out all the details now and get ready to have the most fun.

But before that, check out our video to see if the company’s VR glasses are still worth buying:

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

The first chapter of one of the most popular zombie series of all time became available in January 2020 and today’s event started with something new for fans. The release of the second chapter was announced later this year, without specifying a release date.

The Skydance Interactive It continues to develop and has been promised fewer features and more zombies and threats that will entertain players for hours. All options will directly affect the adventure. Watch the trailer below and be sure to head over to the official launch site.

release date: In 2022, with no specific release date.

NFL Pro Era

If you are a football fan and always wanted to enjoy the experience of taking to the field, the condition It will make this dream come true. first game NFL It will be available for virtual reality sometime in 2022, but without a specific release date.

The new title will allow players to literally enter the field (at least in virtual reality) (Screenshot: Glauco Vital/Showmetech)

It will be possible to reach 32 teams that all fans know and manage an entire team so that together they can win Energy. Co-op mode will also be available to match with friends, either near each other or in their homes. While we don’t have more details, watch the first preview:

release date: Still in 2022, with no specific date.

Inter US VR

One of the most important ads MetaQuest 2022 Game Show. The title that became a real phenomenon during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic finally comes to the realm of virtual reality and all the excitement of chasing each of the ship’s crew or just trying to survive will become more real.

between us vr
Among the USA it will be available later this year (Screenshot: Glauco Vital/Showmetech)

Subversion, meeting and voting features will be available to all players and it will be possible to play with your friends or join random rooms with people living in other countries.

The Shell games Operating at all, in addition to closing a partnership with Goal To release three more titles in the next three years. Watch the trailer for VR . BETWEEN US:

release date: Still in 2022, with no specific date.

red matter 2

After the story that was left open in the game released in 2018, red matter 2 Developed by vertical robot The development studio announced that “all lessons learned from the first game will be taken into account in this release.”

Details about the red matter 2
Red Matter 2 will follow the same story as the first game (Screenshot: Glauco Vital/Showmetech)

All the puzzles that were a distinguishing feature of the first red matter It will be present at launch in 2022, but players will now be transported throughout the solar system, including the moon and the rings of Saturn. The trailer was revealed during an event Goal Today, watch:

release date: Still in 2022, with no specific date.

exhale 2

The Tripwire Displays and the digital node United again after the success of the first Exhale, which was released in 2019 and put players in the title of FPS between spatial. After three since the first adventure, players will need to devote themselves to locating and destroying a supersonic missile that could cause the world to be destroyed. Check out the trailer:

In addition to confirming a new game in the franchise, it was revealed onMetaQuest Games 2022 Players will be able to have fun with friends through the new co-op mode that features unique missions and is separate from the main campaign.

release date: Still in 2022, with no specific date.

Moss book two

This game was released in March of this year for traditional consoles and will reach Metaquest 2 Between June and September this year, during the North American summer. The new title tells the story of the sympathizer featherwho quickly saved his uncle Argus In the first game, she now discovers that a winged tyrant is trying to chase her into the castle where her relative has been imprisoned.

The biggest challenge for players in the new title is to help the kids feather to end fear arcana. Check out the trailer introduced at the event today:

release date: It will arrive in Meta Quest 2 between June and September 2022.


Another title for RPG fans, RUINSMAGUS It is the title that will feature 26 missions with missions voiced by Naomi Ohzora, Ai Maeda, Eiji Takemoto, and other well-known professionals in the game industry.

RUINSMAGUS will take players into epic scenarios (Screenshot: Glauco Vital/Showmetech)

Between puzzles and spells, the player will be transported into scenarios that will leave any fan of the genre with a twinkle in their eyes. The great challenge will be to search for valuable and powerful artifacts. This was the preview released today:

release date: Still in 2022, with no specific date.

VR . Cities

Coming to the gaming market next week, VR . Cities More details were revealed today. As the name suggests, the game allows you to create and manage your city with the support of virtual reality glasses. It will be possible to build rivers and more complex buildings, as well as to manage public services such as electricity. Check out the preview:

Release date: April 28, 2022. 10% off pre-order is now available In the MetaQuest Store.

Mercenaries Expansion for Resident Evil 4

Available since last year, Resident Evil 4 Fans of this series liked it because it offered a more realistic monster hunting experience. during the MetaQuest 2022 Game Showexpansion mercenaries To complete the games. See details:

Among the highlights are the new missions and the co-op mode. The rebar studios Joined Capcom And Oculus Studios To create the new expansion, introducing new items that can be won in missions and used in the main campaign, as well as an online leaderboard with players from all over the world.

Resident Evil Mercenary Expansion 4
A new Resident Evil 4 expansion was announced during a Meta event (Screenshot: Glauco Vital/Showmetech)

The new expansion also includes Big Head Mode and Classic Horror Mode (this one is all in black and white), as well as new skins for players to make their characters even more stylish.

release date: Now available for free download.

New Beat Saber mixtape

Responsible for promoting virtual reality glasses in generalDefeat Saber You will gain new levels with electronic music from the top artists on the scene, among them: deadmau5And marshmallow And Pendulum. The launch follows the partnership that BeatGames I have already performed with other musicians, such as fall out boy. Watch the preview released today at the event:

release date: Still in 2022, with no specific date.

orthopedic lab

studio Zero stress level Known in the virtual reality gaming community by the title Gifts The promise of today’s event is that the fourth edition will be more comprehensive. Developed for Metaquest 2 as well as for PCVRThe new game will put the user in an underground laboratory so that he can fight and survive amid the attempted execution.

The stress level Announced that a new story will be told in orthopedic lab All the experience of the two years since 2019, when the last game was released, will also be taken into account to allow for the full enjoyment.

release date: Still in 2022, with no specific date.

Ghostbusters VR

In the last minutes of today’s event, Mark Zuckerberg He seems to be talking about a big news with a nostalgic tone. announced that Ghostbusters VR It will allow players to create their headquarters in San Francisco, USA in virtual reality. Watch the ad video:

Developed by n dreams ( Phantom: Covert Operations ) and published Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR)the companies highlighted that in addition to the single mode, it will be possible to join up to 3 friends so that together everyone can hunt ghosts in a similar way to the characters of the highly successful franchise.

release date: Although the game is promised until the end of 2022 and the title also has an official website, there is still a specific release date.

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