Santarém Waterway has opened and will start operating on Thursday, 21 | Santarem and the region

The terminal “Joaquim da Costa Pereira” passenger and cargo waterway “Joaquim da Costa Pereira”, equipped to receive more than three thousand daily users, is the largest and most modern public passenger waterway in Brazil. The station begins operating with departures and arrivals on Thursday (21).

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According to the mayor of Santarem, Nelio Aguiar, the municipality has hired a company specialized in the management of passenger and cargo stations by the municipality on an emergency basis to manage the station for a period of six months, while the municipality is implementing the necessary bidding process.

The opening ceremony was attended by Governor Hildir Barbalho (MDB), Companhia de Postos e Hidrovias do Pará (CP) Abrao Benassuly, Santarém Mayor Nélio Aguiar, among other authorities and guests, including executives and administrators of Tapajós Communications. System (STC), Vânia Maia and Vera Pereira, daughters of the businessman who gave the station its name. This moment was marked by great affection for the family.

“A tribute like this to our father fills us with pride, mainly because he was a fighter, and he had many dreams, one of which was to have a station where passengers could board and disembark with dignity, and that society could take so much from here to all this interior, To all the other municipalities in West Barra. So that was one of the fights he was also involved in. So for us today, this is the fulfillment of a dream. And a reason to be very proud to remember our father, he was so important in both wholesale and retail and what he represents here in the region Vânia Maia said.

Vera Pereira spoke of the feelings she felt and her gratitude for remembering her father’s name. “We are very pleased with this honor. We thank Governor Helder Barbalo and the legislature who unanimously approved our father’s name for this station, the newest station in Brazil. It is an appreciation for all that my father has done for this city and for these people.”

Governor Helder Barbalho and invited authorities at the opening of the Santarem Waterway Station – Photo: Silvia Vieira/g1

Governor Helder Barbalho highlighted the pioneering vision of Joaquim da Costa Pereira and the business legacy that justifies his name selection for the Santarem Passenger and Cargo Waterway terminal.

“Seu Joaquim was definitely a man of vision, a man who believed in this region and was a pioneer in this region. On his own, for all he did to communicate, to the business world, Seu Joaquim is already in the memory and history of Santarém in this region. But he certainly symbolizes those who believed in the past, But being ahead of their time, always present and certainly immortal through their work, for all they did, he lent his name to an extraordinary device, which is a pride for Helder said.

The opening was marked by performances by the Military Police Ensemble, the Karembeu dancers and a musical performance by singer Wanderlei Andrade.

Carimo dancers perform to the sound of the Military Police Band – Photo: Silvia Vieira / g1

It is assumed that the station will benefit more than 700,000 residents of the lower Amazon region. The entire structure is designed to receive large ships in the region, such as cruises, including international voyages, which should promote tourism activity in the region, generating employment and income.

Governor Helder Barbalho and guests walk on the covered walkway of the Santarem Waterway Station – Photo: Silvia Vieira/g1

The station was inaugurated, and it will be managed by the municipality of Santarem, which will entrust the service to a specialized company. The station has counters for selling tickets, baggage storage, baggage trolleys and wheelchairs, and has a built-up area of ​​more than 22,000 square meters. The departure lounge offers 1,205 chaise longues, free Wi-Fi, and two escalators, making it easy to access the second floor.

The building is air conditioned, and also has changing rooms and restrooms for men, women and people with disabilities. The space also contains a pharmacy, three snack bars, a restaurant, and spaces for installing stores and kiosks, in addition to rooms for security and justice bodies such as the Military Police, the Guardianship Council and the Regulation and Supervision Agency. For public services in Barra (Arcon).

To aid the boarding and disembarkation of passengers, the space contains a bi-jointed metal ramp, a concrete-covered walkway, and an eight-finger floating docking walkway. Outside, the parking area is 5,800 square metres, and includes spaces for cars, motorbikes and bikes, as well as covered points for taxis and buses.

The cargo terminal contains a shed of more than six thousand square meters to accommodate the cargo and utensils of the passengers.

Santarém Waterway Terminal – Joaquim da Costa Pereira – Photo: Vanessa Conceição / Tv Tapajós

The station was named after Joaquim da Costa Pereira, a businessman born in the municipality on October 30, 1929, and died on January 6, 2010. The businessman contributed to the development of the region, and with commercial development, he opened companies aimed at supplying river residents and investing in various sectors of trade and in communications .

At Santarém, he has performed related functions in the community as President of the Trade Association, President of the Recreation Center, Founder of the Lions Club, Founding Director of the Marine Installation and Commodore of the Yacht Club, and Director of the Pará State Broadcasting Companies Association. He was also a member of the Masonic Lodge.

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