Items you can’t miss in your pet store

We live in a world where it is common for people to have pets at home. One, two, often more. That is why the pet store market increased, where every detail was the difference between success and defeat; As well as choosing Items that cannot be missing from your pet store.

In addition to food, snacks, and veterinary medications, other essential items for a pet store are those that are involved in pet grooming and grooming.

The indispensable products in your pet store

The basic equipment of a pet store depends on the audience you want to reach and the services you intend to offer. Therefore, you need to set these two limits before marketing your products. With that in mind, we give you a list of the main items that have the potential to incorporate into your pet store.

pet cage

Feed crates are widely used to store and supply feed in bulk (ie sales that are not made into boxes or bags in the traditional commercial manner).

In this way, the pet box can be found in many different shapes, which collect food for different kinds of pets, such as:

  • the cats.
  • dog
  • fish
  • rabbits;
  • hamster;

In addition, in the center of the animal box, the buyer finds food intended for both puppies and adults, which forces sellers to pay attention to the identity that will be offered for each type of food.

With this equipment, the pet shop is ready to meet different types of pets. Another interesting detail is that the Pet Box contains models that have the possibility to order very specific types of pets, such as birds, that are used to eating smaller, softer foods, such as sunflower seeds.


Dogs, cats, birds, rodents, and fish need specific foods. A variety of pet foods are available for simple eating needs as well as special veterinary care.

It is important for a pet store to stock dry, wet, and processed pet foods for both puppies and adults.

  • Bulk Foods: These are generally primary animal feed lines.
  • Superfoods and Superfoods: These are the possibilities of high nutritional quality and high palatability.
  • Wet feed (bag): high moisture content, suitable for animals that drink little water.
  • Natural and organic diets: No use of preservatives, dyes or other unnatural products.
  • Medical classes: They are designed for kidney and digestive problems, and even to control obesity, among other things.
  • Seeds: It should not be forgotten that birds are the second largest group of pets in Brazil, so there is no shortage of seed packages to please this audience.
  • Other foods: You can also invest in a place with cat grass, snacks, bones, hay, and other small foods that owners love to spoil their companions with.

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Hygiene and health: shampoo, diapers, medicines

Who wouldn’t love to smell clean and beautiful for their pets? This is why investing in a file Bathing and personal care course is essential. To keep them always well taken care of, there are appropriate cleaning and care products. some of them

  • shampoo and conditioner
  • refreshment
  • soap
  • Perfumes and colognes
  • sanitary mats
  • odor remover
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

Animal health products such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, flea and tick products, vaccines, vitamins, and dewormers are equally relevant, especially if your pet store has a veterinary clinic.

pet accessories

It goes without saying that walking is one of the most basic and fun things you get a chance to do with dogs, right? Therefore, do not let your store lack variety and types of collars, accessories for bodice and collars. And be aware of the idiosyncrasies of the products (size, for example) so as not to leave any buyer reeling.

There are accessories that do not seem necessary, but in fact save the life of the owner. This is the case with transfer boxes, vehicle stability belts (or conveyors) and even magical ice mats, which soothe pets on hot days. Since some consumers are not familiar with these products, offering them may make a difference to your service.

Play and have fun

Animals that play are happier and healthier. The toy between the owner and the pet promotes friendship and trust and is an invitation to exercise.

It is essential that the pet store offers latex and vinyl toys that encourage play (balls, bones, weights, rings). Plush things, ropes, bridges and tunnels for cats, playhouses for small rodents, ladders and bird swings are welcome.

Home and family

Every self-respecting store should have homes and pet beds, and remember that they are big selling items, so it is worth investing in different pet products, such as pillows, mattresses, covers, crates, crates, transport bags, etc. .

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With this list of products that are indispensable to your pet store, you will be able to give your customers a great mix of products in a way that will bring good productivity to your store.

The environment must be consumer friendly, both in presentation and in store layout. And that’s it, these are important elements of any pet store, the advice is to try to offer different and high-quality products.

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