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The JAP1 Premiered on Friday (12), the series “E Aí, bicho” to talk about the care and curiosity of pets. In the first episode, netizens were invited to send photos of their pets, which for many are part of the family and share moments.

“Hello, bug” board – Photo: Personal Archive

Check out the photos sent through the interaction:

Black Maya and Brown Mothra 🥰🥰. Guilherme family sweethearts – Photo: Leila Christina

Bear shares a bed with Nanny – Photo: Dimmerson/Personal Archive

My Pet Grandchildren, Gotti, Lilly Baby. I’m a teacher Ana.😘😘 – Photo: Personal Archive

Congratulations to 6-year-old Agatha 🥳 – Photo: Marlisio & Karina

Katty Catriny in #Jap1, here on the Matapi River – Photo: Diego Soares

Aline Este and Estrelinha – Photo: Marilon Coelho

Stroll along the waterfront with my pet Kad – Photo: Pedro Pinheiro

Good morning hahahahahaha – Picture: a dream

Allen, let’s go for a walk? I’m Bingo, from Santana – Photo: Personal Archive

I’m Gabriel with my pet, Dobby, he’s really old, he’s 12 years old – Photo: personal archive

Belinha is connected to the Amazon network – Photo: personal archive

My cat Mel is watching TV 😅 ♥️ #JAP 1 – Photo: Nay Pacheco / Personal Archive

Hey, I’m Little Black, hugging every Amapá TV (Amazon Network) – Photo: Personal Archive

Black in all its charm – Photo: Danielle/Personal Archive

Billy, my four-legged friend 🐾 ❤️ – Photo: Katiane / Personal Archive

My name is Soraya, this is our Toby, we adopted him in the pandemic, then he was a puppy, already 1 year old, still beautiful 🤗😍 – Photo: personal archive

Hi Aline, this is Cid, he doesn’t like taking pictures, I have to take him by surprise! Photo: Socorro Santos/Personal Archive

Dory, Ariel, Nina and kittens Ziggy and Amora – Photo: Caroline Magalhaes

Me and one of my pets – Photo: personal archive

My sister with her pet Ratu – Photo: Iully Araújo

This is Mel driving a car – Photo: Roberto

Good morning with lots of love, great lunch everyone with love, Spike ❤️ – Photo: Pia Oliveira

Princess of the house – photo: personal archive

This is Thor. Think of a poodle getting ready here at home – Photo: Socorro France

Paçoca and chestnuts 😻 – Photo: Nete Coutinho

This is the princess of our house Dori Hamoy 🥰🥰🥰 – Photo: Renata and Fabio

I am Anisia Leah and my son is a cupcake 😍🥰😘 – Photo: personal archive

Interest in passing Chico and Pinto on the JAP1 screen – Photo: Arturo Bernard

Awail connected to JAP1 – Photo: Ademilson Pantoja

My best company and most followers.. Amira.. I just love her – Photo: Silvana Lopato

I present to you Mel and Vfona, a big kiss to all. Photo: Carlos Willian

Neide Barreto with her little dog Bella – Photo: Personal Archive

My Princess Maylla – Photo: Personal Archive

Katita kitten watching JAP1😍 – Photo: Fanosa / Personal Archive

Alan Gabriel with his little friend Beast❤️ – Photo: Personal Archive

Belinha, from Laguinho district, love Dona Nilzinha – Photo: Personal Archive

Good evening, this is Bravox, well behaved – Photo: Kelvin Ferreira

Puppy Zikenha, Alberto and Fabiola – Photo: Personal Archive

Uncle Junior with Flock – Photo: Lara

Apollo and Paula, loves Clydeson – Photo: Personal Archive

Black Cat, Velma’s Love – Photo: Personal Archive

This is Lucky, kisses from Evelyn and Fabiany do Muca – Photo: Personal Archive

Teddy puppy, Ira’s best companion – Photo: Personal Archive

“Sim Vergona” and “Sarem” – Photography: Adriana Moraes

Luna Delight Home – Photo: Cynthia Tavares

Theo and Bieber. My beloved children – Photo: Nadia Costa / Personal Archive

Lolol, Palermo, Linx and Lock – Photo: Gildo Vilhena

This is our gossip dog, he just loves watching neighborhood life. Name Pantera – Photo: Ketlin / Personal Archive

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