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Once the pre-Christmas story arrives, it’s time to celebrate the classic ritual of this holiday season. The reinforcement, in an absolutely inconsistent way, of confinement measures, which thus acquires the allure they had in the past. While it appears that boosting it has not prevented an increase in infection by Covid-19. That is why we have to strengthen containment measures again. That has not yielded any results in the past. After, therefore, to be executed again. And urgently.

But if it is true that at this time of the year we are also accustomed to these rites, then the rite to which I was referring was the oldest rite of exchange of gifts at Christmas. Yes, because I’ve been cautious this year and have everything packed, in terms of gifts. This is more than 48 hours before Christmas. When my previous record, in terms of anticipation, was to buy all gifts exactly 27 seconds before midnight on December 25th. Let us advance, then, with my offerings this Christmas.

Now that the Ómicron variant has emerged, the pharmaceutical company predicts that the epidemic will end in 2024. While informing children’s vaccineswThose between the ages of two and four are late. In other words, for Pfizer, this is somewhat similar to those warranties offered by some car brands, such as “5 years or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.” But it’s more for Pfizer: “The pandemic is over, or when we’re out of stock production capacity Serums, or When it is mandatoryTheHe laughs One Serum twice dailyAnd whichever comes first. In the process, Pfizer stores everything for its storage. And it’s always hard to know what to give someone who already has everything. Hence the inevitable offer check.

I’m still considering saving and offering some more modest glasses to see from a distance. But I was afraid they would be of no use in this case. The European Commission approved TAP’s restructuring plan because it considers the company to have a future. Even in the long run. Now, considering that the Hubble telescope can see about 13 billion light-years away, I think with the telescope model just below Hubble, the European Commission will be able to get a glimpse into this distant, but promising, future of TAP.

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The mayor of Cascais was surprised that vaccination centers were closed for several days during the Christmas and New Year period. For Carreras, this does not make sense because, in his words, we have to “She has little idea that we’re at warChief. It’s because? Because we’re not really at war. As I’m convinced, you’ll understand after watching the great movie I’m going to present to you. Let’s just say ‘War’ is what Private Ryan is involved in. And the rescue workers in the movie.No, Spielberg’s story isn’t about a group of men engaged in a relentless search for a third dose of a vaccine against a respiratory disease that has a fatality rate. An individualmeThe duo without comorbidities is negligible. This is not the movie at all. And I don’t say more, I don’t give spoilers.

The PSD leader has already made it clear, at his headquarters, that he is not a fanatic of the popes. So it’s not a strict riding experience, it’s a motorbike experience. Either way, after the PSD conference, I think it was the perfect gift for Roy Rio. A few laps around the Estoril racetrack, on a motorbike, so he can practice turning his knee on the ground, sometimes turning left, sometimes turning right. This is in order to prepare for any government scenario that emerges from the upcoming legislation.

Well, that was it. Average. wait. At this point I noticed that I had distributed all the gifts and still had some socks to give. And now? Uh I know. Go to João Rendeiro, these socks. I don’t know if they match the pajamas. But anyway I think it will be very useful. It’s just that, among so many corrupt bankers, to be the only one working on their bones in prison, you really have to be cold-blooded.

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