The Ocean Sound Festival rocks the beaches of Santos on Saturday and Sunday

A Brazilian unit of the Ocean and Marine Life Conservation Organization, Sea Shepherd Brazil is holding the first personal edition of the Som do Oceano Festival in Santos, which will bring together, on Saturday (23) and Sunday (24), more than 20 hours of ocean-related cultural and environmental activities.

The programme, implemented in partnership with City Hall, has several tents along the waterfront and activities such as beach cleanup, underwater cleaning to remove waste from the marine environment, educational activities, games and lectures.

“This is an event that amplifies the sound of the ocean for the general public, with discussions and experiences that open our eyes to the importance of ocean conservation, and offer real solutions to act now, starting from within, taking care of the ocean. Our planet,” explains Natalie Gill, CEO of Sea Shepherd Brazil.

Created entirely by volunteers from the organization, the Som do Oceano event is a celebration focused on the importance of marine species, which comes after Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22nd.

“Santos is the first city to embrace the importance of ocean culture in Brazil, and we are very pleased to partner with Sea Shepherd, as we host the first Som do Oceano Festival in a live format, to put the ocean more and more on the agenda in our city,” notes the Minister of Environment of Santos, Marcos Liborio, Who participates in the program, on Saturday (23), at 15:30, at Concha Acústica.


Vicente de Carvalho Acoustic Shell (next to Channel 3) will receive lectures with the team of Sea Shepherd and Sea Shepherd Ambassadors in Brazil, who will talk about the institution’s mission, whale conservation, the importance of sharks and ways to replace traditional recipes with fish and seafood for vegetarian versions. The lectures will feature sessions for up to 300 people, between 3pm and 7pm. Participants who register on the event website will have priority access.

ocean culture education

In the tent led by the Sea Shepherd education team, there will be an exhibition about the organization’s campaigns in Brazil, where teachers will share stories about the conservation of whales, porpoises, and sharks, from objects used in research and conservation activities. Institute. The exhibition is held from 9 am to 5 pm on both days.

In Praia do Gonzaga, near Praça das Bandeiras, educational activities that require registration are planned on the day of the event.

Talk to the wheels

Using the right resources, this activity explains how dolphins and whales make sounds, their importance in animal communication and what are the effects of noise pollution on these species. The activity takes place over two days of the event, with sessions for up to 20 participants. The activity is open to all ages when registering for the day of the event here.

Diving with the sea

Educational interaction using 3D glasses to provide an immersive diving-like experience. The activity takes place over two days of the event, with sessions for up to 20 participants. The activity is open to all ages when registering for the day of the event here.

ship game

A game targeting children between the ages of seven and ten. The activity takes place on both event days, with sessions for up to 30 participants, upon registration on the day of the event, here.

general information

Festival tents will be spread between Gonzaga and Boquerao beaches, from 9am to 5pm. Underwater cleaning will be performed on Fisherman’s Deck (open only to volunteers): Av. Adm. Saldanha da Gama s/nº, Ponta da Praia. Som do Oceano activities are free. The foundation will have volunteers on site who will invite participants to make donations and sell the organization’s products to help with its mission to conserve the oceans.

To participate in activities (except for the educational exhibition and the Sea Shepherd store, which will be open to the public), it is recommended to register here. The festival is supported by the Municipality of Santos and companies such as Windlog, Naveia, Positiv.a, Yattó, Marlim, Mafia do Mergulho and Cressi.

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