The father of the boy Paveci who was killed after illegal harvesting of organs does not believe in the imprisonment of the convicted doctor: ‘He will run away’ | south of Minas

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In a video posted on social media, Paolo Pavese said he felt ill before the trial and considered not participating. To get a better structure, he went to a hotel, where he testified in Milan, Italy. He lives in exile in Europe after denouncing doctors and authorities for covering up his son’s death.

“It was not easy, it was very tired, I was very ill during the day, anxious, nervous, I felt very ill, I thought about not going to trial to testify, I thought about going to the hospital, but then I managed to calm down,” said Paolo Pavese. “.

The boy’s father criticized the fact that the trial was not open to the press and the absence of the main accused of the crime from the trial.

Paolo Pavese talks about the trial accused of the death of his son in Pocos de Caldas – Photo: Reproduction

“Defendant Alvaro Ianhez, the murderer of my son, the defendant I confess, is not participating in the trial, he is at home, in another state, not in Belo Horizonte, this is the first time I have seen a defendant participating in the trial of the off-screen,” Paolo Pavese said. couch from his house, that’s ridiculous, he has no defense, he has nothing to deny the charges I have brought so far.”

The trial of Alvaro Ianhez was moved to Belo Horizonte at the request of the Public Prosecution Office to avoid the abuse of economic power. The trial was supposed to take place 10 years ago, but was postponed three times.

“Alvaro Ianhez tried subpoena twice, after he succeeded in adjourning the trial three times, the court allowed him to adjourn the trial the way he wanted and chose the method of his trial, he chose to stay at home, not wanting to go to court to sit in the dock. The only thing left for me is Seeing him sitting in the dock, but no, he chose to respond to the process, and the jury was put on the couch in his house and the court agreed, Paveci said.

“He killed a 10-year-old and seven other patients, he removed my son’s organs alive while he was alive, he had no mercy, he had no iota of feelings for my son, and now I understand everything. What’s going on. He knew about getting away. From punishment, everything has already been settled,” Paolo Pavesi.

The defense’s request to grant the accused freedom of appeal was refused due to the “seriousness of the crime,” according to the judge who presided over the court. An arrest warrant was issued for the doctor, who is in São Paulo.

Despite the conviction, Pavese does not believe the doctor will be arrested. “The court knew that the subpoena had been denied and that he would be arrested by the court, so they agreed to keep him at home. Because if he goes, a subpoena is issued. Wait for the subpoena to give him the freedom to respond with resources for another 15 or 20 years in the house,” Wald said boy.

Alvaro Ianez, one of the doctors accused of killing and removing organs from the boy Paolo Veronese Pavese, in April 2000, in Bocos de Caldas, south of Minas, Convicted of double murder For clumsy reasons and because the victim was under fourteen years old.

The penalty is 21 years and eight months in prison.

The verdict was issued at approximately 3:30 pm on Tuesday (19). The hearing, in jury court, in Belo Horizonte, began on Monday (18). It was suspended around 8pm and resumed in the morning.

Judgment of a doctor accused of illegally killing and harvesting a child’s organs

Defense request to allow defendant to appeal freely rejected Because of the “seriousness of the crime,” according to the judge who presided over the court.

Issuance of an arrest warrant against the doctor, Who is in Sao Paulo.

According to the prosecution’s complaint, Ianhees was one of the doctors who caused the death of the 10-year-old, who was being treated at the Santa Casa de Misericordia de Pocos de Caldas hospital after suffering head trauma. The goal of these doctors, according to the deputy, It is the use of Pavesi members on other patients (Read details about the case below).

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Dr. Alvaro Ianhez (file photo) – Photo: EPTV / TV Globo Archive

“This result is a drop in my breath in a sea of ​​intense pain, and so much impunity,” said prosecutor Giovanni Avler Vieira.

defense said will resume of the decision and that he will file a habeas corpus so that he can respond freely.

“We respect the decision, but it’s against the evidence in the records,” said the doctor’s lawyer, Louise Chimicati.

The jury started with Testimony of the only witness to the prosecution, the boy’s father, Paulo Arton Paveci. Subsequently, five defense witnesses were heard.

The doctor accused of killing Paolo Paveci 22 years ago is on trial via video

The doctor accused of killing Paolo Paveci 22 years ago is on trial via video

finally, It was the defendant’s turn to interrogate. All witnesses and the accused were heard by default.

Alvaro Ianhez was in Sao Paulo at a special address. There were defense witnesses in Poços de Caldas, Campinas (SP), Porto Alegre (RS), and Cruzília in southern Minas. Pavesi’s father was in Milan, Italy.

The trial resumed on Tuesday (19) with allegations from the prosecution and the defense.

The prosecution opened the discussion stage and spoke for an hour and a half. At about 10:40 a.m., the defense launched the allegations. There was still a reply back to me.

Then the jurors made their decision. The Governing Council consisted of four women and three men.

Exactly 22 years ago, the boy was admitted to Santa Casa, while he is still alive. He died two days later, on April 21, when the accused doctors confirmed his brain death.

“This was one of the many irregularities that occurred in the care of the boy, because because of the interest in organ transplantation, there was a legal ban on them from working in verifying the death of the patient,” the Public Ministry of Minas reported.

According to the prosecutor’s complaint, Alvaro and the co-defendants acted with the intent of falsifying and documenting the death of Paolo Pavese to illegally extract organs.

“he is [Ianhez] He is the doctor responsible for the removal of organs. He was the doctor who was the director of Santa Casa where the transplants were performed. “He owns the clinic where the illegal kidney transplant was performed,” said the family’s lawyer, Dino Miraglia.

“He was present from the moment (Pavesi) was transferred from one hospital to another without the slightest need, and when they anesthetized the boy to remove his organs. If the boy was dead, why did he anesthetize him? I can do a transplant.”

Alvaro’s trial was supposed to take place in October last year, but was postponed after the doctor dismissed the eight lawyers who worked on his defense.

His case was separated from the rest of the accused doctors due to a grievance that must be resolved.

In January 2021, two other doctors, Jose Luis Gómez da Silva and Jose Luis Bonvito, were sentenced to 25 years in prison. The jury acquitted Marcos Alexandre Pacheco da Fonseca.

Pavese’s case gained national attention in 2000, when doctors José Luis Gómez da Silva, José Luis Bonvito, Marco Alexandre Pacheco da Fonseca, and Alvaro Ianhez were denounced by the Public Ministry for the murder of Paolo Veronese Pavese, who was 10 years old at the time.

Paulinho Pavesi died at the age of 10 after a fall and an operation to remove his organs – Photo: Paolo Pavesi / Personal Archive

According to justice, The four doctors were responsible for incorrect procedures in the death of the boy and the removal of his organs, after he fell from a height of 10 meters into the building in which he lived..

The exam that referred to brain death was forged, and The boy was still alive at the time of organ harvest.

The four deny any wrongdoing, either in the tests or in the transplants the boy underwent. The case was dismantled and transferred from Poços de Caldas to Belo Horizonte in August 2014, at the request of the Public Prosecution Office, to avoid the doctors’ economic and social impact on jurors.

Three other doctors accused of participating in the case are Sergio Polly Gaspar, Celso Roberto Frasson Scavi and Claudio Rogerio Carneiro Fernandez, They were even convicted at the first trial in 2014 for their participation in the case.

The ruling was overturned by the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais in May 2016, which understood that the case should have been decided by a popular jury, and the process returned to Poços de Caldas.

In September 2021, the first body of the Federal Supreme Court He restored the original ruling that sentenced the three doctors. This happened because, by 3 votes to 1, the STF decided that the crime of organ removal should not be judged by a people’s jury, but by a responsible criminal court.

In the appeal submitted to the Special Court of Photography, the Public Prosecutor’s Office said that it considers the case to be within the jurisdiction of the Assize Court, and therefore the doctors’ conviction is valid. The MP argues that the offense of organ removal is enshrined in the Transplant Act, and that death should be seen as an “outcome” in sentencing for this specific offense.

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