Saint Joseph, our father and our Lord!

At the conclusion of the Year dedicated to Saint Joseph, proclaimed by Pope Francis in the Apostolic Letter “Patrice Cord” on December 8, 2020, a reflection of “Our Father and our Lord”

Foot. Rafael Silva Maciel

The world is still living in an epidemic “climate”, the news that comes to us every day, through the media, about new variants of the virus, about conspiracies and political games, or the death of close people. Exactly one year ago, on December 8, 2020, the Holy Father Francisco decided that until December 8, 2021, the Church would celebrate a year dedicated to Saint Joseph, so that, even in the midst of this whirlwind of situations, we could look at our Father Dear and Our Master Saint Joseph, who was declared by Blessed Pope Pius IX 150 years ago as the patron of the Universal Church.

One might ask why the title: Our San Jose “Father and Lord”As Jesus advised: “And do not call anyone your father on earth, for your father is one, who is in heaven”? (Matthew 23, 9). The context of this discourse of Jesus has a direct bearing on the sages and scholars who called themselves Father and Master, seeking for themselves the motives and circumstances arising from their condition. But we know that in the case of St. Joseph it is not so, because he knew that he was not the natural father of Jesus, he knew that the child was the Son of God (Matthew 1, 18 – 25), and he lived. Discreetly in the house of Nazareth.

It was the Lord Himself who gave Joseph, the bridegroom of Mary, the privilege of having his only son call him father on earth. We read in the prayer of Blessed Bartolo Longo to Saint Joseph: Who created you all the hearts of people [São José] The heart of the father and at the same time Jesus gave the heart of the son for you. “. With the same thought, Pope Francis begins his message patrice rope: With the heart of a father: Thus Joseph loved Jesus. And still: “In his role as head of the family, Joseph taught Jesus to be submissive to his parents (cf. Luke 2, 51), according to God’s command (cf. Ex 20, 12). During his hidden life in Nazareth, at Joseph’s school, he [Jesus] I learned to do the will of the Father” (patrice rope3).

Just as we can call the Virgin Mary our Mother, because Jesus did it, we can also only call Joseph our Father, because Jesus did. Let us not be afraid to take Saint Joseph instead of our father He is our Father, as stated in the prayer of Blessed Bartolo Longo: “O blessed Saint Joseph, be a father to me also; I have the father’s bowels toward all whom Jesus loved so that I may become his brother.”.

Saints, like St. Teresa did not get tired, S. Jose Maria Escriva, S. Padre Pio, and countless other saints in the history of the Church have turned to Saint Joseph as Father and Master, as a guardian and provider of the most pressing needs, be they material or spiritual. Evidence for this is the consecration of Saint John XXIII, who wanted the name of Saint Joseph to be included in Roman law, and Pope Francis, who expanded the mention of Saint Joseph to include the second, third and fourth Eucharistic prayers of the liturgy. current Roman.

At the conclusion of the Year of Saint Joseph, we remember with great joy that we are entrusted, as the universal Church and as the security of every person, to the care and protection of the Father of Jesus on earth. Antiphon referring to Saint Joseph says: “God has made you the father of the king and the lord of his whole house. Intercede for us!”. During this year of our reflection on Jesus’ Shepherd Father, many Catholics learned more about this prominent and important figure in the history of salvation. For some, he was either a illustrious unknown or just a “powerful saint asking for miracles.” That year helped to find in S. José the witness of a man, separated from himself, committed to the will of God in everything.

Pope Francis reflects on the interview held on November 24th “Everyone can find in São José, the man who goes unnoticed, the man of daily presence, the hidden and hidden presence, the intercessor, the support, the guide in times of trouble. (…) reminds us that all those who seem to be hidden, or in The second line, “They have an unparalleled role in the history of salvation.”. The Holy Father added: He is also the “keeper of the Church”: but if he was a guardian of Jesus and Mary, then he acts now that he is in heaven, and is still the guardian, in this case over the Church; for the Church is the continuation of the body of Christ in history and at the same time, in the motherhood of the Church, Mary’s motherhood is reflected. Joseph, continuing to protect the Church (…) “. He guards us!

At the end of the year dedicated to Saint Joseph, it is known that Catholic communities around the world have carried out special initiatives such as the consecration of some nations to Saint Joseph, as in the Philippines, knowledge of the method of personal consecration of Saint Joseph, the Mass and the Novena. But it would be even more special if this year of Saint Joseph, in which we acknowledge and proclaim our Father and our Lord, led many believers to put themselves in the course of action, in the silence of Josephan full of concern for others, because “With your life, [São José] We seem to want to be told that we are always called to feel that we are the custodians of our brothers, or the custodians of those close to us, whom the Lord entrusts to us through the many circumstances of life.” (Francis, Hearing, 11.24.2021).

Saint Joseph helps us to love more and serve our Lord Jesus Christ more.

Long live the Immaculate Conception, long live Saint Joseph!!!

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