How Usagi Drop shocked the otaku community

At the end of the inaugural chapter of Spy family xClient twilight He sleeps on the sofa after having trouble with the kidnapping of his new daughter, the little girl Anya. Taking advantage of her adoptive father’s fatigue and lack of affection for an abandoned life in the orphanages, the girl slips into the protagonist’s arms and stays there for a while, taking advantage of the connection she made. On the other hand, if the scene was made with the intention of proving the birth of paternity bonds, then some people I was bothered by the scene And there was one who saw a grudge with an adult lying innocently beside a little girl.

Discomfort with romantic father-daughter relationships in anime or manga is more common than you might think, and this may be related to a traumatic experience the otaku community had in the middle of the last decade, with the global success of the business. yosagi dropat Yumi Unita. The anime’s premiere in 2011 was a sensation in its season, causing audiences to fall back in favor of that story full of drama and life lessons, but those who dared go ahead with the comic version ended up with a somewhat controversial ending.

hypothesis yosagi drop It’s not much different from a drama movie, and it even has an adaptation with a flesh and blood cast. The plot begins when Daikichiborn from 30 yearsOn the day of his grandfather’s funeral, he discovers that the patriarch had a daughter out of wedlock, a young girl from 6 years communicate ren. With the whole family rejecting her, Daikichi is touched and raises the girl as if she were his own daughter. yosagi drop It’s a parenting drama that shows a boy parachuting into the role of father to a child too mature for his age, the classic kind of story in which an adult learns from a child and vice versa.

Following the forums and discussions on social networks at the time of the first anime was to find many emotional reports with the sweetness of the production. yosagi drop He was able to teach lessons about affection and responsibility in his episodes, which made the work highly recommended by influencers of the time. Unfortunately, it was only anime 11 episodes He was released and there was no movement in the studio IG . production (at Fina: Pirate PrincessTo continue the story, whoever wanted to know the outcome had to go after the manga, fortunately it was fully released in Brazil by NewPOP . Publisher. However, the ending showed that the studio may have made the best possible decision not to move new episodes, all because of the complex plot development.

After much Daikichi’s showing of Rin’s upbringing and education in the midst of a lot of adversity, the author found it interesting to make the leap into history for 10 years. The girl is now a teenager 16 yearsHe begins to deal with conflicting feelings in his heart, after all the affection he feels for his adoptive father seems a little deeper than usual. The girl has a romantic partner in the plot, but soon he is neglected so that the author can prepare the last real couple. It is revealed that Rin is, in fact, not the blood-daughter of Daikichi’s grandfather, and the two converge until, at the end of the manga, the love affair between the adoptive father and his daughter becomes official when Rin turns 18. ..

As much as Yumi Unita took care not to put it yosagi drop Some very big taboos, like waiting for a girl to come of age and also making her not have blood ties to her passion, part of the audience didn’t quite accept the story of a man having an affair with a girl who was brought up as his daughter. yosagi drop was considered a Trojans By the Otaka community, they quietly pray as if it were a paternity drama and eventually present a love affair that is not unanimous. The shock was so great that the series became a reference for love stories with unpleasant surprises at the end, and the following question on the forums became very popular: “Did Anime XXX become a Usagi drop at some point?“.

Examples abound. In April 2021, the anime premiered highherosimplified title of the original long name “After being abandoned, she flew and brought a runaway schoolgirl homeThe introduction to the series is already in the obvious title and Higehiro shows the relationship between Yoshida, a 26-year-old employee, and 16-year-old teenager Sayu, who lives in his house. At the time of the first show, a post commented on the anime inside the site Anime List A debate was hosted by people who were very concerned about the possibility of him becoming a hijhero yosagi drop, to the point of searching for people who read the original story. The final answer came just months later, with the final volume of the book series being released in Japan: the plot ends in an open fashion, but it suggests that something might happen after the girl reaches adulthood.

Something similar happened with the anime If it was for my daughter’s sake, I would have defeated the Demon Lord (2019). Set in a medieval RPG-style setting, is the protagonist Dale Meet a little girl named Latin. Although the girl is cursed, Dale decides to raise her, and she becomes a supportive warrior for her adoptive father. The anime only ran for 12 episodes, and ended before the controversial split: The more recent volume covers from the original light novel show Latina dressed as a bride at her adoptive father’s wedding.

Despite a discussion circulating on social media hinting at a possible future engagement between Twilight/Lloyd and girl Anya from Spy family x, This is only the result of delusion and ignorance of idle minds. In addition to the production summary which already indicates that an entire family will be formed there, without any gap for a yosagi drop From life, the opening of the anime already shows that the special agent will be a romantic partner in the serial killer. Your PriorOne Adult.

However, there is another anime in the current season that encourages us to undo the plot direction. at Deacon Our boy protagonist from Nagumofrom some 30 years, the heir to a traditional candy store who gave up everything to become a musician. A few years pass and his career goes from bad to worse, so he is recruited to return to the family business to help with the business. He returns home thinking that he will fulfill his mission as successor, but he finds the girl there Itsukaat 10 years god. She was “adopted” by her parents after a troubled past and is now the natural heir to the company, and the two will have to put their differences aside to run the candy store.

So far so good, but already in the first episode, some dialogues bring war memories to those who met yosagi drop: Nagomu’s mother explains that she and her husband are very old, so the relationship with Itsuka is similar to that of a grandparent and a granddaughter, and that the hero needs to get close to the girl and be … a father figure. The manga is still being published in Japan, so we may not have an answer yet as to what this relationship between the characters will look like.

Perhaps the biggest problem is caused by these soap opera-like relationships yosagi drop like them They deceive us in the long run. When we come across an anime whose themes we don’t like, the normal thing is to drop the series and keep dancing, but how do we deal with a series that limits false advertisements? Insofar as none of the examples given in the article involve romantic/sexual relationships with minors or with blood relatives, there is a kind of estrangement on the part of society in relationships between people who were at some point in a parental relationship.

In the end, our fear ends up getting into the plot upside down, fascinating the characters and then finding out later that it’s another father-daughter couple story.

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All products mentioned in this article are available at Crunchy RollBut Yosagi drop. If you want to check out some production of this series, you can watch the live action movie in the catalog Prime video (with title bunny drop) and read the manga I posted NewPOP . Publisher.

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