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family business. This is the reality of Josemar Faccini, his wife Marie and their daughter Gusman, who live and work in the city of Lusiana, Goiás. While he performs all operations of management and control of the property, his wife and daughter are divided into the administrative part of the rural company. But more than just a business, the countryside is love that’s been with the family for quite some time. Josemar, for example, was born in Paraná, and because his parents were farmers, he was always, in one way or another, connected with the agricultural business. He moved to Santa Catarina, where he studied at two faculties: management and accounting. At the end of the last show, he received an offer to work in Goiás, to do accounting on a farm, and did not think twice.

“Then I came [para Goiás], the staff made a suggestion and I left, having already decided that I wanted to come here, because I saw that there was a different situation here. Down in the south, things are small, more peaceful, you don’t see big farms, big administrations, everything is more territorial. Therefore, I understood that there, for example, the opportunity for growth was limited, you go to the maximum and stop there. (…) As far as agriculture, we Southerners, for example, have a different ability to handle, a different emotion, a passion for farming, you know how to work, you communicate with the plant, you communicate with water. (…) So, I saw this and said To myself: “I think my career opportunity is now.” I was 25, 26, and that was the time to come here, wasn’t it?” — Josemar

Josemar’s daughter also grew up in the countryside, but she did not choose the course related to the area as her first choice. He started dentistry, but did not adapt and left for agricultural engineering. Today, he is already studying for his Ph.D. in soil fertility.

“I grew up in agriculture, but my first college wasn’t agronomy, it was dentistry. But I didn’t get to know the course and decided to study agronomy. I selected a lot of the course and discovered that I really liked this area. I saw an opportunity to continue the family business and a way to thank my dad and mom For everything they’ve done for us.” – Gusman

– Photo: Bring Movies | Julian Pereira

In addition to his great dedication to his studies, especially his doctorate, Jóisman also helps parents, not only with administrative tasks, but also suggests when there is potential for improvements to the work. A few years ago, the family grew pumpkins and had the opportunity to export the production to Argentina and Uruguay. However, in order to make the sale, a certificate was required to prove that the town, where the farm is located, was free of a pest: the fruit fly. Jóisman then actively worked with government agencies to certify the city and succeeded in his mission. Luziânia was certified and the family was able to move forward with the export.

“After a year of study, along with MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, cattle and supply), Luziânia was authorized to export pumpkin. So, any other producer here in the municipality who wants to grow and export pumpkin is qualified and qualified, thanks to this study that we have done here on our property.” — Gusman

Today, the Fachini family owns some real estate and other businesses related to the agricultural business. On one farm, covering 5,000 hectares, they grow soybeans, corn and tomatoes and also work with livestock. In addition to the family’s unity in tasks, the presence of the young soul of the 27-year-old only facilitates the access of technology.

“We try to make a difference, right? We always try to find and bring the best and add it to our daily lives, both for the issue of socializing with people – whether you like it or not, here we provide jobs for many families – so we try to provide benefits to our employees, like as well as for for the crop, because we believe that today everything is a cycle: if a person works happily, the crop grows happily and we will be happy with the result.So, if someone asks me what I do in farming, I [respondo que] I always look forward to learning and doing the best here. Because if we settle down and produce like we used to, things won’t move forward, right? Agriculture is like that and if we don’t keep up with technologies, we will be left behind.” — Gusman

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To cover the distances between one property and another, Josemar does not give up on safety. The farmer needs a comfortable and agile vehicle that traverses the toughest terrain, even on rainy days. That’s why he chose the Chevrolet S10 High Country, a pickup truck that meets his everyday requirements.

“A truck gives you that speed for you to do that road, whether on the asphalt or in the city, as well as on the farm, because here is where the tractor sometimes doesn’t go, and then you end up pulling it, putting the 4×4 and going anywhere. It’s very powerful and when you want to.” Going for a ride also gives you safety and agility.(…) In my case, for example, I walk a lot, [rodo com] Pickup at the rate of 60-70 thousand kilometers per year. Since there are many farms, we distribute a lot. Therefore, you cannot have a car that makes you insecure, it must be a car that makes you safe.” – Josemar

– Photo: Bring Movies | Julian Pereira

The knowledge, technology and commitment of the Fachini family have fueled their success. As her parents prepare to leave management of the property entirely in the hands of their daughter, young Jóisman reflects on the knowledge her father has gained over the years to achieve her goals and maintain the motivation and recognition of the professionals who work with the company. family.

“What is great for us is when we exceed our goals. If this year I produce 60 bags of soybeans, next year it will be great for me to produce 70. If last year I produced 90 tons of tomatoes, this year it will be great for me if I produce 110. So ,I think for us, the wonderful thing is that we always go above and beyond, I think that’s what makes us strive and commit more and more.We try to encourage those who will do the planting, because if the planting is not done well, the next harvest will not go well.So we have to encourage it To reach that goal. For us, what stands out is this, all the suffering of the harvest and the culture, but it is remarkable when we reap and see the result.” – Gusman

• Name: Josemar and Gusman Faccini

• City and State: Luziânia, Goiás

• What do you do in agriculture? Soybeans, corn, tomatoes, beef

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