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Actors Maria Ruff, Luis Alberto, Virgilio Castillo, Jose Raposo and Rita Blanco were among the professionals who gave, yesterday, their last tribute to actress Eunice Muñoz, who died last Friday in Lisbon, at the age of 93.

“Everyone’s luck,” confirmed Rita Blanco, as there was an actress who worked from the age of five in the company of her parents until she was 93.

However, it was the actress’s neighbor who collected the general feeling that she had at the farewell.

“The theater was empty on Friday,” said Isabel de Couto, who lives in Paco de Arcos, near Unis Muñoz. “He lived relatively close to me and, in addition to being a huge actress, was likable,” he told Lusa.

Isabel Couto, a theater fan who started seeing her at the Teatro National di Maria II at the age of four, accompanied by her father, said she had nothing but “wonders” to say about Eunice Muñoz. He was considered “the greatest proponent of theater in Portugal”.

Despite remembering Palmira Bastos’ “wonderful” performance in the play “trees die on foot”, and having “enjoyed” the interpretation of Manuela Maria, in the same play, in Politema, in 2016, he regrets that Eunice Muñoz’s health did not allow her to act in the work , as initially announced by Filipe La Féria.

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However, Isabelle Couto welcomed the “luck” of Eunice Muñoz to honor her during her lifetime.

As for Chaqueira Patrosinho, born and residing in Amarilla – where Eunice was born on July 30, 1928 – he purposely went to Lisbon to say goodbye to the “friend” he had been living with “when he was very young”, and who he would “never forget,” he told Lusa.

“My mother, who died 7 months ago, was 92 years old, less than Eunice, but I lived with her a lot when she was young and I will never forget her.”

“She is eternal in Amarilla and everywhere else” and “she has always been wonderful in every way,” Shaqueira Patrosinho confirmed.

Sandra Tavares, a resident of Carnacide, near the hospital where the actress died in the early hours of last Friday, also made sure to be at the Basilica da Estrela to pay a “final tribute” to the actress.

“I was a fan of Eunice Muñoz’s work, yesterday [segunda-feira] I came here, and today I came here to say goodbye. I just quit work, I just got here,” Sandra Rodriguez, a fan of herself Leones Muñoz and her TV work, told Lusa.

Sandra Rodriguez has not seen any play with Eunice Muñoz. He admires her for what he knew about TV series and comic strips, above all else. “A good actress, a great actress.” He added, “One of the biggest plays that I remember,” stressing that “his mother used to go to the theater to see the plays in which Eunice participated.”

Ana Maria, who lives in Lisbon, emphasized, “In Portugal, we only have two singers: Amalia, in Fado, and Eunice Muñoz, in the theatre.”

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Eunice Muñoz has always been in my heart, especially when I saw ‘The Courage of a Mother and Her Children’, in Lisbon.

“A Banqueira do Povo”, in the role of D.Branca, on television, and in “A casa do Lago”, in the theater, for Anna Maria, “among many other things, unforgettable performances of the actress.”

At the same time that some fans praised the actress for her qualities, others expressed sadness that “there are so few people near the Basilica da Estrela,” nothing like the funerals of Amalia, in 1999, and Nicolau Breiner, in 2016 – although A greater participation was expected in the Alto de S. João cemetery.

“I think there are too few people here for what Eunice Muñoz deserves, and that makes me angry.” “He was worth it all, and he deserved so many people here to thank him for all he gave to the country and the world,” said a woman, who preferred not to be identified, seconded by her husband, who preferred not to be identified.

José Raposo, Maria Ruff, Luis Alberto, Virglio Castillo and Rita Blanco were among the professionals who visited Estrella.

“We had an actress who probably very few people in the world would have lived,” Rita Blanco told the press, a professional with a “very full” life, who “left us this complete legacy.”

Although she “does not like to be involved in anything”, Rita Blanco never thought not to go to this place to “thank you so much happiness” that Eunice “has given us and will continue to give.”

“Because it’s not just in our memories, but it’s imprinted in movies and TV and all that,” he confirmed, stressing that he’s been a fan of Eunice since she was a little girl, when she didn’t even know who the actress was.

“There was a record in my house, one of those (vinyl) round records, that was ‘A Menina do Mar’, and I was so fascinated by that record, I listened to it constantly. Many years later, when I read it, I saw that Eunice told him, said the actress, Adding that she never told this story, the heroine of the movie “Zerlina”.

“It was a wonderful thing, it was a mystery to hear her say ‘this book,’” Rita Blanco said, stressing that Eunice Muñoz is “a very important teacher in the life of Portuguese culture.”

Funeral of Actress Eunice Muñoz “data-title =” Funeral of Actress Eunice Muñoz – Eunice Muñoz: Farewell to a “Great Actress” – SAPO Mag “> Funeral of Eunice Munoz

“More: I hope, I think Eunice will go to the Pantheon. Really!” he defended, asserting that the best appreciation the Portuguese could continue to pay the actress was “to do theater and love cultural things for our people.”

That’s what Eunice has always given us. “He lived all these years for Portuguese culture. And more than that: the Portuguese loved her, so there is no other place for her than the Pantheon,” concluded Rita Blanco.

At the funeral mass, which was attended by the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, the Minister of Culture, Pedro Adao e Silva, and Manuela Ramalho Ines, the priest began by saying that the homily was “to celebrate” and underlined the love that directed “Mrs. Dr. Eunice”, The love and the whole life she devoted to her family, her sons, daughters, grandchildren, daughters and great-grandchildren.

Remember that Eunice Muñoz received some of the country’s highest honors – the badges bestowed upon her by the state and which accompanied her in the aftermath of the funeral – and that he was “Dr. Amelia Rey Colaso, who rated her “genius”, the priest also highlighted “more than 150 works that Dr. Eunice gave her skin and speak for herself.”

“Antonio [Muñoz, filho de Eunice] He told me yesterday [segunda-feira] The priest added that the mother is the person that people have imagined her. “There is no Portuguese who does not know or love her,” said the priest, emphasizing that the actors are “artisans of humanity and eternity.”

“They do not represent us by mandate, but by profession, and Mrs. Eunice has done that in an admirable way,” he noted. Eunice means “victorious” and “the name that suits her.”

Another priest, who said he was old enough to be the “grandson of the actress”, and the only one who called her Eunice Muñoz, admitted that he was “cheesy” and pointed to a subject he loved so much, that he would cry whenever he heard – “The Last Train Home, by Pat Metheny – He admits he hears it as ‘coming home’ and likes to ‘imagine this coming home after life to the beat of a train’.

For this priest, Onis now returns “to the great stage,” where she no longer desires to impress alone, “and does not offer herself for sacrifice,” as she sometimes said, but before “an audience where God is, like a drooling father welcoming a child.”

A sea of ​​wreaths flooded both the splendid Basilica da Estrela, where Eunice Muñoz’s body had been laid to rest since 5pm on Monday, as well as the surrounding areas.

Funeral of Actress Eunice Muñoz “data-title =” Funeral of Actress Eunice Muñoz – Eunice Muñoz: Farewell to a “Great Actress” – SAPO Mag “> Funeral of Eunice Munoz

It was just after 4 p.m. when the coffin carrying the actress’ body, covered in the Portuguese flag, left the Basilica da Estrela, after Mass on the Body.

Side by side, the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister waited for the urn to leave, heading to the Alto de S. João cemetery, where the cremation was scheduled for 17:00.

At the bottom of the urn appeared a portrait of the actress, surrounded by some of the honors she had received, ushering in the funeral procession.

The departure was accompanied by a loud round of applause and salutes such as “Viva Eunice”, “Great Actress” and “Great Woman”.

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