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Alleged environments “pet friendly” They are increasingly sought after by owners who want to include their pets in leisure and everyday activities.

In the greater Vitoria area, there are some restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, hotels, beaches and parks Allow pets Provided compliance with local trading rules.

Dental surgeon Leticia Rosso Capistrano, 29, owns Louie’s Golden Retriever, who is 1 year and 2 months old. She said that since he arrived, she and her family have always been Try to include you in all activities. For her, creating new recreational spaces for pets is very important, especially as an alternative to walking on rainy days.

“We make sure to enjoy the moments with him. On rainy days we usually take him to the mall. He is very welcome and well known there. Louie is very affectionate and playful. He loves children and human communication,” he said.

Letícia Russo and her pet Louie – Photo: personal archive

In the summer, she, Lui, and her fiancé will take their first family trip to Bahia. They have had some trouble finding places that accept a Lowe, because even with just over a year old, he is a large dog. After a lot of searching, they were able to book it into a pet friendly place.

“Because he was born at the time of the pandemic, we have never stayed in hotels with him, but in January we will take our first family trip. We are going to Bahia. I hope that new spaces will be made available so that our pets can participate more in other activities. And when he arrived our lives changed And we are always thinking about what we can do to make him have fun with us. Without a doubt, life with him is so much better and more meaningful.”

Pet friendly hotels are a reality in Spain

For Gustavo Guimarães, representative of the Brazilian Association of Hotel Industry in Espírito Santo (ABIH-ES), pet-friendly hotels have become a reality in the state. According to him, most hotels, with the exception of a few, have difficulty with service.

According to Gustavo, some hotels offer Pet feeding and bed. He noted, however, that hotels have their own rules, so it’s a good idea to consult in advance.

“Demand is very high,” he said. “What we recommend is always presenting a vaccination card, deworming and some rules that some hotels adopt, such as walking on a leash, lap or collecting stool,” he said.

Pet friendly beach in Guarabari

In Guarapari, council member wants to create a ‘pet friendly’ beach – Photo: Publicity / Gurarapari City Hall

In Guarabari, council member Fábio Veterinário (PSB) recently submitted to the city council a bill to create a pet beach in the municipality. In Article 2, the project allows for Trading dogs and cats in the specified sandbar By the executive as long as the animals are identified by the name and telephone number of their teachers on a collar or plate, regardless of the use of guides, as long as they are sociable.

According to the city council, the project is being processed and at the moment there is no expectation of this issue on the agenda.

Check out the pet-friendly places and rules in the Greater Vitoria area

Pets have fun in the Bracão Space in Vitoria – Photo: Leonardo Silvera/Victoria City Hall

win over: The movement of pets is only allowed in parks with spaces called “Bracaw”. They are: Atlântica Parque, in Jardim Camburi, and Manolo Cabral, in Praia do Canto.

The municipality has other “brakes” in the Getulio Vargas squares, downtown; Praça do Cauê, in Santa Helena; Nilsy Mendes Square, in Jardim Cambori; Filogomero Lanes Square, in Jardim da Penha; Campo do Hi-Fi district, in Goiabeiras and Praça Prefeito Oswald Guimarães, in Bento Ferreira.

In these places, the dogs can remain free, that is, without a collar or leash, but only in these designated places and always accompanied by the teacher.

a hugPet movement in the parks is free as long as it is subject to the following rule: Medium and large dogs or even aggressive animals of any size and breed must be equipped with a muzzle capable of preventing bites.

old village: It is recommended that animals traveling on public roads under guardianship wear a leash and a muzzle. There is no punitive inspection, only educational.

Mountain chainIt is forbidden to drive dogs, cats and horses in parks.

guarapari: City Hall did not respond until this report was published.

Louie’s dog at Itaparica Beach, in Vila Velha – Photo: personal archive

old villageIt is recommended that animals traveling on public roads under guardianship wear a collar and a muzzle. There is no punitive inspection, only educational.

win overPets can be kept in public as long as they have an appropriate collar and leash for the size and size of the animal and must be guided by guides. Dogs exhibiting dangerous or antisocial behavior should use appropriate means of restraint, such as a muzzle. Everyone should be up to date with vaccination against infectious diseases and deworming and worming. In addition, it is necessary to collect and properly dispose of dog feces in the trash by the guardian.

Mountain chainThe municipality does not allow the trading of dogs, cats and horses on beaches and wooden boardwalks, in addition to going out with animals, especially large breeds, accompanied by children under the age of 16 or unable to control them, as well as walking the animal without a leash. , collar and muzzle.

guarapari: The city did not respond until this report was published.

Petting zoo at Shopping Vila Velha – Photo: Publicity / Shopping Vila Velha

  • It has an exclusive space for pets, the petting zoo, which has been completely renovated. The first and only petting zoo in the mall in the state, the environment is more than 800 square meters and is inspired by a children’s playground, with games rich in detail and adapted for the enjoyment of pets with their owners.
  • The place has a water fountain with automatic push button and filtered water. Animals must be accompanied by their owners and there are restrictions on the number of people to avoid gatherings.
  • Small, medium, and large dogs with docile behavior, used in a shopping center environment, on leash, cuddling or in appropriate transportation, are permitted as well as walk aisles and stores with dog-friendly signage.
  • Guide dogs are welcome.
  • Only dogs are allowed to drive on fixed stairs.
  • Only dogs are allowed and no other types of animals are allowed.
  • Walking around with guard dogs, aggressive behavior, or dogs unfamiliar with other animals, strangers, or stressful environments, is not permitted, even with a choke chain, belt, and/or muzzle. Strains that are not permitted can be consulted on the mall website or by SAC or mall security.
  • It is also not allowed to train or train any breed inside the mall, as well as driving the dog through escalators or elevators.
  • Walking with the dog is also not permitted in the food court, cinema, toilets, Espaço Família and unsigned shops. In Gourmet Hall, some restaurants allow dogs to stay, consult directly on site.
  • Small, medium or large breeds are allowed as long as the animals are carried on the owner’s lap, leash or small cart. Large breeds are allowed as long as the animals are on a leash and using a muzzle.
  • Cats, rabbits, ferrets, piglets, hamsters, chinchillas, birds and other pets are welcome on Boulevard Shopping Vila Velha inside properly enclosed boxes, transport bags and strollers.
  • Pets are allowed in the driveways, event spaces, parking lots and stores. It is the right of every store to allow or not allow pets inside. Stores that allow entry will have a sticker in their window.
  • According to the rules of health control, pets are not allowed in dining halls, restaurants, clinics, cinemas, banks, pharmacies, money exchangers, jewelry stores, baby changing facilities and toilets, with the exception of guide dogs, which will be able to freely access these places, under Federal Law No. 11126 dated June 27, 2005.
  • For reasons of safety and tranquility for all customers, only guard or hunting breeds are allowed in the mall, such as: rottweiller, pitbull, American Staffordshire, dobberman, german shepherd, argentine dog, mastiffs, queue and/or similar that used muzzles.
  • In escalators and elevators, it is required to carry the animal on its lap. In the case of larger dogs, they should always be carried on a leash in an elevator or on a stationary stairs.
  • Pets are not allowed to sit on tables, chairs or benches in the mall’s common areas.
  • More information can be requested from Customer Service on Floor 1, or call (27) 2233-5000.
  • Pets of all sizes are allowed.
  • Among the rules for walking pets on the site, always use a leash.
  • They may not be taken to the dining hall.
  • The mall has a cafeteria with an open terrace where animals are allowed even if they are in a feeding place.

Terra Nova Café in Vitoria – Photo: Reproduction

Café Terra Nova, In win over: The rule is never to leave the pet at large, always on a leash. Phone: (27) 99846-4430.

Bislicau Farm, IN win over: Pets can accompany their owners in a space located in the side hall of the facility. Owners are advised to keep pets on leashes, and if they are large, then keep them crumpled. The restaurant also provides fresh water in pet friendly containers. Phone: (27) 99899-1313.

Crab Vy Island old village: Accepts small and medium sized pets. Phone: (27) 2233-8484

Farova Steakhouse, IN old villageSmall and medium sized animals are accepted. Phone: (27) 3010-8480.

Oca Bistro, In win over: The animal must be docile, as it will be in contact with other customers and also with the two kittens in space. Pets are only allowed in the backyard. Phone: (27) 98825-6714.

Coco Bamboo Restaurant, in villa villaThe: The owner must stay together and the pet cannot climb on tables or chairs. Phone: (27) 99263-3517.

La Dolina Restaurant, in win over: The owners only need to stay outside. Phone: (27) 99810-6459.

Pet friendly stores attract pet lovers

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