CBF collects R$34.7 million in debt from sports promotion in court

The entity has submitted a request for arbitration to terminate the contract for the Brasileirão Series A and B . plates

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has submitted an arbitration request to the Brazilian Center for Mediation and Arbitration (CBMA) to terminate the contract with the Sports Promotion Agency for the exploitation of billboards for the Brazilian Championship Series A and B.

The gym machine He had exclusive access to the entire document, which was sent on April 13th by partners of the law firm Trengrouse e Gonçalves, who took over the case related to the outsourcing of advertising sales to the two main divisions of the country.

The arbitration request was submitted after the Sports Promotion Department, in court, to Court orders 11 clubs to maintain contract Even after paying the fine for terminating the contract and Signed with Brax, a company resulting from the union of three other agencies. Before submitting an application for arbitration, The Brazilian Football Confederation has informed these clubs that it is responsible for the marketing rights of the BrazilianNoting that they took any risk by signing the new contract.

In the document addressed to the CBMA, the CBF alleges that the sports promotion has not complied with its contractual obligations and therefore requests the cancellation of the injunction the agency obtained in court so that the contract with the 11 clubs is preserved, as well as the termination of the contract with the entity.

In addition, CBF imposes a payment of R$34,771,844.64 that the agency will be owed for Series A contracts (31,486,735.89 BRL 3,285,108.75), in addition to a payment of R$14,217,315.00 The remaining two contracts until the contract expiry date. end of this season.

The Brazilian Confederation says, in the document, that the sports promotion has hidden from justice the default with the entity over the past two years, and says that it was he who passed the clubs the sums that should have been paid by the agency, so that they would not be affected by non-compliance with the agreement.

“On analyzing the content of the initial petition (from the judge in favor of sports promotion) and the reasons for the judge’s decision, it can be seen that he ended up being wrongly instigated by the omission of facts and manipulative allegations about sports promotion, both intentional and artistic, to believe that it would be in keeping with his obligations And that he has gone through financial difficulties due to the pandemic,” says the JFF’s argument.

The entity continues to attack the partner, claiming that the company was in bad faith in concealing the facts from justice. It also told CBF that it had notified the agency that it would lie to Justice and sent a document showing that the company was aware of the debts with the entity.

“The conduct of this sports promotion, the filling of primary allegations and the omission of facts and documents, as well as the litigation in apparent bad faith constitute a clear act that undermines the dignity of justice, not to mention the criminal offenses provided for in national legislation, which even the establishment of a company notification by the CBF should be noted. The sports promotion is well aware of the many contractual defaults, especially the large debts with CBF – 34,771,844.64 Brazilian reais (thirty-four million seven hundred and seventy-one thousand eight hundred forty-four reais and sixty-four cents),” the document states.

According to CBF, Sport Promotion had not paid for the advertising contract for the two tournaments since August 14, 2019. At that time, the entity had already imposed on the company the financial guarantee to pay the two contracts. The value of the Series A deal amounted to 56 million reais annually, while the value of the Series A deal amounted to 11 million reais.

On March 28 of this year, when the clubs began the movement to break the agreement with sports promotion and sign with Brax, the Brazilian Football Confederation gave an ultimatum to the partner agency, demanding that 17.9 million Brazilian reais be paid until April 4. According to the entity, instead of settling the outstanding issues, the sports promotion failed to pay further installments of the contract on March 31 and only requested a meeting to try to iron out the edges.

According to the CBF, in the midst of a fight with the clubs in court, when the sports promotion was notified by the entity, he admitted he owed the foundation.

“After receiving the notification from the Brazilian Confederation of warning about bad faith and the practice of criminal offenses by making false allegations to mislead Court D. The response was sent to the CBF, on April 11, 2022.”

According to the report, the sports promotion press office said it would not talk about the case and questioned the authenticity of the document. a report gym machine Sources linked to CBF confirmed that Trengrouse e Gonçalves’ office took over the management of the case.

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