The most important problems and solutions for Samsung phone

Although it is a recent release, the Galaxy S21 FE is already suffering from some persistent problems. Therefore, we list the most common of them and offer possible solutions to them.

The Galaxy S21 FE has arrived as an affordable option for Samsung’s 2021 flagship, bringing news and a simpler finish. For this reason, it draws the attention of those interested in affordable cell phones.

This way, if you are having issues with your S21 FE, we may be able to help with the next few lines.

battery problems

Among the most reported issues, we have the problem of excessive battery consumption, and consequently the reduced hours of use of the device.

So here are some tips to try to overcome this problem. First, it is important to note that some points will depend on your daily use. Therefore, if none of them solve it, you should always seek professional (preferably authorized by the manufacturer) help.

What some forums recommend, when you have a high battery consumption, is to uninstall your antivirus, turn off GPS (if you don’t need to use it all the time) and be careful with third-party apps, i.e. not installed from the Play Store.

In addition, there are other suggestions to reduce screen brightness, especially in the case of indoor environments, as well as to use only the original charger or the charger approved by the manufacturer.

Finally, always keep your Galaxy S21 FE updated with the latest Android version as this ensures the best app optimization and also the highest level of security for your device.

Galaxy S21 interface stuck? how to solve

A very frequent problem, reported on specialized websites, is the Android interface that is stuck or has slow animations. The main cause of this problem, most of the time, is full RAM or cluttered storage.

This happens a lot on older devices, but newly released devices do not escape this fate. Since this happens when your memory ends up accumulating too many apps and files open at the same time.

To solve this problem, simply empty the memory by closing some applications, or delete the applications that you do not use often. In 90% of cases, this procedure usually fixes the slow interface issue.

Now, if you don’t want to give up the essential apps, there is a possibility to buy a MicroSD to increase the storage space. In this way, it is possible to move some files or applications to this drive and keep the phone more free.

Sometimes it is interesting to explore the settings of the Galaxy S21FE to improve them (Photo: S21FE / Canaltech)

Fingerprint reader problem

It’s not very common, but some Galaxy S21 FE owners have reported problems with the fingerprint reader, located under the display on Samsung’s more affordable premium model.

Among the solutions, we have such practical points as cleaning the hands, especially the fingers, as well as the screen. This ensures a clear reading.

However, you can also try restarting the device or even resetting it to factory settings if you are still having issues. Remember to register your fingers again after restarting the device.

Galaxy S21 FE is getting hot

It is practically impossible for any mobile phone, whether it is a top-of-the-line or even a well-known brand, to get away with overheating. And it’s no different with the Galaxy S21 FE.

This can happen for a number of reasons, but two of them are the main ones. They are the cell phone processor and battery. Either way, the recommendations are the same.

First, do not use your device constantly while it is charging. Whether you are playing games, making calls, or watching videos. This can harm the functioning of the battery, in addition, of course, to the increased demand for processing the cell phone, which generates more heat.

Recharge your cell phone only with products authorized and approved by the manufacturer, from the cable to the jack adapter. Thus, you guarantee that you follow the proper operating rules for the device.

A more precise tip is to remove the cell phone cover when plugged into the socket. However, this will depend a lot on the harlequin technique you are using. If this is the standard model that comes in the box or a simple option, you won’t have major problems.

However, if there are other, thicker, purse-shaped models out there, you may want to remove the S21 FE for shipping.

Finally, if it starts heating up during normal use i.e. even when not playing games or consuming media, it would be interesting to take it to a helper to check it out. The problem may be in the processor and over time this will harm the life of the smartphone.

Sudden shutdown of the device

This problem is very common in Android phones, and it can occur for a number of reasons.

Among them, the disproportionate heating of the Galaxy S21 FE may be one of the reasons. Therefore, it is always a good idea to remember the precautions to not overheat your cell phone (especially the ones mentioned above).

If you have already solved the heating issues, or changed a thick case for a thinner case, and your phone still won’t turn on, reset it to factory settings.

If you are still having this problem even after this, the answer really would be to seek help or even replace a new one, if the device is still under warranty.

The camera has problems

One of the common errors reported from the Galaxy S21 FE camera app is the “Camera Failed” error that can appear when we try to run the optical assembly.

To solve this problem, you can first try to force restart. To do this, you need to hold the Volume Down button together with the Power button until the phone turns off or the Samsung logo appears.

Galaxy S21 FE lenses need a lot of care (Photo: S21FE / Canaltech)

Galaxy S21 FE lenses need a lot of care (Photo: S21FE / Canaltech)

Doing so is equivalent to removing a cell phone battery. This way you will free up space in RAM and restart services and applications from “scratch”.

Another method that you can try is to clear the cache of the camera app. Just hold a few seconds on the camera icon, select “Application info” then “Storage” and then “Clear cache”.

After that, try to open the camera again to see if the problem is still there.

And of course, one can try to reset it to factory settings. The difficulty with this method is to fully enroll the cell phone every time you do this, from linking your account to the device to re-downloading all the apps and customizations you’ve been using.

Inevitable problems

Inevitably, some models may have manufacturing defects, which is intrinsic to a mass-produced model. However, other problems are, in fact, caused by misuse or software defects.

For this reason, if you want to avoid problems or even damage to your Galaxy S21 FE, it is always a good idea to handle it more carefully. The screen is basically one of the most sensitive and important components of a cell phone. That is, once problems occur, you will almost certainly need to change the entire device.

So try not to suddenly deal with him, and throw him on the bed, sofa or table. Try to keep the S21 FE in your pocket (or purse) without contacting the keys – they can scratch and endanger the screen.

Finally, these are the main reported issues with the Galaxy S21 FE. I hope it helped fix this issue or at least gave some initial guidance on what to try before tech support.

Source: Canaltech

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