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Once he bought the Botafogo website, American billionaire John Textor He did not spend part of his fortune on gamblers. What he did before that was get it Alessandro Britto, Responsible for coordinating the reformulation of the representatives. Brito performance analyst, Increasingly Essential Professional For the success of the football team. The New Rich BrazilianCarioca is one of the teams that bet on improving this methodology for determining their contracts. No step will be taken without looking at the data.

SAF owner (Sociedad Anónima do Futebol) from BotafogoThe American businessman He went after Prieto because he already knew him. He was one of the in charge of assembling Team Atlético-MG, the current Brazilian champion and Copa del Rey, and today is looking for athletes at Carioca Alvinegro in the “headscout” role.

with tickets Atlético PRAnd Parana And international, Brito coordinates all areas of Botafogo Scouting – market, capture, and performance. Since his arrival, General Severiano’s club has employed 11 athletes and has been the team with the most spending During this last transfer period. Felipe Sampaio, Lucas Piazon, Saravia, Patrick de Paula, Victor Sa, Luis Aoyama, Victor Cuesta, Nico Hamalainen, Chi Chi, Lucas Fernandez and Gustavo Souer arrive.

“We are creating a market section, which will be responsible for the athletes who have the possibility to buy for the main team. In the market segment, we want to work with the monitors. in the place of And through the video to analyze the performance of the athlete. stadium. “We take game data and transform it to take a picture of the athlete or to see the team’s performance. A scout is not just what gets assigned. It’s a database that passes information to the club. The department has to give it to the club’s information. That’s the idea,” he explains.

Botafogo has three performance analysts, two from the market – including former SporTV commentator Rafael Rezende – and a professional looking after the entire database, as well as supporting the analysis sector at Crystal Palace, a top-tier club in England. Where John Textor, owner of the carioca alvinegro-owned SAF, is a shareholder. The participation of a businessman in this process is great, because two or three times a day he communicates with professionals. It was confidence in the process that made the board of directors pay the price 33 million Brazilian riyals to remove Patrick from Paula de Palmeiras And made the midfielder the most expensive deal in the club’s history.

“All proposed names must have the support of three fronts: the scouting department, the Crystal Palace staff, who help us with the reports, and the technical committee,” Brito points out. “We are looking for the number 9 shirt. We get information that she has Botafogo, that she has the coaching staff, that Crystal Palace has it. We meet, we go to the market and we come to a consensus. The athlete does not appear out of nowhere. This new form of the club formed. And Patrick de Paula is One of them,” he embodies.

“The idea of ​​Botafogo in the first and second years of SAF is to raise the technical level of the team in disputes. By 2023, the idea is to bring Botafogo back to the competitive level. We want to bring young people to use Botafogo as a showcase and showcase these athletes in the international market. This is also one of the intentions, to work with the athletes 22-23 year olds so they can perform.They help the club and in the future the club can have a financial return with them.Football is not a cake recipe.Believes in a lot of work, no arrogance.This is a very nice start.We are rowing together for a purpose “.

Data, information and technology

In short, the job of a market analyst is to explore the “target players,” i.e. those who see the assets and provide a technical and financial return for the organization. This professional collects information, analyzes and prepares reports so that the club can make the best possible decision when hiring a player.

Leandro Costa, Market Analyst at Energy. Without a lot of resources, but financially organized, Ceará FC formed a cohesive team and last year were among the top four in Brazil, which allowed them to compete for Editors For the first time in its history.

“The game starts from the analysis, passing through the details to get the best way to win matches or to get the best cost and benefit when hiring,” he asserts.

One of the hallmarks of the work of analysts is direct contact with coaches, assistants, and physical trainers. Powered by technology software rich with detailed figures of players, teams and leagues, they are responsible for determining who can or cannot work to enhance the team, as well as performance levels for a specific player, and to relay information to the football board.

In the Palm treesAthletes and coach Abel Ferrara He took credit for recent headlines. But for the gear to work, there are many important personnel. Lucas OliveiraThe Boy Scouts Coordinator is one of them. “It is a behind-the-scenes work, guided by professional wisdom and organized according to institutional guidelines,” Oliveira describes. He and his team collect performance and monitoring information, to support and aid potential decision-making by the Board of Directors and to work in an integrated manner with Apple’s technical committee.

“Abel and his assistants bring the vision of sharing knowledge between club professionals, allowing the exchange of ideas that are fundamental to qualifying operations,” says the professional, according to which the Portuguese “value human relations very much in our region.” Day after day”.

future methodology

Improving talent acquisition requires a high level of financial investment, which will not always pay off overnight. It is precisely the lack of money that makes clubs, especially in Brazil, rely on nominations of entrepreneurs and directors to decide who will be No. 10. For Alessandro Prieto, the exploration department is avant-garde work, and who starts investing in it. The analysis will reap the gains later.

“Everyone who gets there early will drink clean water. That’s part of the scouting job. Today, the clubs really see the scouting division, the market, as a leader in the organization. I think about 15 clubs in Brazil already have that part about attracting athletes, and analyzing players very strongly. Even in the third division, clubs give importance to analyzing performance. It is something that is growing a lot,” he says.

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