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Owning a pet requires a lot of attention in terms of house cleaning, especially if there are rugs spread throughout your home (Photo: Disclosure / MF Press Global)

Pets are our best friends, and contact with them has increased exponentially during social isolation. Owning a pet makes our lives happy and makes us an excellent companion for our routine. But among the many qualities and advantages of owning one, they require care and attention.

In addition to spending on toys, the vet, the pet store, and rations, owning a pet requires a lot of attention to cleaning the house, especially if there are carpets scattered around your house. With that in mind, here are some tips for you:

What is the perfect rug?

The most suitable type of carpet can be washed or made of synthetic materials such as sisal and polypropylene. Carpets of dark colors, such as graphite, gray or beige, are indicated for those who have pets, while avoiding traces of dirt. However, it is recommended to choose beige or nude, as the hair often appears in dark colors.

When it comes to the color of the carpet, one has to be more careful. Light-colored rugs are ideal for spaces with less circulation, such as bedrooms, because they are more susceptible to dirt.

However, there are many options on the market for types of carpet and sanitary sand. The veterinarian can help the master to choose according to the characteristics of the house, the profile of the animal, the number of animals and lifestyle.

Adaptation of places

Whenever we bring a pet into our home, we need to make adjustments so that he feels good. We have to understand that, for pets, for example, there is no “perfect place” to do their business. For them, demarcation of the area is instinctive, and urination and defecation anywhere is natural.

“We need to be patient, understand the natural behavior of the species and then adapt as best we can. Choosing a suitable place for him to sleep/rest, feed himself and relieve himself is critical, as is establishing a routine of physical and mental activities. Minimizing risks , and not leaving objects and other dangerous objects within reach of pets is very important,” explains Petlove veterinarian, Petronillo Jade.

How is the animal trained so that it fulfills its needs in the specified places?

Whenever we bring a pet into our homes, we need to make adjustments so that they are satisfied (Photo: Disclosure / MF Press Global)

Whenever we bring a pet into our homes, we need to make adjustments, so that they are satisfied (Photo: Disclosure / MF Press Global)

According to the vet from Royal Canin Brasil, Natalia LopezOne strategy that can be used is to give the dog opportunities to “go to the bathroom” in the right place. “The owner can take him outside frequently, especially after meals, in the morning, upon waking from a nap and after the owner returns if he has left. When the dog spends itself in the right place, it should be praised and rewarded (the so-called positive reinforcement). It should not be punished. Pets in case of accidents – instead, the owner cleans them without paying attention to the fact.”

How to avoid the bad smell of urine in the environment?

Caring for a pet’s environmental fertilization is one of the five pillars of well-being. Separation of comfort, hygiene and dining areas from each other, which is necessary to organize the place and reduce the inconvenience of its disposal in unwanted places.

“It is worth noting that for cats, who usually use a litter box or litter box, cleaning should be done frequently, and if the teacher has more than one animal, the number of boxes should also be greater. For dogs, positive reinforcement during the training process It is best practice. It is important to note that the urine of cats and dogs should have a characteristic odor. Any unpleasant odor may indicate some clinical change and should be supervised by a veterinarian,” concludes Natalia.

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