Ball – Miguel Braga throws himself at Portimonense and says Benfica is obsessed with Nuno Santos (Sporting)

Miguel Braga, Director of Communications at Sporting, was on Raio-X, on the club’s television station, and was preparing “a team with a lot of attitude, a lot of determination, and with the goal of reaching the Portuguese Cup final”. And he added in Thursday’s match with FC Porto: “We are confident that we will find a very strong opponent whose fans will support, but the goal is to be in the final. We know it’s not an easy task, we respect the opponent, but the group is united in this goal and they want the referee to blow the whistle to start the match.”

The official also referred to the Lions’ last match in Dragao and mocked the fact that penalties are still waiting. We are still waiting for the sanctions. We know that FC Porto-approved elements attacked Sporting players. And we also know that after two months and a week, if I’m not mistaken, I’ve done nothing. But we also know that our mathematical justice has a lot to do. That is why we will play in Dragão as if nothing had happened,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Miguel Braga left sharp criticism for the way he presented Portimonense against FC Porto in the last round. “There was another match, which also ended with a score of 7-0, which was called the game of shame, between Belenenses Sade and Benfica, which angered everyone as we know, but the truth is that no one wants to repeat it. And now FPF has discovered that Belenenses SAD wanted the match to be postponed. But this is one of the mysteries of Portuguese football, everyone wanted to postpone it, but no one wanted to repeat it. Now 7-0 is new and I would say the curiosity in this case is to be absolutely sure that the team went to Estádio do Dragão to not compete, that is, that was admitted by the Portimonense coach,” said the manager, continuing.

“I think the entities responsible for Portuguese football will be attentive and will say something about this situation, but I would also like to know if in the penultimate round, if Portimonense really scored the goals, would they give up the competition against Sporting or if they lost three points, They will rest that weekend and give up the competition to have the team fresh for the last day,” he said, awaiting the investigation of the case: “Otherwise we will have management.” We will play against Sporting, they play very well, let’s go with the juniors. Or “We’ll play against Benfica, they’re really strong, and we’re playing with the youth team.” Maybe we’ll start to have a different kind of management in clubs where they simply give up competing with the big guys.”

The official also commented on Benfica’s position regarding Nuno Santos. “Benfica has a slight obsession with Nuno Santos, but Nuno Santos does not blame Benfica to have made the largest investment in Portuguese football history in two seasons without achieving any results. Nuno Santos should not be blamed that Benfica have not won a title in the past two years. I hope Nuno Santos is not to blame for Benfica’s third place in the past two years. It could be a lot of people’s fault, it’s definitely not Nuno Santos’ fault. We have already talked here about this kind of strategy to distract, but I think the attention of the fans of our rival club is on this pharaonic investment that was made without any kind of result. That should be the concern of incarnate football, not Nuno Santos. May Nono Santos be in peace. This kind of strategy does not make any sense, which is to distract and deceive their fans,” he said, pointing the finger at the behavior of embodied fans: “It is dangerous for Benfica fans to imitate the voices of ‘too lights’ and not a word about it. Sometimes what we don’t say is more revealing. About our identity. If something is serious, it mimics the noise that caused the death, the murder of a sports fan. I have never heard a Benfica official say a word about this act.”

Miguel Braga also commented on the way Benfica performed at Alvalade: “I don’t remember the team being very defensive, and I see it as a sign of respect.”

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