There are already winners in Apple’s challenge: These are the best macro photos taken with the iPhone 13 Pro

Apple’s intention, in the latest edition of its photography competition, was to highlight one of the greatest novelties of the iPhone 13 Pro: the macro mode, a shooting technique that allows you to take very close up photos, or magnify the small details of that scene or object that escapes so much. Sometimes from the human eye.

In this way, over the course of several weeks, people from all over the world submitted detailed photos, taken with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, to participate in Apple’s “Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge.” They included a surfer, graphic designer, college students, and many professional engineers and photographers from the United States, China, Hungary, India, Italy, Spain, Thailand and Argentina who won.

The winning photos are proof of how the beauty of macro photography lies in its ability to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary and demonstrate how “huge” and important the smallest details can be.

Among the ten selected images are images dedicated to nature, such as dew drops on a spider’s web, snowflakes on a dog’s fur, a ‘cave’ hibiscus flower, and a strawberry dipped in a soft drink.

Italian Marco Coletta was the author of “The Cave”, the photo showing the hibiscus flower inside, while Argentine Guido Cassanelli was highlighted by the photo “Sea Glass”, taken with the iPhone 13 Pro Max on a beach in Italy, where I lived last winter, although I usually live in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Among the winners are four photographers from the United States and participants from Hungary, India, Thailand and China.

Apple publishes photos from the tech giant’s official website and Instagram account, as well as in advertisements on billboards in several cities.

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